Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gratitude Day 53 - Chickens!

After 20 years of raising chickens, I find myself lamenting about the lack of space I have for raising any girls now. 

Since moving away from Hawaii, my chicken joy seams to come mainly from Pinterest and conversations. 

Anyone who even starts talking about keeping chickens instantly sparks elation in me. 

It reminds me of some of my most cherished experiences. 

I am so grateful for chickens...

 and the way they eat the creepy crawly's (especially the centipedes!),

I am grateful for the wonderful eggs they lay!

For their amazingly funny, quirky and cute personalities that entertain the bleep out of me.

And the way they follow me around and remind me that I'm just a few shades from crazy.

And most definitely for all the joy they have brought my family.  

I am so grateful for chickens and I can't wait for the day 
when I can have some new girls again.


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