Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Self Sabotage, The Dark Side of Free Will

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Right now, if you tune in to the world around you, it can feel like and emotional roller coaster. It has this feeling of, are we or, are we not moving towards positive changes? Are we, or are we not seeing people wake up? Are we, or are we not getting the messages across to the controllers of this planet? This roller coaster can create a wave of emotions that we feel in our life and our energy. 

On the high, we can feel the surge to keep going, and on the low, a lot of individuals can feel like giving up. 

I could show you so many line ups astrologically on our charts, showing us all about this storm that we are feeling. I wish I could tell you that it is going to be over soon, but the truth is, we are not at the finish line. 

Not enough people know the true depth of the evil that is on this planet. Yes, its true, we are the majority in regards to the psychopaths, but we are the few in regards to the aware. 

When I say aware, I am referring to aware of the off planetary influences that have been manipulating humanity. Aware of the satanic practices that are at the root of so many of the global activities. And aware that we are in a battle for our consciousness, and that nearly everything we have ever been taught or told is a lie here on planet Earth. And now it is time for us to dig deep, and do the work to be our own compass, our own truth. 

It's not as difficult as it may sound. You, you are an angelic human form. This means that you are naturally equipped with every tool you would ever need in this life, right inside of you. Right inside of your heart (not your emotions). You have a built in compass and you are a living antennae. With that said, it's time to sit up and be the spiritual adults in the drivers seat, and stop letting a narcissistic group of self serving, power hungry beings (human and non human), tell us how to structure our lives, our societies and how we create our reality. 

So what is Self Sabotage?

Self Sabotage, basically is undermining of, or getting in ones own way, from doing the things you want to do. This habit comes from our own beliefs and the mental and emotional bodies. 

I know many of us are familiar with this topic, so I am going to take a bit of a different approach with this topic, in order to allow your higher mind to be guide for you future you are choosing to create. 

I want to break down Self Sabotage into three most common ways it shows up. Beliefs about self, fears around relating with others (relationships), and avoiding things that are difficult or uncomfortable. 

The CORE REASON for these three things is

1. Still playing the victim

2. Stuck in the mind of a child.

3. Don't really want to do what we say we want to do

What are ways we self sabotage? 

This is just an example list since we could fill up pages with ways we self sabotage.
  • Procrastination
  • Giving our power away
  • Agreeing to things that do not resonate or feel true for us
  • Not speaking up for ourselves
  • Blowing up in situations (overreactive)
  • Choosing partners that dominate our time, energy or self worth
  • Putting ourselves down so we don't try for things
  • Pushing buttons
  • Blaming others
  • Insecurity
  • Being a martyr
  • Harming and/or limiting our own body with things like food, substances, illness, or injuries

So how do we break free from these patterns?

Knowledge is the most powerful way to step out of the old patterns and into the truth of who we are. 

Now more than ever it is so important to know what is happening on every level on our planet, and in our galaxy. This helps us to pull out of the microscopic small focus of self. 

Just notice the language, SELF-sabotage. when we are in this pattern, we are highly focusing on "self".  This is not an easy truth, but even in places where we feel a victim, it is still an energy of "all about me". (the "woe is me" syndrome)

We start to find purpose and strength in life when we think in terms of  "we" not "me". In fact, one of the known ways to get out of a state of depression is to help another person. 

This is not an easy topic to summarize and my hope is to bring our higher mind into the conversation in order to awaken the spiritual adult in all of us. I am going to continue with the theme of lists as a way to portray some of our higher wisdom.

Higher Mind Wisdom...

  • We live in a highly programmed reality
  • These programs have been implanted into humanity for thousands of years
  • These programs are designed to keep humanity turning in on themselves in order to feel less than about themselves.
  • We inherit the beliefs and karmic patterns of our genetic and environmental upbringing
  • 99% of the thoughts and beliefs we have, are not our truth.
  • There is synthetic telepathy present on this planet implanting negative thoughts into unguarded minds
  • Mind control is not just a conspiracy, this is a real issue we are dealing with in this lifetime
  • True sovereignty is about having dominion over your own consciousness
  • Fear is a virus, a virus that holds no power against truth
  • Fear feels real, it attacks and shuts down the frontal lobe of your brain so that you operate from your reptilian mind. 
  • When you are in a state of fight, flight or freeze (and eventually ptsd), you become easily manipulatable.
  • Your higher mind is your truth, it speaks through your heart.
  • When you give in to fear, you follow the voice of your mind, not your heart
  • Your egoic mind AND emotions are riddled with implants and viruses. 
  • Spiritual awakening is about detoxing all of the lies ... and having the courage to be different in a world of hypnotized sheep. 
  • The moment you stand up to fear, is the moment you realize fear is a pussy. An illusion you made up in your programmed mind.  

How to rewrite the old patterns

With knowledge come power. And this power give us courage and a way to deal with the voices in our
head that are not our own. The way to change these patterns is with mindfulness, diligence and absolutely NOT allowing ourselves to get lazy with going back to the old patterns. In short, we are rearing our own inner child, and now we are the parent, the adult. It's time for us to take this responsibility and start cleaning house. 

Doing this means catching every single thought feeling and emotions that passes through us, and with our higher mind, we ask...."is this my truth?".  From there, we go through the steps to clear out the not truth, and stand up for what is true. 

Sounds simple and impossible at the same time doesn't it?  Here, let me share this with you...

Years ago my guides shared with me a process for clearing old beliefs, implants, family karmic patterns etc. I just call it the clearing statement. I am going to share this video with you where I go through the process in detail rather than type it out all over again. 

And in short, here is the outline. 

Clearing Statement

1. Find the feeling. Where do you feel it, what does it feel like? “It’s as if…” or “it feels

2. Verbalize it – Use words to describe it and give it a voice. What emotions are 
attached to it? “I feel ____” “It feels ____” (name the thoughts and beliefs coming up)

3. Acknowledge it – Own it “I realize I have been ___” “I have learned how to ____” “I have
been using ____”

4. Ask it questions – Where did it come from? Who did you learn it from? What 
purpose does it have? 


6. Flip it, bring in your core truth “Because the Truth is….”

Remember, Taking responsibility for everything that shows up in your life allows you to take your
power back

Your courage is needed now...

As we step into a knowing of how these patterns (viruses) get stuck in our subconscious, we can start to rewrite them with truth.  

I want to just share this one other thought before we go into the higher minds list of truth. And that is, we are not only harming our self with self sabotage. It's not just about us on this planet, and it is important for us to remember that. Every limiting thought you have, you are not only passing it on to the future generations, but the universe hears it, and it hears it as if that is how you feel about yourself, and everyone in the universe. 

Every time you don't speak truth. Every time you don't do what you came here to do or be the you you came here to be, then you are holding a limiting belief inside somewhere. This limiting belief is so loud to the universe, that it hears this message as if you are personally putting down your own. children. 

Regardless of whether or not you have children, that doesn't matter. In universal divine law, when we treat our own self like we don't matter, because that is what self sabotage is. Self sabotage is bullying our own self because deep down we don't like who we are. The universe sees this as us doing this to all humanity. 

Harsh isn't it!

Look, we didn't grow up knowing this. We did the best we could in our life from the tools and choices we felt we had. No judgement on the past. 

Now, you do know. There is no excuse for every decision from here forward. 

Every thought feeling and emotion you allow to move through your energy fields, has a direct effect on the rest of the universe. You have a HUGE responsibility for how our future turns out. We all do! 

We really need to be vigilant and not let any waves escape our field that are not building a brighter future. 

And we can use the clearing statement over and over and over again in order to cancel and delete any viruses inside so we are not infecting others and passing them on. 

Help me make this next list longer and let's start loving who we are so much that we stop self sabotaging ever again. 

Because the Truth is...

  • You are an angelic human being
  • Your past does not define you.
  • Your family does not define you
  • Your job does not define you
  • You are so much more than your physical body.
  • You have the right to command your space and your reality.
  • Your Consciousness is connected to the consciousness of the universe and to the All
  • You have the power to create with your mind. Your thoughts matter!
  • You are brand new with every breath you take, you can make a new choice in every moment. 
  • You have the right to say "I do not consent!"
  • You have the right to be happy, loved, appreciated and respected.
  • The more you love yourself, the more others love you.
  • You have the right to your body, your mind, your soul and your creative powers. 
  • You have the right to your own thoughts.
  • You don't need anything or anyone to have a connection with source
  • You have incredible powers and codes right inside of you that make one of the most special beings right here right now. 
  • When you break away from old parasitic patterns, the universe will rearrange your world with what you believe inside of you. 
  • You are stronger than fear. 
  • Your mind is not you.
  • No one has the right to have power over you. You are a sovereign!
  • You are the one.
  • No one can ever be a substitute for the love you can give and be for yourself. 
  • There is nothing outside of you. Your reality is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. You have the power to make that reflection beautiful. 
  • You may be the reason someone else realizes who they truly are
  • You are either love, or fear, and you are making that choice over and over again in every moment. 
  • Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and the only way to share it, is to be it. 
  • I know you are amazing, you are powerful, you are a creator..... and I love you. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee

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