Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Watch it, Observe it, Change It

Hello Beautiful Souls,

This post I want to talk about the subtleties of some of the energy and frequencies that we are rippling through creation. 

My goal is to share with you the subtle mechanics of your thoughts and actions, or what we have come to understand as Keylontic Science, which is the science of energy, and of our universe. As your awareness embraces the fundamentals of what is happening, it starts to give you options and higher consciousness choices in how to navigate this reality. 

To fully consciously, on a moment by moment basis, integrate astrology, human design, scalar mechanics or know all of the cymatics of frequencies, would take a tremendous amount of energy and effort since each one of these is moving in mathematical sequences and patterns within patterns, within patterns. 

They are an incredible road map to keep referring too, but we need to keep our eyes on the road! So it is great to take these moments to know the map so that when we are on the road, we have more tools and knowing to help us make our moment by moment decisions. 

These patterns are the morphogenetic fields that we learn to work with. The ways in which we move energy, do energy healing and manifestation. And they all start with sound and light.  

Sound and light are the building blocks of the universe! 



For a visual, if you are aware of cymatics, you can see the patterns that are created by different frequencies of sound on either water or sand. 

Now imagine that the universe as a huge field of liquid plasma or crystalline light (water and sand in physical density) and as the sound tone fields of the universe reverberate on the plasma light ... it creates the morphogenetic fields...or sacred geometries that are the building blocks that make other morphogenetic fields. 

This pattern continues on & on & on

Just your heart alone is made up of so many morphogenetic fields! Anything in density, has been born of higher dimensional fields of intention. 

Just for fun, lets bring back some of the knowing of the KRYSTALA and our Tri-Founder Sounds

The seven tones of Original Creation are broken down into: KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL). When we tone these individually they hold a piece of a larger schematic that fits into the Krystal GSF body, the Diamond Sun Christos Blueprint. When the tones of KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL) are woven into a complete pattern, they are an actual “Merkaba” Spirit Body. (Ascension Glossary)

These 7 original sound tones of creation are born of the tri wave of the core of creation. 

The 3 Primal Creation Frequencies - Primary Light Fields - or Currents: the Kee-Ra-ShA. (Ascension Dictionary)


This is a huge Macro (as above so below) for us. 

Here is the Micro. Let's step this down into how we integrate this into our reality, this physical world we are living in. And how we are changing Morphogenetic fields with our very heart song.

Every emotion has a frequency. We can revisit the work of Emoto to see thoughts directed to water to see how these patterns work, and how they look inside of our own body, since we are mostly water. 

We have played with our visualization of being of Pillar of First Cause Light. A lighthouse, and a radio tower of frequency for our Planet. Lets add tuning fork. It is not much different, but it adds another dimension to our abilities. 

Healing is taking a new turn back to where it used to be. Not only in our Earth history, but in our
advanced civilizations in other places across the universe. We are movers of light and sound. We naturally are energy healers. We are trusting our truth to remember who we are, and what we are made of, because the teaching and programming on this planet is archaic and meant to separate us from universal knowledge. 

To those of you reading this, I know I don't need to spell out the medical system 

for us to know this is barbaric to our mind, body and spirit!

This leads to what we will be talking about this week. 

Being the observer, in order to be the catalyst of change and healing. Intentionally directed frequencies change what is observed. 

  • We are going to expand more on how we can use universal health systems such as sound, light, frequency and morphogenetic fields. 

  • We are going to talk about how to intentionally be an observer in order to direct healing.

  • We are going to explore techniques for working in the morphogenetic fields. What to do when you are there, and how to create the sacred space for this work.
I'll see you soon!

With so much love, 

Becca Bee


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