Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gratitude Day 59 - Compassion

Compassion is a gift from the heart and soul when they speak as one. Compassion is not something that generally comes naturally for humans. It is more of an evolved journey of self we take. For most of us it's natural to have judgmental thoughts about what we experience throughout our day.

A comment here, a glance there, sometimes we even have judgments that we aren't even aware of, it's just ingrained as an opinion in our subconscious. We can see this in generalized opinions about races, countries, group genres, economic status, size, age...and the list goes on.

Sometimes just walking through a crowd with the intention of fully being aware of our thoughts is the perfect window to see what we have going on.

I find for myself, if I am feeling depressed, hurt, lonely or sad... my compassion meter goes way down. It took me awhile to realize that I am the one that I am not expressing compassion to.

Compassion is the place of seeing the soul inside.
Compassion is knowing that the act and the person are not one in the same.
Compassion is knowing there is always a story, and every story belongs to the one that holds it. Compassion is knowing we have had a story, and when we are ready, we can let our story go.

Compassion is one.

Compassion is something that I still aspire to hold more consistently. It is my compass and my guide. And no matter how many times I get lost...compassion is always there to join my heart and soul as one again.

I am so grateful for compassion in my life.


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