Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Third Harmonic Universe

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Our Third Harmonic Universe awareness brings us to the level of our Oversoul. So what is an Oversoul? We talk about our "Souls Purpose" and connecting to our Higher Self, but for the most part, we don't really talk about Oversoul, which is really a family consciousness existing in a future/past and simultaneous aspect of what we call self. 

Our Oversoul holds our Christic blueprint as well as the mentorship guidance for our Soul in the 4th 5th and 6th Dimensions. It is the holographic replica of our Avatar God Self (the light fields of KRYSTALA/Christ Consciousness) from the 4th Harmonic Universe (Dimensions 10, 11 & 12), and the place we can reach out to for guidance, and to activate our Crystalline blueprint that is already existing in our body. 

You could even think of your Oversoul as the Angelic Realms 

Each Holographic fractal of ourselves that we step down into lower densities, holds the genetic
keycodes of our divine blueprint. As we step further and further into individuality, we further amplify our unique fingerprint in the universe. These are what we call our unique experiences and our Soul journey if you will. So even though we hold all of Sophia, or the Divine of ALL That Is, right inside of us, we are still a unique expression. 

It is a mind bender to think about how we are all one, yet we are all unique!

Even from the 4th Harmonic or even 5th Harmonic Universe, the expressions that emanated (the holographic fractals, which is what we are), were a replica of the Divine Mother, but in unique expressions. No two were ever the same. Not even the idea of "twin flames"  which would be matter/ante-matter, are different. 

The Oversoul Level is an incredible place to start innerstanding the idea of Soul Fields, or Source Fields. This level of our identity is not always in physical form, yet there is still an awareness of Self, and other. 

For instance, when one does a Soul Journey session (QHHT etc.), more often than not, there is a reconnection with a light field, a place where there is no form, no body, but there is awareness and connection with others. This place is always aware of other places in the universe such as Earth. There is thought, one mind and telepathy all at the same time. And the feeling is a unified field of Love, Compassion, Joy etc. From here there is a sense of entering into other incarnations as needed to "help". 

This is an incredible place to remember our Souls original intent. This realm is not concerned with the little day to day happenings of humans of Earth per say. The intent and importance is always on the frequency and vibration that one is maintaining. The attitude and remembrance of focusing on being love, compassion or joy for the planetary mind, body, spirit complex. 

Even the idea of good or bad, light or dark does not have the same meaning or polarity in the Oversoul Monad. These ideas do not exist as a polarity the way we make them out to be in the 1st Harmonic Universe. 

You can think of your Soul and your Oversoul as families of Consciousness. 

Now let me bend your mind a little more. There are 144 Family aspects of you. Each Oversoul has 12 "Souls" within it. and Each Soul has 12 individual Identities. So if you think of it, there are 11 other "you's" having parallel or other self expressions right now just in the 1st HU. Maybe on Earth...but most likely in other realms and places. You may even be a plant or a crystal. 

So as you start calling to your Soul, you are calling on of the 12 tribes, if you will, from your Oversoul that you are connected to. (12 is a very special number as we work with our Lightbodies and the 12 Tree Grid you will see 12 over and over again)

Now when you start to call to your Oversoul, you start the process of merging all 12 Soul Aspects of self and reintegrating yourself closer to your Christic Blueprint. Your Oversoul helps you to awaken your Crystalline blueprint that has always been inside of you, but dormant until you consciously called to it. 

This is the beauty of free will. when we are in the lower HU's, our Higher Self does not intervene unless we ask it to.....because that is using our free will to "ask for help". Imagine that! Of course we are all usually so stubborn that it takes us forever to ask!

Each Station of Identity you are, is who you are, right in this moment. All of them are happening right here and now. This is in some ways how there is no such thing as time or past and future. Time and past and future are dimensional aspects of the 1st and a bit of the 2nd HU. These dissolve in the upper HU's. We won't get into that too much more since this is neither here nor there while operating in a physical form. 

Ok, now let talk about how this plays out in our physical reality. 

The 3rd HU is Dimensions 7, 8 & 9, which correspond to Chakras 7, 8 & 9. As we begin to activate these centers, we open up the stargates in our physical and light bodies to be connected to direct communication with our Oversoul Avatar self. (family) We also open up to being connected to different Galactic Stargates and timelines. 

7th Chakra - This chakra is at the crown of our head and leads us toward the connections of our Lightbody and beyond the physical realm. This is where we start to integrate with the Planetary Logos and collective consciousness. As we begin to bring this chakra fully online and purify it, we clear out all implants in our Pineal gland that veil us from collective unity consciousness. The Metatronic implants start to dissolve and we break free from the black box of the Mind Logos. We don't want to be stuck in a Metatroic Cube. This chakra also connects us with Arcturus. 

8th Chakra - (MC8) This chakra sits right above the heart near the thymus. This chakra attunes us to our Permanent Seed Atom in our Higher Heart that holds the crystalline codes activated by our Oversoul. As we step out of the limited perception of the physical reality and open up to all that is happening in the many many realms, realities and dimensions around us, we are now integrating higher stations of identity and beginning to merge our "selves". This chakra starts to open us to our other lives in all sorts of other types of galactic bodies. What some may call ET's, but what we call our star families. This chakra also connects us to Orion war timelines, wounds and implants that we can begin to heal. 

9th Chakra - (MC9) This Chakra is right above the Pineal gland in the Thalamus area of the brain. Now we are connecting with Universal Mind and Universal Kundalini energies. This is the level to which we are starting to connect with the Star that we are. It is helpful to think of the 4th and 5th HU's as Sun's and Stars. This is cosmic bodies and consciousness. Christos Consciousness is not a small little thing. it is an entire Consciousness field bigger than constellations or galaxies. it is a field of consciousness the lower HU's birth into. We are all at the core connected and a part of this consciousness field. We came from it! The 9th Chakra is our gateway back into this field of Unity Consciousness. At a very vast level, one of your bodies is a star. This chakra starts to help you connect to your original star that you are. This is also the Stargate to our Sister system of Andromeda. 

As you meditate on these chakras, let yourself embrace how important your body it. Your body is the living cosmos. The universe is right inside of you. We don't want to run away to anywhere. We don't want to escape the body. We have already tried that thousands of times! Come back home right inside of you. The entire angelic realm is singing right inside of you. Right inside of your electrons. Right inside of ever molecule that you are. 

Let us bring this body back into a place of being honored as the temple that it is for house our full consciousness right here in HU1 and 2. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee

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