Sunday, July 3, 2016

Gratitude Day 56 - Playing Guitar

When we moved from Hawaii to the mainland, one of the hardest things for me to sell was the old beat up guitar that I had had since I was 18. My first guitar. It was like letting go of an old friend that had help me grow in so many ways.

Playing the guitar was something that I fell in love with. The idea that I could make music was
wonderful! Just the way the notes reverberated through my body, how the melodies spoke the language of my soul and words could just disappear. Whatever mood I was in, my guitar would be there with me.

I would play till my fingers couldn't play anymore and eventually I had calluses on every finger from pressing on the strings.

I'm not sure everyone enjoyed the music I made as much as I did. Especially since my talent didn't  quite reach the aspirations of the music I heard in my head. But thank goodness that didn't stop me from plucking on.

To this day, to hear the music from the guitar can bring tears to my eyes.

I am so grateful for guitars... and for instruments in general. For whatever one that resonates most with the voice of your soul. I am so grateful for the music we can make to lend wings to our emotions and cross the barriers of language.


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