Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gratitude Day 46 - Commitment


There is something noble in just the word.

The act of agreeing to something and saying "I will see this through!"

It's more than just a desire, and more than just a resolution.

Shoots, all I have to do is think of all the times I decided to do some new workout or health plan. What a sad track record for most of it. Mainly because I started all of these ideas with the words "I'm going to try this out..."  Doom from the start.

But when I add the word commitment to an! What a difference. Then there is no doubt "I will see this through!"

From triathlons, that made me question what the hell I was thinking, to awesome projects that had every imaginable thing pop up -  Thick or thin.... if there was a goal I committed to, then hell or high water...I was getting there.

I am grateful for commitments that bring out the best in who we are. The drive, the determination and the strength that lies at the depths of our core.

I am celebrating commitments and the joy, the blessings and the amazing gifts that come from the act of following through.

And I am grateful for the understanding of the strength of this word in helping me reach the goals I truly want to reach.....


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