Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is Human Design?

What if you could get your blueprint. Your exact fingerprint of who you are on a core level. Your own personal DNA stamp that you hold as you travel through the universe. Would that be something you would be interested to see?

I have studied many many things over the years. From astrology, to tarot, to all the different intuitive work and readings that I have done, and as much as I appreciate all the forms for their tidbits of information that they can give us, none has touched me as deeply as Human Design.

So what is it?

If I had to say in a sentence what it is, I would say it is a map that can guide us towards how to step out of our head and move into making decisions, manifesting and creating in our life, from the place we were designed to.

In one sense, Human Design starts with a chart, your chart, that uses elements of Astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the chakra system and even quantum mechanics, biochemistry, genetics and astronomy. It was given to humanity as a tool for our time and for our evolution. And although it could inspire a lifetime of study and learning through all the layers of  information it holds, it is also incredibly simple and requires no study at all to benefit from it.

One amazing aspect of Human Design is how it accounts for the neutrinos we are swimming in, and that all of the universe is swimming in. Something that was revealed though this system even before science was able to verify it. Nutrinos travel at nearly the speed of light and pass through absolutely everything. But within them is this barely noticeable bit of mass. A small packet of information that holds within it everything that it has passed through.

There is no way I can explain all of what is Human Design in this one post but, this particular interview gave a great explanation that I feel can offer enough so you can get a sense if HD is something that resonates for you.

The Simplest Thing To Know...

When you get your chart, there are mainly three things that you can look at and gain massive insight from.

They are:

  1. Your Type:  There are five different types, and each one has a specific way in which they are wired. When we understand our type and how we interrelate with the other types, our life starts to make more sense and we start to see others in a whole new way. These types are Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector & Reflector. Also when you begin to understand the different types and their part in the world, we can see how perfect everything really is.
  2. Your Strategy & Inner Authority:  (way you respond to the world) This is a term you will hear often in HD. It refers to knowing how you are designed to respond in life. Your authority will be either Splenic, Sacral or Emotional Solar Plexus...and Reflectors have their own specific way too. And your strategy will be how you are designed to receive this information and how to act on it. For example, someone with and emotional authority will need to understand their emotional waves in life and wait a full wave cycle before making a decision on something. They, along with the sacral authorities need to pay attention to feelings and sounds made in response to questions, and to really pay attention to what the body is saying about that decision.
  3. Your Profile: Your profile is taken from your lines and correlates with the I-Ching. There are 12 different profiles and these are the numbers that you see such as 1/3, 2/5, 6/3 etc., that are on your chart. The numbers 1-6 are the six lines of the hexagram or the I-Ching and they give another layer to your role in life and how you operate. I just want to make a note that the names given to the lines in HD are note to be taken literally! They are kind of odd names but when you start to understand you line you can find the lateral meaning in them. 
Where to get a chart...

Here are two links to sites where you can download your free chart. I am not endorsing these sites but rather offering them as a resource since they are pretty straightforward and easy to use when getting your free chart. 

Please please please....use this system as a tool for you, not as a way of thinking you have to adopt. As with anything, groups will always form, but I encourage you to use your own guidance system to interpret the information. If you get inspired to learn more or study more, there are many teachers out there....just remember to pick the one that resonates the most with you.

If you would like any help interpreting some of the information on your chart
 you can contact me and I would be happy to help get you started with it. 

Further resources for learning the basics are:

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