Friday, July 15, 2016

Gratitude Day 64 - Asking and Receiving

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"Good Morning Becca!" It was as if I could hear the universe say my name.

"What wonderful things do you want to create today?"

Well there was a thought. One that I ponder often but honestly don't always know the answer too.

Joy, lots of joyful experiences. I want to experience a sense of joy in every moment of my day. 

It is a simple answer that I love to give when I don't have a detailed plan. But it's an answer that is truth because detailed or not, joy is still the goal.

In some ways I am reaching for how big can I dream in the day to day moments with everything I do. Not just with the big visions and ideas, but in the little moments of the day too.

Can I increment each segment of my day and ask in the now? When I think about the idea it sounds easy, but in the requires actually fully being aware of thoughts and feelings in every second of my day.

Just this simple idea has shown me how much I just let my thoughts wander, or even worse, flow on auto pilot. I realize I am not even intending anything for most of the segments of my day. I'm just letting the day happen to me! Gasp!

Like my ride to work, or my day at work or running errands.

I realize I have been treating them like tasks, not amazing life experiences. I had to ask myself, why aren't I creating my day in every moment? And when I asked myself this question, I started to see all the amazing new places to ask for wonderful things!

I love the asking because then I get to be surprised with how the answer comes. Like how I may get some new glasses or how I will learn about the surf spots in my area.

I love asking because life becomes a little bit like a treasure hunt, you know you'll find it but your just not sure how or where!

And to me that is joy. It's fun, its playful and everyday becomes an adventure in the best way possible.

I am grateful to ask and receive...."what wonderful things do you want to create today?"


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