Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Sacred Water and Your Inner Rhythms


Hello Radiant Souls!

This Week Our Topic is Sacred Water and Our Inner Rhythms.

We are coming up on a beautiful New Moon again! Isn't it amazing how when we become sensitive to the rhythms, they feel constant and ever flowing. This New Moon is very close to our Fall Equinox as well which is on the 21st of September.


As the cycles and waves of our cosmos around us ebb and flow, what better time to dive deeper into the realm of water. 

Water is more that just one of our five major elementals on the planet. It is our life blood and life blood of our Earth Mother. With out it, we would not be having a conscious experience in the body we are in. 

More than that, it is living memories and consciousness. It is our memories, and the memories of every I AM presence that ever had an experience on this very planet.  

That is hundreds of millions of years of memories!

In the past, our ancestors communicated with water, loved the water and respected the water. 

We are going to delve into reclaiming this sacred practice as a way of life, and as a alchemical tool for manifesting and interacting with our reality. 

Mindfulness .... the art of waking up out of the sleep of mindlessness. And then the question arises, how often do you interact with the sacred element of water each day?

We started touching on the Inner Authorities of working with our Human Design Charts and a guide for knowing our truth. (check out the Video Class on Human Design in the past events page of members section)

Approximately 50% of the planet have an inner authority called the Emotional Solar Plexus which means 100% of the people of the planet are touched by it. This center is all about riding the waves of our emotions. The water of our inner emotional body. 

Everything is rhythms, everything is in motions. all the laws of nature apply.

We are now at a time, where the choice is ours, to use our discernment, to pay attention, to use our intentions and to be the ones directing the narrative, rather than being thrashed about but its waves. 

Please check out the resource page on the Soul Speak Members site for WATER. I've put together a list of ideas and videos for working with our water. 

With Love

Becca Bee 🐝

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