Thursday, September 3, 2020

Codependency VS Co-creation - Empathy VS Intuition

 Hello Beautiful Souls!

Our topic this week is Codependency and Empathy and the outside influences that are pretending to be our Co-Creation and Intuition.

We touched on the Law of Correspondence - As Above So Below... the Micro and the Macro.

Naturally when we think of something like codependency, we look to our own life, and either validate or argue is this is one of our internal programs.

OR, the touchy topic of validating the program of Empathy which has been turned into some light worker gift or attribute rather than calling it out as a program of control. 

WHAT? you might say, well, we are going to touch on all of these topics and how we can get back into our truth, follow our own inner compass, and stop guiding our ship by the currents and moods of others.

We are here to be mature spiritual adepts, remembering more every breath that the picture is more that just the small snapshot we have witnessed of our life. The vibration of codependency can be seen within any system of subjugation.

WHY?  For starters, Narcissism and Codependency are two sides of the same coin. Each one is a path or choice created as a survival mechanism due to being in an environment of trauma, abuse or uncertainty. 

But we can change, by changing our own beliefs, by changing our compass back to our own internal truth and by stepping out of the old program of seeking a savior, a parent figure or anyone else to be a fixer of our life.

So we will begin the path of understanding MENTALISM.... the first law of the Universe. ALL IS MIND.


We are the dreamers and the dream!  And now we will learn to be the LUCID DREAMERS, creating the dream and healing the Universe inside and out.

In Joy and Love



Here is a well presented example of the teaching of Narcissists and Codependents... 

Narcissists and Codependents: Same Problems, Different Solutions

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