Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vegan Eggplant Musubi

This is a favorite of mine and it reminds me of home in Hawaii.  Except instead of using Spam....I find other great vegan options to fill my musibi's with.  I was in a hurry for work and wanted to make sure I had something to take for lunch.  Today's choice was Eggplant Musubi's!  Here is how you can make them.  And you can substitute anything you like if eggplant isn't your thing.  My next batch is going to be sweet potato musubi's.

First cut the eggplant into slices.  It may "melt" a bit in the pan but that's ok,  you can just pile it into the press later.

I use as little oil as possible in my cooking.  I filled the pan with about a cup of water and placed the slices in the pan and put a lid on it. With the heat on med-high the eggplant cooks beautifully with the steam.

As the eggplant begins to soften I add some of my seasonings so it "glazes" into it.  teriyaki sauce is one of the common seasonings for musubi's but you can flavor it anyway you like.  I added some extra seasonings as well. 

Next get the rice going.  I don't have my rice cooker right now so I'm cooking it on the stove. Make sure to either get sushi rice or make your rice with extra water so it comes out sticky.

When everything is all ready, place it out for the production line.

Start with a bit of rice at the bottom of your musubi press. If you are making these with a something that is a bit more solid you can press more rice and just add your veggie to the top.  For this kind I decided on in the middle to keep the eggplant in place a little better. 

Place the eggplant...

And top with more rice.

Then press down to make it all stick together nice and tight and slide the musubi press off. 

Trim a piece of seaweed to the size of your musubi. 

Place it in the middle...

And roll it up.
  Yum!  You can still see the steam coming off of the rice.  I made a few of these really quick and was out the door to work with a really great lunch. This didn't take more than 30 min. from start to finish from scratch. 

I'd love to hear what kind you make!

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