Thursday, June 24, 2021

Planting the Seed, Being a Creator - Healing the Father Pt. 4

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to the fullness of summer. Earth is giving birth to beauty all around us in so many ways!

Today is the Full Moon in Capricorn. We made it past our first eclipse season of this year, and the Mercury retrograde! How did you do? 

It was a time of heightened energy for all of us, and now that we made it though all of these growth moments, the full moon in Capricorn is pulsing us back into productivity and action. 

This is a beautiful energy for this next and final in the series of Healing the Mother and the Father Wounds. 

This final in the Father series, we are going to look at the energies of creation as well as come back into the sacred of mother. In our path of doing that, we are going to explore this merging of energies in a totally new and different way you may have ever thought of. 


Hieros Gamos (Greek ιερός γάμος, "sacred wedding"), or Hierogamy, refers to the coupling of a god and goddess or their earthly representatives, often having a symbolic meaning related to fertility and generally conducted in the spring. It can also refer to the primordial union of the masculine and feminine principles within the godhead.

The concept of the hieros gamos derives from ancient mythologies relating to the union of the first deity and his or her consort(s). In terms of the ritual expression of this idea, the heavenly marriage historically took three forms:

  • The union of a god and goddess as expressed in various art forms
  • The union of a goddess and a priest or king standing in the role of the god
  • The union of a deity and priest/ess standing for the deity.


The Hieros Gamos is the Wedded Garment of God, wearing the White Robes of the One. Hieros Gamos refers to the Risen Christos-Sophia, as the embodiment of the inner hiero-gamic union between the human being and the divine. Hieros Gamos is the full resurrection of the body to the eternal light of Christos, Cosmic Christ Consciousness. In the bodies return to energetic balance, neutral in the Unity Field or Zero Point), the lightbody being is One with God, and the Christos body is glorified in its perfection as representative of God’s eternal light image.

In Hieros Gamos Couplings, the genetic equal of the Monad unites with its counterpart to embody the sacred marriage of Krystic equals, to merge into One spiritual body to hold the Spirits of Christ. A Krystic male and a Krystic Female unite in a Hieros Gamos or Rod and Staff Union as the Christos-Sophia, to be of service within God’s Eternal Light divine plan to correct the Sophianic Body and to restore liberation of Ascension upon the earth. Hieros Gamos is the embodiment of the new Cosmic Ray Frequencies of Mother Arc Aquamarine and Father Arc Emerald Green hues and their DNA Lens being introduced to this Universe. These frequency colors represent the Aurora Body Guardian consciousness of the United Krystic Forms embodied in the future sovereignty timeline of GSF. (Inter-dimensional Resonator, plus Base Tone, Overtone and Resonant Tone Amplifier).

This weeks circle we are going to talk about...

  • The concept of being livestock, (Live Stock) (Adams)
  • Who and what are the heavenly Bestiary
  • Planting Seeds and Seeding Races
  • The Sacredness of the Feminine in holding and moving the seeds of creation
  • Artificial Creations vs Divine Creations (how how things been created without the mother)
  • Who is planting the seeds in your life? 
  • Dreams as Seeds
  • Whose dreams are your following?

With so much love!

Becca Bee

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