Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Heart Of Letting Go

The Heart of Letting Go
Becoming an Inner World Traveler

An online class starting November 7, 2015

What Is This Class About?

How many times have you heard someone say... "you just need to let that go",  "stop dragging that around" or "the past is the past"? It sounds simple enough right? But the truth is, it takes more that just wanting it for the words "letting go" to become a reality in our life. We can see this truth in lots of places in our life. We may want to start a new workout program or start eating differently but then strong base feelings and emotions pop up with all sorts of excuses that act like a wet blanket to our fire of desire. And how many times have those thoughts, feeling and emotions actually stopped you right in your tracks from even making those changes you wanted in your life?

What if you could not only learn how to find these blocks holding you back, but you had the powerful skills to blast them right out of your life right then and there? This course will teach you just that! And all while helping you develop your most magnetic inner compass called you! 

In this seven week online class Becca teaches her core techniques for clearing your energy field of unserving blocks, beliefs and thoughts while teaching you powerful skills to become a master intuitive and world builder of your life.

In this 7 week class you will learn to:
  • Easily Identify blocks, beliefs and contracts that are holding you back and learn how to get rid of them for good.
  • Ground and connect to unlimited energy.
  • Let go of stress and cultivate a growing sense of balance, gratitude and joy.
  • Create your own power center where you can create anything you choose.
  • Delete negative self-speak completely.
  • Access your own clear guidance and how to know truth.
  • Become aware of messages from your body and helpful ways to support it. 

Join me on this seven week journey as we connect 
around the world on our inward journey!

Click here for more info and to sign up http://www.withbecca.com/heart-of-letting-go.html

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