Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Juicing Month

I have decided to make January Juice Month for myself.  If you are interested in joining me let me know.  You can go all the way and Juice Feast or just make a choice to add more juicing to your day.  

I'd LOVE to support you in your adventure!  

So dust off your juicer or blender and lets start the new year vibrant and healthy!  I'll post recipes I find each day and please share some of you own.  If you want you can follow my pinterest board directly here:

This was my breakfast for the first morning.  I am about to head to the store to stock up on lots of great fruits and veggies and then I will post my shopping haul.  

Make your own personal goals and see how great you feel! My goal is for the whole month of January I will be just nourishing my body with juicing, smoothies and some whole fruits. 

Post any comments or questions here and let's keep each other going!


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