Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Igniting Our Passion and Making Love to Life - Balancing our 2nd Chakra

 Hello Radiant Souls!

What another beautiful week it has been. Not only are the skies blue again, but now there is the energy of the Aurora Borealis in our night time skies!

Last week we anchored our root into 12 D stability and and cosmic citizenship. Now with the Full Moon almost here, we can harness the power and beauty of the Lunar cycle to clear out our sacred emotional center. 

Not only is the Sacral Center connected to our emotions and passions, but it is also connected to the element of water!

And we know the power of water!

We are going to go over the fountain of abundance that emanates from a harmonious flowing sacral center such as...

·        Passion

·        Pleasure

·        Curiosity

·        Enjoyment of life

·        Personal Power

·        Virility

·        Master Generator of your own desires

·        Lover chakra – about doing what we love in life.

·        It is about making love to life.

·        Our relationship to our inner child

·        Ego’s Belief of Identity

·        Generates Energy for that which brings us joy and happiness. 
In alignment with the sacral center in Human Design 

Our Second Energy Center is all about our belief that we CAN HAVE what we want.

This chakra is about how well we know ourselves, and if we have been running limiting belief programs, then we will more than likely struggle with the issue of control and trust in this center. well as a limited to nonexistent understanding of who we are.


This center is the records traumas that have been experienced but not resolved. The imbalances of the accumulated pain can build up over lifetimes and carried into future timelines as Soul Fragmentation.

When it is out of balance it can restrict our life's purpose in living our truth. 

Knowing is the biggest step, because one you hold awareness to something....You can change it!

By pulling from the source field exactly what we are choosing to experience now, we can realign ourselves again into our Avatar God Self. 

Standing up and proclaiming sovereignty in your sacred center, clearing out the old, and bringing in the YOU. You get to be the you, you came here to be!

Full moon sacred fire, Hear us speak our sacred word. Thank you, and so it is!

With Love,

Becca Bee

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