Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gratitude Day 21 - Sticky Notes

My Ode to Sticky Notes

Dear Sticky Notes, dear sticky notes oh how you save my day....

I'm a list kind of girl. Lists for my day, lists for projects, list for shopping, road trips....the list goes on :-)

It wasn't until the inspiration, from the space work I was doing with my clients, that I started making sticky notes part of my lists.

In the Clean Language space work that I do, we write on sticky notes to place in different areas around the room to signify feelings or thoughts. As we work though the process we can move them around or toss them when they are complete. It's brilliant.

It worked so well I started integrating sticky notes into journals, lists and as a inner process tool for myself and my clients. You can move them around, regroup them and arrange them in any way.

And, it is so rewarding to complete a task and get to peel the sticky note and toss it with great satisfaction.   Yes! job done!

I am so grateful for these little sticky bits of paper that help me organize my life in the most creative ways.


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