Monday, April 27, 2015

Get Your Gno On The Go

HOW TO TURN VIDEO's INTO AUDIO so you can listen and learn on the go.
This is a site I came across that works great for turning ANY LENGTH VIDEO into a MP3 download that you can listen to on the go.  This has been instrumental in keeping my ears happy on my bike rides!

This is something that I was really happy to find because there are so many great talks and videos on YouTube that I'm interested in hearing but I don't have two hours to sit in front of a computer to listen to them in video format.  

The reason why I like this site so much is because it will allow you to download a video into audio in any length.  This is huge because most the other sites I found had a 5 minute to 20 minute limit which didn't really work for anything I wanted to take with me.

The steps are pretty easy.  Basically You just click on the link.  Paste the url of the YouTube video you want turned into audio and click download.  It processes pretty quickly and downloads right to your computer so you can transfer it easily to any listening device you choose.


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