Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gratitude Day 55 - Mornings

Yes, I am more of a morning person than a night owl so I do wake up kind of early. But my gratitude for mornings comes not from the time of day that it is, but rather that moment waking up where I have the opportunity to do the day all over again.

Mornings are when most of my cherished rituals are. 

My first thing I enjoy doing is taking note of my dreams. Early mornings right before I wake are when I am more lucid and so those are the easiest to remember. It is amazing to recap and glean messages from them. I also like to note weather they made me feel heavy or light. Many times my dreams will open the door to what I will personally focus on in meditation or balancing. They are that fascinating gateway to the subconscious that I can listen to, and I receive so much value from them when I use them as a tool. 

Then I give gratitude for anything and everything I can think of! This is usually when I am making that memorable first cup of coffee and lighting some candles. 
I love my mornings because it is when I set my intentions for the rest of the day. Just to take the time and organize and lock into no more than three major accomplishments for the day, sets me up for a high level of completion. I used to make huge to do lists and cross off as much as I could, but now I keep it to three or less things that are really important and will make the biggest difference in moving me towards my long term goals. 

And my body. This fantastic vehicle that is going to take me through my day and help me put into action all the things my heart and mind have dreamed up. I give it love and attention with stretching or some form of movement in order to check in and acknowledge if there is anything my body is needing or asking for. 

Yes, I am so grateful for those first moments waking up. That special time before I start my day and connect with my higher self. That deep breath I take before the rest of the world starts knocking at the door of my attention. 

I am so grateful for mornings. 


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