Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gratitude Day 63 - Magical Unicorns

"Mom, what are you doing? are you praying or something?" my son had fully stopped and was starring at me as we walked down the street. "No", I said, "I'm talking to myself!".

A far more sane statement right?

I had been walking along with him verbalizing the absolute joy I was noticing everywhere. The beautiful flowers, their fragrance, the sky, the coolness of the air, the way I felt, birds, trees, rocks...the list goes on. I was in a state of complete bliss noticing all the things that made my heart sing as we enjoyed our walk.

It felt so good to see with new eyes. New eyes to view my day, my world around me, my life.

My eyes had grown weak. Missing all the unicorns by focusing on the reality and the "what is" within my perception.

Life has been filled with extremely hurtful stressors lately. Dealing with a corrupt legal system, being interrogated in depositions and watching the love of your life suffer from the years of abuse is enough to fill the emotional pot with depression and sadness. But something inside kept asking, how can we still be happy with all of this going on?

I could catch glimpses of this rare mystical magic... but then my eyes would glaze right over again to the gray, drab grind of existence.

But sometimes a glimpse is all you need. Just a glimpse to spark the imagination and create a "what if'" again in the mind.

And that is when the unicorn appeared. As if to say "I've always been here, you just have to
remember to see"

And when I let my eyes soften I felt myself  aligning with feeling the joy.....with ridiculous happiness!

I'm enjoying strengthening my awareness to make it the norm again to see unicorns everywhere.

It's a weaving of every feeling we get. That amazing moment when your first get into bed and the sheets feel so good, the first sip of coffee in the morning, the sunrise, the breeze, the joy of the family laughing together, taking a hot shower when your cold, dreaming, imagining, experiencing life.

Magical Unicorns.... they can only been seen and experienced by you. Everyone has to see their own.

I'm grateful they are here, I am grateful that they didn't stay in the imagination of my youth. I am grateful they have grown into the reality of my world, as long as I remember to look.

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