Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Fifth Harmonic Universe

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Here we are again with the journey of our beautiful 15D Time Matrix, entering now into the fifth harmonic universe. If you have not read or listened to the last four posts on HU1-4, I would recommend that you read or listen to those first. 

The 5th HU is the Creator Realm of all of our fields of reality that we exist in right now. As we explore this God Seed realm, we are going to find we are talking about standing pillars of "first cause light".  This First Cause Light is flashing on and of and on and off and creating the original sound tones, waves and mathematical geometry of ALL that is. 

And this light is pure consciousness. 

This is the Source Light, the Source Fractal of All that we are, and my hope is to show you a glimpse into how this radiance is living and breathing right inside of you. The Solar Dragon's Breath. 

The 5thHU field of Consciousness is the trinity wave, the tri founder flames, and the zero point field. And in the teachings of the higher heavens, this would be the 7th higher heaven. 

The beings in the 5th HU are Solar Rishi or Ultraterrestrial Beings. They are Incredible Beings of pure light. 

The Solar Rishi realm of the 5th HU is the Light Fields that seeded the 4th HU with the races we would call our Ancestors or the great central races. The 4th HU is where we can start to really identify with beings, races and our galactic history of experiences, because in the 5th HU we would be experiencing this realm like the existence of say and electron vibrating, or a neutrino spinning. The Sacred Seed Geometry of the Universe is what me might consider the original fractal patterns that continue on and on and on. The Seed of the Light has no beginning and no end. It is eternal.

Here is an image of our 12 Tree Grid. The 12 Tree Grid is in many ways one of the ways we can experience the sacred geometry and mathematics of the universe. Each sphere holds the instruction sets for that density. (dimension) These patterns are never ending, like fractals and in some ways we can look at the spheres as stargates, because that is how many of them function. Notice below how the 12 Tree Grid overlaps over your body. Each of the spheres connection you to that instruction set of the field it holds. 

And here is how they grow outwardly from body, to planet to cosmos...

This pattern that we are experiencing is happening on so many levels. You can even visualize the core creation of these patterns as emanating from the great central galactic core. We have this 12 Tree Grid overlaying our body, overlaying our planets, overlaying stargates, and overlaying constellations. 

 These patterns emanating, are the seeds of all that is. 

The best way to really just experience this process is as 

the breathing in and the breathing out of an entire cosmic body. 

As we get back in tune with the vibrations of our spirit, our body, the planet... we can start to feel this divine intelligent breath breathing right inside of us. We are it. The source is right inside of us. That is the main way in which we reattune ourselves to the Source Codes we are. 

So why does this reality feels so distorted? Why do we feel so disconnected? 

Even though we have the entire holographic image of the Divine Light right inside of us, we are layered with multidimensional morphogenetic fields. Each field is a new pattern or instruction set that is much like creating a blueprint for a pattern. 

This is evident in the instruction set of your cells in your body. Every single cell knows its job, even though they are all cells, each one does its own designed tasks. This is how our body is able to take the shape of a form with components in it like a liver, a heart, a brain etc., even though we know at the core level, and on a microscopic level...we are light. 

So if you visit the post again on HU4, we can see how our individualized experiences start to created uniqueness. Look at the beauty of the cosmos, it is incredible to see the beauty of the diversity!

In a future post I am going to expand more on the Divine Sophia. So Phi A  This is one of the Pleroma think of Pleroma as energy... that this universe is birth from. She is our mother, our womb... the zero point field and the void. Here is a previous post I have done of her if you would like to begin to explore the sacred mother. 

From within our universe, many stories have created this very moment we are witnessing now. The important thing to know is that no matter what the distortions are, no matter what the levels of separation you are feeling, you can always connect again with the Divine Source Light of ALL that is. 

This video from Gregg Braden in brilliant, check it out. (& I cannot say enough how grateful I am for Anton Parks and the wisdom he has helped us reencode!)

The 4th dimension (not the 4th HU) but the 4D, the Astral Realm of  entities, disincarnate beings, Archons and the the veil.  It is the place of deception and lies. When you reconnect with your true source, you can start to see the beauty in the 3D. You can start to love again at a greater and greater level, right where you are. 

Remember, trust your heart... not your mind. 

The divine is here now. See the beauty in you, in your life and in who you are. You are a miracle! A celebrated creation! You are an angelic human being that is able to hold spirit and matter as one. This is such an incredible manifestation of the Divine. So for us to be here now, to know the dark as well as the light, is beyond amazing. 

Because now, with your free will, you can harness both the dark and the light, and direct it right from your heart, and your dreams, and mold it into the new reality that you are manifesting. You are Source Light! 

You are the divine, feel the divine intelligence breathing inside of you. Break free from the chatter of the mind and watch all the chains of your reality fall away. 

We are the light, the eternal living light and the crystalline waters flow through us. All of your divine powers lie right in your imagination, within your trust, and in the truth. 

Not just your truth... but THE truth. The truth that you are a creator that has never been abandoned or forgotten. You are loved. 

You choose.... we choose.... we choose to be an expression here. To be able to touch, smell, laugh, feel, create. We are the healers of the universe, the homeostasis of the body of Sophia, when we heal ourselves, we heal all. 

When we release the pain of the past, let go of the grudges, stop being the victim. When we start living as a galactic citizen and a steward of the planet, we start to see the beauty of cycles. The beauty in life and death and rebirth. The beauty in beginnings and endings. All of the cycles. This is creation! This is the experience. This is the breath of the cosmos. We breathe in and we breathe out.  When we start to let go of hanging on to needing things to "go back to the way they were", or clinging to a false sense of security in the material realm. We will start to see the spirit in all living and breathing things all around us. And from there.... the possibilities are endless!

Let's reembrace the Unity Consciousness of living WITH the planet... not on the planet. Let's be the Ambassadors of Spirit that we came here to be.

With so much love, 

May these words bring you a sense of peace, joy and connection. 

Becca Bee

I highly recommend again the Ascension Glossary for more in-depth information on your journey of remembrance. I will be forever grateful to Lisa Renee for all the work she has shared.  

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