Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gratitude Day 66-69 - A~L~I~V~E

This last week has been so intense! I'm pretty sure, as a family, we went through every emotion. I found myself holding my breath a few times, sitting at the edge of my own seat wondering how everything was going to turn out.

Needless to say from the blog title, I didn't get to typing my daily gratitude. BUT! everyday was filled with endless appreciation as I verbalized all that I was grateful for.

So, here on this post I just wanted to give gratitude for life, for living and for being ALIVE!

This week I have seen more miracles, syncronicities, being in the flow ....what ever you want to call
it... than I can even keep track of. Even in the most intense of the intense moments, I found myself being in such an open and receiving space of well-being, goodness and blessings and it made the moments feel ok in a way.

My biggest challenge that I am facing now has been to live life in my space, and not according to the ebb and flow of others emotions or circumstances. This idea that if I create my own reality and if what I give thought to and focus on is what my world is (my thoughts, my mind, my perception)... then I can even in the most suppressed of moments find liberation.

Just by really putting my attention to focusing on what I DO want in my life, down to the smallest details, I have watched joy and blessing flow like a river through us!

By just shifting my thoughts, within a week we have all the surf and beach things we have been wishing for since December! The only difference is I just let the focus be on the want, and I let go of the "but", which is to say all the reasons why I couldn't have it. You know what I mean. It's when we say something like, "I want a new car, BUT ____ (and fill in the blank with the million reasons we say we can't have what we want)

I got rid of the BUT!

I am so grateful for all the blessings, the moments, the joys. I am so grateful to be ALIVE!


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