Thursday, December 29, 2016

Working with Vortexes - Planetary Energy Centers *Mt. Shasta*

I haven't posted a blog in quite some time due to some major inner journeying I have been doing. The speed and energy of the downloads that I have been experiencing have been happening so fast that I have hardly been able to even document any of it, but in me there is always still a burning desire to share what I am experiencing and learning for anyone who may be on a similar path.

The path of awakening and ascension is really a path of remembering and of letting go. Facing our inner places where most don't want to go. Taming the lower chakras and aligning oneself fully and completely with the vibration of unconditional love and service to others.

And it that is a path filled with synchronicity that will begin to become so prevalent in ones life that synchronicity just becomes a state of being. Synchronicity lights everything up so the path becomes perfectly clear and at that point, everything links to everything else.

And these lights have led me to the base of Mt. Shasta. A magnificent energy that has been calling me to come in the last few months. And from the moment my eyes fell upon her beauty, my heart felt as if it would leap right out of my chest.

It is an energy here that reminds me in some ways of the energy of Maui. And much like Maui, where I called home for 20 years, this place pulls at me in such a way that it is calling me to stay. There is something gentler here, softer here than Maui. Almost as if there is a song in the air. It has effected our son as well and he has been begging to stay and to find a place to live here.

I have worked with many different energy vortexes and places on the planet, and there are many more I feel drawn to visit. The knowledge and downloads of information they hold in their vibrations are powerful ascension tools that can help us tremendously on our life's path. For myself personally, not all draw me to stay for long periods of time, so if one does, it is something to pay attention to. This generally means that there is an importance in working with that energy more intently.

Most of us can't just pick up and move, but if it's possible how amazing it that! But even if we can't it's ok. We don't actually have to physically be at locations around the world to tap into the energy of the area. Meditation and projecting ones energy body to the locations can be a powerful way to still work with energy centers on Earth we are called to work with.

And pictures are a great way that energy downloads too!

So as we pack our things and prepare for our long drive back home we feel such love and gratitude in our hearts. For the joy of playing in the snow, basking in the warmth of the mountain and for and new found place inside our heart that has opened in new and beautiful ways.

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