Monday, December 22, 2014

Healing Yourself With Food - A recommended video to see

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead....

Just the title catches your attention!  

I have a lot of people who are inspired by my eating lifestyle.   Some are in the know about how powerful food is as a medicine, and some are just starting out.   To anyone eating a SAD diet or still hooked on meats and dairy, my lifestyle can seem a bit extreme and undesirable!

That's OK!  I didn't start here overnight either.  There are tons of great resourses of information out there for people who are feeling the inner motivation for change.  We have been bombarded with the meat and dairy's propaganda for our entire lives so to try and  change that without really learning the whole truth may seem impossible.  Especially since taste buds have to be happy!

This is one of the first videos I share because is shows such a great story of a journey to health through food.   

This is the trailer for the novie..  

 To watch the full video you can watch it on Netflix or check out Joe's site at

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