Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Healing our Soul Fragments - Healing the Father Pt 3

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to the Thunder and the Heat! 

This week has been an incredible journey and where I have been, the temperatures have been well into the triple digits! A humbling experience. (and Thunder and rain back at home!) 

I love the way the elementals are speaking to us. It is a perfect reminder to be in communion and listen to the wisdom that they are speaking to us. 

We live on the body of Earth. Our physical body is the speaker for our subconscious mind, and the Earth is the speaker for the collective subconscious. 

As I have traveled around on this trip, the tears have streamed down my face as I have heard the land share with me the pain and the anger. As I walk the land, there is a cry for change, and this cry is beyond the asking, there is an anger in the land here that is filled with the voices of warriors ready to take whatever action necessary to be the guardians of the land. 

I share this because we all made a choice to be more than a 3D being living a life based in consumerism. We all made a choice to live by the compass of our higher self. In order to to this, the choice requires us to step into balance, wholeness and integrity. And from here we can be the witness and listen.

In our third week of healing the father wounds, we are stepping into the energy of strength and protection. This is a foundational energy for the ability to have self identity, confidence, and to know who you are and what you want.

This level of foundation of the masculine energy creates the catalyst for us to embrace the death of our ego, the courage to take the leap into the unknow because we know who we truly are on the inside.  

This shedding of the old doesn't feel scary because we know there is a renewal, a rebirth we get to experience that gives us an opportunity to keep stepping into more of our own strengths and capabilities. We get to be a part of the foundation as a guardian. 

There is a certain confidence that supports each action you make when you know you are loved, you belong, you are part of a greater whole and you are accepted and honored. 

For those of us that did not get to learn and witness from a Hieros Gamos union (sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine) of our parental figures, as a healthy example and foundation growing up, we have to create it now. 

Regardless of what our past was, there is nothing that needs to change in our past or be different. The past is the past. 

What we do get to change is our perspective while bringing all of our soul pieces home. Regardless of your past, you are amazing, you are perfect, you are everything you need to be in order to be whole. 

As we stand up in courage and strength, we get to bring home all the parts of us we left hurting in past timelines, and now we get to collapse them and live in the now. 

Your past only has the power over you that you give it.

We are in a world that is hurting, and those of us drawn to this material is in a collective space of

knowing that we are here to be the guardians and the way showers. Our indigenous brothers and sisters have been holding space for a long time, and they are weary, they are tired, they are strong, but they need our help.

We are a family. On our Earth body, we are a collective consciousness. Our ability to hold morals, virtues, boundaries, compassion, understanding, and LOVE! ...allows us to hold the parental role as a fatherly guardian gatekeepers. 

Our last two weeks we had the opportunity to go through our own beliefs we had about our levels of support, and our levels of balance in all types of relationships. Now we are seeing how clearing all of this into a healthy rebirth of self as our higher self, gives us the power and strength to be the space holder for others. 

As you look out to all the people on this planet, and all of the beings, hold compassion and love for what ever space they are in right now. Each is at a different place. And from a perspective of a Spiritual Adult, there are may "children & infants" running around in adult human bodies. 

Thank you again for your dedication to being you and living in your truth. I'm looking forward to further balancing our divine union within so we can be the protectors and guardians in what ever way we are called to be. Be it with our own inner child or those we share this beautiful planet with. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

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