Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Resetting our body and the Compass of our Heart

Hello Beautiful Souls,

To each of you I send my love and I honor the truth of who you are. We have gone through a major healing in the last 8 weeks. (Healing The Mother & Father Wounds) These processes are something we can come back to as needed. We are multi layered and multi dimensional beings, so it is helpful to remember, that we are never "done". We are a creation in of this cosmos, that is ever growing, expanding and expressing our Soul. 

Being multi dimensional while being in one of the most materialized densities, gives rise to so many questions of self. Who am I and what is my purpose are two common kick starter questions that get a being moving back into soul integration. I'm sure you can look back on your timeline and remember when these questions were part of your thoughts, and maybe they still are to a degree. 

Then as we start to expand our awareness, and develop our spiritually adult consciousness, here in this first harmonic universe (D1, D2 & D3), then we really start looking at what that means to live from our higher consciousness. We start to ask the questions, "how do we integrate with this world and this reality and still be our higher consciousness?" or "Is there really a way to pay the bills AND live in a way that makes our heart and soul happy?"

We are full of questions aren't we!

Being a spiritual adult is not a goal you get to and then everything is done. It is no different than becoming a responsible adult on the 3D plane. As an adult, we have responsibilities, bills, and planning. We make decisions based on a more mature outlook on life. 

Just now, as a spiritual adult...

  • Your "bills" are all about energy exchange and energetic contracts and entanglements. Stepping out of Karma, and living based on Dharma.

  •  The responsibility is now about "seeing" things from higher mind, and really being honest for why we are making the choices we are. 

  • And now when we plan, we are being truthful to how much of our spiritual path we have just left to chance or waiting for something or someone to change our world rather than us stepping up and taking the actions steps needed to head in a direction we are choosing. 

Pushing the Reset Button

It is also helpful to remember, that as we continually add to our memories and expand our consciousness, our inner compass is also fine tuning and aligning. This means our priorities and goals may change as we grow. 

I want to create a metaphor that healing from past programing while stepping into higher mind, is similar (and the same as in many cases) as healing from PTSD, while stepping into our freedom/safety. (Sovereignty)

One of the most necessary steps in healing the body after a stressful experience, is rest. A slowing down, quieting the mind, and letting the mind, body and spirit heal.  

Our body naturally wants to go back into balance if it is given the opportunity to do so. Which usually means we set our agendas down and get out of the way. 

In this same way, our Soul is always wanting to go back into balance, and back to source. (also, if we just get out of the way) 

Here are some things to be aware of with our body that helps us be more understanding with what our body needs in order to support us better. Let's go back to the example of stress. I'm sure it is something that all of us can relate to on some level. 

When we are stressed, our adrenals go on overdrive causing the hormone cortisol to flood the body. 

When this fight, flight or freeze reaction takes place, our other process in our body shut down. Mainly all digestions, repair and healing process in the body.... as well as rational thinking process. 

If this flooding of cortisol is long term, our body slowly starts to go out of balance leading to a huge list of possibilities with Dis-Ease.

The healing process for this requires a gentle slow process of nurturing the body back to health while keeping the stress low. The foundation of the first steps of this healing path is lots of sleep. (there are healing processes that only happen during Delta states of sleep)

 Our Reset 

So now lets take this same idea and relate it to our waking up to our sovereignty through expanded consciousness. 

As our Soul integrates more, more memories and higher consciousness start to expand us. This can create a heightened experience of the excitement or pressure of more possibilities and an increase in what we are going to refer to as the Squirrel Mind.

This overwhelm of new possibilities and "things to work or focus on" can flood an already taxed system. 

One of the most beneficial things we can do is start to build our practice of mindfulness. This allows us to be in a state of observership so that we can start to notice many of the thought patterns from the past (or not self), that are detoxing and leaving our body. 

Resetting our Spirit with Calm and Peace

Most all of our resets taking place, be it mind, body or spirit, are going to have a tie in with our physical body. This means that normal things like being hungry, may not have anything to do with actually needing food. 

We get to start by paying attention to everything we do. If we are tired or hungry, is our body requiring rest to heal? And when this happens, does it make you want to want to drink coffee, energy boosting drinks or eat food. (particularly carbs and sugars)?

Here are some places that may be alerting us to an imbalance that is ready to reset. 

  • Distractions, hard to stay focused. Wanting to get up and do busy projects rather than stay focused on the guided action. 
  • Having lots of ideas but then when you sit down to do them, you blank out or feel distracted or blocked.
  • Cravings for things. 
  • Comfort in small patterns or thoughts rather than pushing through with the new patterns that lead to changes in life. 
  • Blanking out on what to do, be it in a situation or as a course of life.
  • Feeling as though you know your truth, but don't know how to apply it to your daily life.
  • Uneasiness, anxiousness or nervous energy. 
  • Easily frustrated with others, life, or situations you observe on the planet. 
  • Feelings of being blocked from higher self. 
  • pressures of feeling a desire for living a multidimensional life but clinging to the material, lack of trust in letting go.  (of family, job, home, beliefs, securities)

Our body is the storage of all of the karma and debt of the past. Past debt eats away at our energy stores
and the resources we have to nurture and nourish our conscious mind with our Higher Mind. As long as our limbic system is busy with the imbalances of our past, our channels for our spirit are limited in how we do the supernatural in the material realm. 

Through mindfulness we are getting to the most subtle layers of self. We are purifying the body, our vehicle, our vessel of the divine essence pouring through us. In order for us to truly harness the power of our subconscious mind, we need to purge it and detox it from all patterns from the past that are not in alignment with our higher self/ highest good. 

Process for Catching and Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Here is a great question to ask yourself, and an example of how to find the core limiting beliefs we may still be holding. 

If you did not get a paycheck or perks of any kind (such and medical insurance) so nothing no finances of any kind from the job you currently go to, would you still go? Does it light you up? Does it make you happy? Would you do it regardless because it is your greatest joy and life's purpose? I'm not just talking about the career choice you chose.... the actual job place you go to. Do you believe in the mission of the place you work? Is it building you up, our tearing you down? 

Now....if the answer is no, or not a heck yea!,  the question to ask is, if I asked you to walk in to your job place right now and quit.... what is the first fear or panic that comes up for you? 

Your answer is what you can now go through the clearing process with. (The Clearing Process)

Any place we hold a fear (which we will usually justify), this is a place were we are still living from Karma....not Dharma. 

Use this process often to find your level of attachment. The more we heal and bring ourselves into balance, (meaning our level of peace and security does not come from outside of self), the more we can fearlessly follow the compass of our heart and say YES! when our heart leads us on a new path. 

This week we are going to explore some ways our body forms imbalances due to the situations we may have experienced in our life. We will look at how this plays out in our health and our thinking, and how to honor the subtle messages that our body is giving us so that we can really become adept and not only knowing our truth, but creating a strong understanding as we move into working with the mechanics of our universe for our manifestations and intentions. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

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