Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dream Wisdom

I had such an intense dream as I was waking this morning and I woke up in tears. There was so much emotion and pain. In my dream I got to talk with someone that I no longer talk to, and I felt myself sharing as much as I could and asking as many questions as quickly as I could before the moment ended. And then, as I asked a question, they looked at me and said "sometimes you just need to stop being afraid."

Our conversation kind of stopped there as the dream shifted a bit, but the words hit me so strongly that it woke me up and my mind started racing with the phrase....
all anger is fear

I have written before how anger is a powerful tool for change. But is it the chicken or the egg?

As I ponder my own data bank of experiences I see how it is both. The anger is showing me something and alarming me that change needs to happen ... be it the situation or just my own self perception. ...but something needs to change.

Even though the wisdom had come from a question I was asking about someone else in my dream, I knew that as with dreams, it was all meant for me.

This visceral experience shined a new path of perception for me. Uncertainty, anger, embarrassment, loneliness, feeling unloved.... and the list goes on. All are potential precursors to anger and places we can bring into balance within.

xoxo... Becca

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