Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gratitude Day 45 - Clouds

As the day warmed today, my attention was brought to the sky as clouds rolled overhead and gave me much appreciated relief from the sun.

I found myself directing a "thank you" up to the sky.

But cloud cover or not, I spend a great deal of my day looking upwards and admiring the wisps of clouds that the air currents paint across the sky.

And in the morning and evening, I love the way the rising and setting sun uses the clouds as a way to color the day.

Thunder clouds, rain clouds, fluffy clouds, wispy clouds....all of them a moving tapestry of art that moves and changes right before our eyes.

One of my favorite things used to be watching the clouds in Hawaii out over the ocean as the sun was setting. On so many evenings the horizon looked like a story being told. Hula dancers, demi gods, and mystical people and animals would tell a tale that only the imagination could interpret.

And one more visual of gratitude I would like to add, is the view of clouds from the tiny little window of the airplane. From up above the clouds, looking down at the mass of white fluff that looks like an ocean of its own is a playground for my daydreams.

To the clouds that circle our globe and carry our water....with gratitude...Thank you


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