Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gratitude Day 96 - 99 - Here and Now

Life changes constantly. It is one of the universal laws. I know in my mind I have the choice of how to view the change and as humans we have this amazing colorful palette of emotions with which to express.

I recently heard a phrase that I really liked. "Depression is being stuck in the past and anxiety is worrying about the future" and here we are in the now.
...so can we be here now?

I feel in some way I have come through another cycle and I am about to start a new loop.
The wheel of life!

Being in the now is a major anchor for me. Learning this was actually a huge turning point for me in my very early 20's, and was a huge "ah ha!" moment for me.

Crazy right?! To have to learn to appreciate the now. But I was a perfect combo of depression/anxiety...past/present mind.

Meditating and really just breathing into the now was key. 

And so as I sit here in this moment feeling my world around me, I feel the wheel turning but I am finding my place in the center. The place that sits in the here and now, the place that is steadfast.

I am so grateful for this anchor of here and now. The truth that helps me unravel all the illusions of my mind.

To breathe and be....here and now


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