Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Sacred Relationships

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

In the last few weeks we have touched on our base core. The seat of our Earthly security and emotions. As true Galactic citizens, we know first hand how powerful emotions and beliefs are in this reality. 

Our life can be the most engaging movie we ever watched, and it has completely sucked us in to the storyline!

We are meant to be compassionate neutral witnesses.

Being the observer in the vehicle letting our soul do the driving. 

Part of this distortion has come from being forced into a 10 Base System rather than a 12 Base System.

When we got cut off from the Galactic Center, we lost our access to so much of our radiance and knowledge. This cut us off from the correct flow of our planetary systems, having the correct planets IN our system, and eventually being cut off from our own centers in our body. 

Our Body not only has energy center/chakras that balance our body, but these centers align with different stargates, different planets and different frequency bands or dimensions. 

So what is this 12 Base System? This is our Kathara Body, which is a  The Kathara Grid is is the core Scalar Field upon which form Manifests. It is the original Fractal from which we were modeled after. "In the image of God"

Our Kathara Body is also what creates our Merkaba Vehicle. 

This is how our Kryst Star Turn around can gain momentum, and our Ascension can bring back our Sovereignty and 12 D Krystala Body. 

Beginning to understand these mechanics is important for us to know why creating healthy relationships is vital in our life. Our life is meant to flow with ease and grace. 

This is what every teaching is pointing us to, regardless of the language, that we can have a happy, joyful, magical life filled with creation.

As we move though our centers and do the process of clearing out the old and realigning with our truth, we are brought to the precipice of a choice. Do we hang on to the past? Or do we trust that we can fly?

Relationships come in every form. The word relationship makes us think of a partner, a lover or maybe a family dynamic. But the reality is, we have a relationship with absolutely every little thing in the dreamtime reality. 

We have a relationship with ourselves, with our career, our beliefs, our sexuality, our mind, our body, our material possessions, as well as all other living beings in our life. 

We are going to delve into fully reclaiming the first and second center of our body and activate the Crystal Seals from our Primary Chakras.

This weeks meditation and clearing will focus on the realignment of healthy relationships in our life.

With Love,

Becca Bee 


  1. Oh Becca! This is exactly where I am! I have felt as though I have been in hyper speed of witnessing and clearing and the relationships have felt rocky with those who are meant to be supportive. So grateful to be part of this community growing, clearing, healing, and reuniting with our deep true selves. Hugs 🤗

    1. Hugs right back! It is incredibly wild how the idea of relationships has really been so limited for us. It's as if we are finally getting to see all the layers of how we interact with absolutely everything and everyone around us. This expansiveness just feels so good! 💞