Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gratitude Day 100! - Wellness

Depending on how we think, we may be negatively motivated or positively motivated. Usually I am more motivated by the goal, but I have areas that I am motivated by NOT having something happen too. My health is one of those that falls into both categories.

My digestion has always been a challenge for me ever since I was little. I have sort of just lived with it all these years, but at the same time, my obsession has been searching for answers. Recently some of those answers have really started to make a huge difference for me.

Diligence, consistency and desire are a huge part of this improvement.

This is where the NOT is coming in handy!

Nature has provided so many bounties for supporting our body and I am loving the way that balance is being restored in me. It's another law of nature, we are always in movement and we are always either moving towards health....or death. That is just the way nature is.

I appreciate so much the wisdom of the body. I appreciate that the body always knows what it wants and if given the right tools, it will always move towards health an
d regeneration.

I know I have been selfish with my actions most my life and done what I wanted without any regard to what my body had to deal with and I am making the choice for that to change.

I am so grateful for my body and for the feeling of health and wellness. I am so grateful for energy and vitality. I am so grateful for feeling great!


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