Friday, July 16, 2021

How the Divine Moves Through Us

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am so happy to be here with you in this moment. Regardless of time or space, the moment you read these words, we become connected. 

This is such a powerful knowing. How we connect is infinite. It really redefines the way we interact, and be. 

As we expand our knowing, we can start to really embed the divine in all that we do, all that we think and all that we are. 

We will talk about some of the mechanics of how the Divine moves through you, and the purpose is to expand your imagination so that as you go through your day,  you feel the God Spark always inside of you.

Last post we talked about some of our channels of communication. Now lets look a little some of what is moving though those channels, more specifically...angels. 

Angels (messengers) can move through the angles.... (ie. the channels and gates)

When you ask for guidance, protection, support or connection, what are you envisioning?  Somehow the mythos of angels has turned into the idea of winged beings who look no different than a human. But I want to give you a gentle reminder to go a little deeper in how you process the universe and multidimensional beings. 

For Fun, here is a humorous but insightful youtube video that depicts the different descriptions of angels and how the descriptions sound anything but human!

Now, lets be a little more serious. 😇

Here are a couple ways we connect with the energy and the assistance of many of the Guardian Races. 

The Elementals - 

Here is a quote from "The Essene Gospel of Peace Book 1, Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood"

"The angels of air and the water and of sunlight are Brethren. They were given to the son of man that they might serve him, and that he might go always from one to the other. Holy likewise is there Embrace. They are indivisible Children of the Earthly mother, so do not put asunder Those whom Earth in heaven have made one. Let these three brother angels and fold you everyday and let them abide with you through all your fasting."

This is a great invitation to remember that with each breath you take, each element your interact with, feel the consciousness of it completely here supporting you. Feel the water, air, earth and even fire consciously intending to support the life force flowing through you. 

A powerful visible way to see the elementals of the Sylphs working for us, (our beautiful sky angels), is to notice the next time a bunch of chemtrails cover the sky, how quickly they come in and bless us with cleaning the skies! 

Dimensional Beings - 

And here is a quote from the Book "Downloads from the Nine" (I highly recommend this book as a way to allow the Seraphim devas to begin to reconnect many of the unplugged or genetically manipulated codons that were altered by the invader races ages ago.)

"This book is a gift from beings inhabiting parallel universes; they described themselves as The Nine
Devas of Crystalline Atomic Fire (known as Seraphims in the West). Their only purpose is to reactivate the evolution of the human race.

Their work begins by the process of transmuting the causal body (body that encases destiny), followed by the transformation of the astral body (energy body with thousand of meridians, keeper of emotions), to finally culminate with the complete physical transfiguration."

The book goes on to in detail describe many of the different hormones, ATP, and systems in the body that these Deva's work through in helping to repair our light body. It is a beautiful reminder of how the levels of communication in our body may seem like a small thing, but it is actually on this atomic level that we are changing. The fire that moves through us is directed by higher levels of consciousness! 

Thank goodness right!

As we continue to talk about connecting with Higher Dimensional beings, it is really mind expanding to think about all the different ways they are connecting with you in this very moment. Right now as you breathe, you are being blessed. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

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