Thursday, July 10, 2014

River walks and talks

Today has been an interesting day.   A day filled with contrasts of beauty and pain.   A day that has been filled with lessons of the heart and language and perception.  A day that has created a path of the heart to follow even stronger in the constant balance of the rays of joy.

The early morning hours allowed for the space to enjoy the waking of the city in the beauty of summer along the river.  One of my favorite places here as all the animals just enjoy being with out a concern to the humans around them. 

Along the path there was others taking in the park either walking, jogging or biking.  Person after person we passed was meet with hello’s, smiles and good mornings.  It built on the joyful expression of the day that was seated in my heart.  Along the way there were three out of about the 30 to 40 people that we passed that were a bit juvenile in expression and character yet even then harmless all the same.  Three out of so many smiles and waves. 

It made me realize, as I listened to the conversation of my walking partner, that some will focus only on the three and create a picture of the whole world by just those three people.   I am the type of person that does not watch TV the commercials or the news.   It's been great though because the internet seems to give me all the information I need to keep current enough.   This opens the debate of head in the sand vs we create our world around us. 

I am a firm believer that if the news focused on all the wonderful things that were happening around the world, that the great news would far out way the “bad”.  (and that is apart from my thoughts that our new isn't even new but rather marketing….)    

And I know that this idea of how much to focus on the aspects of suffering around the world is a strongly felt debate and one that I feel is best left as an opinion.   But it is interesting to notice just within our self…  are we the type to focus on the three or the thirty?

Here's to happiness!


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