Thursday, October 13, 2016

What is the Gift of Fear? * Audio * + * Human Design *

The Mind, The Mind. The self appointed ruled of my divine...NO!

No more. No to the constant chatter, the questions, the pressure, the endless wave of needing more and more answers...

The mind.... is not the master of my human design. 

To de-throne the noisy chatter that has perched atop my mountain. Which for so long been the slow process of undermining the earth on which mind stands.

Ahh, but the illusion is that there is a mountain.

So to switch the poles, to flip the whole thing upside down in one fell swoop.

To place the mind with tools in hand as a faithful servant.


Out from the quit depths comes the heart.

Out comes the radiance of the light.

To be....To be. 

From here to breathe, to live...

To live in my divine design.

Fear, restriction, struggle and challenge become experiences.

My great race, my Mt. Everest, 

My straitjacket to escape... and celebrate the accomplishment of the challenge.

Yes, what a wonderful thing. 

6/3 may be my bumpy wild ride, but with map in hand....I celebrate my design. 


* * The video is part of an audio I recorded so I could remember a profound meditation that I had been gifted. I wasn't in a very good place to record it, so I apologize for the less than great audio quality, but the message was asking to be shared so I am passing it on.

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