Sunday, September 12, 2021

Protected by Krystala or Christos Fields of Light

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

This is a technique that I want to share with you, for not only protecting and holding space, but also for running larger fields or grids of energy around you. 

This technique is especially powerful if you have been experiencing psychic attacks, abduction energy, astral influences or the influx of the frequency technology that is directed at us at night while we are sleeping. 

In sharing this, I would love to give you a tool to work with as well as reinforce your awareness in the power of the Christos light. 

In order to do this, I am going to review again the 

Christ/Christos/Krystala/Krystal Star plasma light (Consciousness) 

of the 12th Dimensional Frequency band. 

We live in a 15 D Time Matrix. What does this mean? That there is an aspect of your consciousness that is existing in every spectrum of this Matrix, all 15 D. Each of these Dimensions are like different realms of existence, vibrating at different frequencies. From your perspective, where you are now reading this, you mainly have awareness of a few bands (or dimensions) above and below the 3D physicality that your body (ego) is in now. 

Not much different than a radio receiver, we have access to a few of the realms above and below us. It takes us fine tuning ourselves and getting "static" or density out of the way in order for us to tune in to higher vibrations and levels of consciousness. 

On earth, we call this telepathy, direct communication,  channeling etc. 

Lower bands of frequencies can only exist or become aware of higher bands of frequencies if they are in harmony with them. Think of the frequency of temperature. If you are freezing cold, and you dip right into 104 degree water, it feels crazy hot, even painful! But if you are already at a warm temperature, one or two degrees from 104, you will not feel that much.  

This goes for subtle wave forms too. If you are cluttered with chatter in your mind, you are less likely to feel the subtle communication of nature, than if you are quiet and still, and at a closer vibration to the harmony of nature. When you are in harmony, you can hear and feel nature easily. 

This is all just a way to give an example of how we are more open to sensing and feeling the frequency bands we are closest to, and how there is either no perception, or an uncomfortable perception to the bands that are further removed from where we are vibrating. 

With this, I can introduce to you the concept of Harmonic Universes (HU's).  HU's are dimensional bands that harmonize in three's. And in between say, HU1 and HU2 there is a buffer zone if you will. This is why here in 3D (part of HU 1) we can see our physical world around us, but 4D, which is part of HU2, is not visible to us. Only certain people are aware of the astral realm, entities and spirits that reside in the 4D, but yet it is close enough that we can sense it. 

Here is what this has to do with the technique that I am going to share with you. Christ Light, Christos Consciousness, Krystala Rays or Krystal Star, The Kiristi Beings of Light, all come from 12 D which is in the 4th HU (12D). Again, we are in the 1st HU. 

12 D is pre matter, plasma or liquid light. This is a place in the Soul Field where existence is more in a consciousness state, rather than a polarized physical experience. The consciousness from this HU rarely interacts or engages with the lower HU's. Especially HU 1. 

When consciousness from that level does choose to incarnate directly down into the lower densities, it is usually for a very important life experience of infusing light codes into an extremely polarized reality. This is like a jump start for a reality that may not be progressing out of density. 

Most times, as consciousness, we use the step down method of incarnating into densities and realities. 

Meaning From HU4 we incarnate as consciousness into HU3, then HU2 etc.

At the Christ Light or Krystala level of Consciousness, polarity and manipulation can not exist. Only truth. From this incarnational body you are in, when you choose to embody Christ Consciousness, it means you are becoming this frequency of consciousness.

Christ is not the distorted explanations of Earth, about it being a person from the past or something outside of yourself. 

When you embody Christ Light, you are awakening the Christos in you. You are becoming the embodiment of this 12D plasma field of consciousness right here in the 3D. 

This is the most powerful energy you can call upon and reflect (become) in this reality! This is the most powerful frequency that we can emanate here and when we do, shadow can not exist. 

In my opinion, this is the reason that this information has been so distorted throughout history.

The Christos Light Technique:

If you are not already familiar with the 12D shield, you may want to visit this page for beginning ways to get connected with this field of energy. 

  1. The first thing to do is to raise your vibration by stepping into the higher mind of your Christo's Avatar God Self. It feels very much like stepping out of the reality that you are in, and right into a new higher vibrating awareness. Mindfulness practice is a great way to get comfortable in becoming the observer of you. You are snapping yourself out of density, and raising your awareness into the Christos Frequency.

  2. Next, Consciously call upon the vibration of Christ Light. You can even use the phrase "I command the light of Christ/Christos to anchor in this space". You can get creative with how you call it in. Your words are more about anchoring a feeling in yourself more than anything. 

  3. Once you feel the energy strongly in you, then do the mind slide techniques of rewriting your field. In short, you remote view, or teleport your consciousness into the area you are transforming. See it as it is, then awaken and pull in the Christ Light into that space and fill it up to the point that every molecule in the area is radiating and holding this light as a state of being. 

  4. Hold the full awareness that the space is Christ Light. Keep your focus on the area, flooding it with the light. You can turn it up, make it bigger etc. This really is a practice for holding intention. You have to consciously hold the energy in the space and only see it as the light of Krystala.

  5. As you hold the light, you may "see" entities, shadows, or other energy in the area that are not in harmony with your intentions. In this case, it is important that you remain a neutral compassionate witness to these energies while you "Love" them with the the Krystos Light. This can be anything from stating "I command the light of Christ in this space, only that which is in alignment with it is welcome here". Most times they will just leave, but sometimes they will choose the light and use this as an opportunity to move out of where they are. 

Example 1. Clearing Negative energy from Pets

Pets are such a beautiful way to get familiar with running this energy because they respond to it immediately. They love it!

Recently with the influx of frequency technology and infiltration of beings wanting to disrupt us at night in the home, our little guy gets really worked up. The frequency directed tones wake him up and the anxiousness he gets at night is terrible. He will go into a panic and not be able to sleep, or let us sleep when this is happening. 

I will first intend and with heightened emotion, teleport my consciousness into his field. I first feel where he is at, then I pull in the new upgraded frequency and anchor that into his space. 

As I hold the energy in him. I scan the field to see what is bothering him. It can be anything from frequencies directed to the house, to entities of every size and shape. If this is the case, I do the work to amp the Christos Light into their field and command with love the higher vibration. 

This is a great way to practice because it shows you how well you are focusing. With intention I have to hold this energy over our pet because it takes a moment to lock it in place. You will feel you pet settle down, but if you let go of anchoring the energy too quickly, they will pop back into the old field. So, again, this will give you a way to practice staying in intention with holding a new field. 

Example 2. Fortifying your space or body

This is similar in that you are stepping into the higher vibration, and then pulling it into your field, fortifying your aura, your chakras, your meridians, etc. This is a powerful way for you to scan through your energy fields and make sure that you are not being implanted or infiltrated by anything that is not in your highest good. It is good to scan your mental body, emotional body and light bodies as well. 

When it comes to spaces, I like to really be detailed with what I am intending as I move the new higher frequencies into place. For example, if I am clearing our house, I will pull the light through the walls, floors, roof, foundation, yard, grass, etc. I will do this through everything I can sense in the house. 

At the same time I am scanning for any energy that is not supporting or in harmony with this Christos Light Field. This can even be negative energy left as residue from someone having a bad day or old conversations that were had. It is like doing a deep cleaning of all old energy. 

I like to take the energy out all the way to the property boundary line and then create a pillar of light or a protective dome. Play with both and see what feels better for you. I tend to like a pillar because I imagine it going infinitely up to the 12D and infinitely down to the 12 D. (the core of the Earth holds this gateway in her core)

Example 3. Healing with Christos Light

Similar to scanning the body. This is about feeling what is not in health, and then pulling in a new healthy blueprint into the area and anchoring it in with Christos Light. The longer you can hold this intention, the better it is for expediting healing in the area. Make sure to include the morphogenetic fields and energy fields holding the distortions that even created the physical issue in the first place. Remember, all the manifests in our physical reality, manifests first in the light bodies and morphogenetic fields around us. 

I hope you find this information helpful. As you get more comfortable holding this energy, you can use it to hold larger grids of space or fortify any of the healing or energy work that you are doing. This is part of the Christos Mission, to hold this frequency and consciousness as a state of being. Thank you for restoring this vibration here into this reality. If you ever have any questions about the techniques or understanding the process better, please let me know. I would be so happy to share more on this with you. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee


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