Friday, July 8, 2016

Gratitude Day 60 - Anger

Anger - a razors edge. Not enough at key moments can leave us stuck in life, and too much can rot us from the inside out.

When used properly, anger is a powerful signal from our higher-self for action. It is a natural human emotion that implies that it's time to make some changes, and do something NOW!

It is a lower level emotion, but one that I am grateful for. It is a stepping stone on the path to moving out of emotions like helplessness or depression.

It's tricky though, because as empowering as it may be in the moment, it should also only last but a moment. Our power comes from using it as a tool to help us move on to higher vibratory emotions like confidence, balance and joy.

I can think of lots of times were I didn't allow myself to get angry. Times when I let myself get taken advantage of, or when I chickened out and didn't do something I really wanted to do. Not heading the emotional signal left me either depressed or angry with myself.

Life started changing for me when I learned to not see anger as bad anymore, 
but as a wake up call telling me I needed to grow in some way.

So when we feel that feeling inside that says "Hey! this isn't right!", then that is the time to let the emotion pass through in a productive growth way, or else we may just end up stuck in the muck!


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