Tuesday, August 26, 2014

They Just Are

We just recently made a huge 6000 mile move.   New is a pretty good way to describe everything.  One of the main undercurrents for this change was to further the work that we are doing.  In this process we have become more aware of the flood of synchronicities that are occurring all around us.  These can come in the smallest ways or may be huge and in our face.  And what we have come to realize is that big or small, good or bad...they just are.  The most important thing is just to trust and move forward with them.

We are intending, wishing, creating, manifesting all the time.  And like a swirl of movement, things will start to show up in our life that show us that we are flowing in the current of alignment with our intentions. The universe uses what ever means it has at hand to get these signals through so if we question or doubt, then the opportunities we are lining up may just fall away.

We see it everywhere from numbers to name matches to images in every form.  The latest one that made me laugh was a spam email from a porn site in my inbox.  The name of the sender was from someone important that we need to contact and to top it all off, the message inside all in caps letters was "WHY HAVEN"T YOU CALLED ME?"

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