Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Fourth Harmonic Universe

Hello Beautiful Souls!

This post we are going to continue on in our Journey of the Harmonic Universes and explore the 4th harmonic Universe which holds dimensions 10, 11 and 12.  

This sphere holds our Avatar aspect referred to as our Avatar God self or Christos/Buddahic Mind and Body. This is the spirit of intelligence that houses our Christo's or Christ consciousness and is a dimensional sphere that begins to transcend out of matter. 

In the 10th and 11th D there is still an aspect of form if it is chosen but in the 12th dimensional Octave of this harmonic universe, there is no form, it is what we call pre matter....or formless.

This is a level of intelligence and consciousness that is well beyond what the human mind can begin to understand, therefore it is an innerstanding that allows us to begin to know HU4. 

It is through the awareness of our feeling sense, and through a state of knowing, we can play around with the idea of what the higher harmonic universe's hold. 

In HU4, this would be more Unity based fields of Consciousness. As we fractalize down further and further into “lower” universes and denser creations and realities, this is how we start to have more individualized experiences. 

So when we begin to work with the 4th harmonic universe, we begin to work with what I want to present in this metaphor, as the original waters or ocean, and this ocean was filled by the living waters of the 5th HU. 

This is just to play with the idea, since this is a very vast concept, but think of the 4th harmonic Universe almost as the container that holds the essence of the 5th HU, which is the original sound tones of all creation, the Tri Founder Flames of the 13th, 14th and 15th dimension.

Remember 12th D is pre matter form, so therefore 13th, 14th and 15th are also pre matter forms. These are the sound tones of original creation. It's a pure plasma form and a different kind of essence material and energy. Plasma is even considered to be a completely different element than any of the other elements that we think of on planet Earth and would be like the Sixth Element. 

This pure essence is frequencies, light and creation. It is a field of plasma emitting itself as geometry, and all this geometry is consciousness. 

If we could even perceive it with human eyes it would seem pretty much like a plasma light field in the cosmos, like the birthing of stars, like the Great Central Sun. 

At this level our heart that would be how we can perceive and feel this infinite intelligence. 

The 4th harmonic Universe would be the level of Consciousness we refer to as Christ Consciousness. It is what we call it we call it Christ Consciousness because the word Christ derives from KRYSTALA,  the Kryst (Christ), & crystalline. 

Playing with the idea of water again...

Think of an ocean of water, and if you were to take buckets of that water and move it into another location, the water in the buckets starts to have a separate experience. Now it's the same water, but it's individualized. 

The more separate we become, the more diverse our experiences are. 

Each bucket of water will start to have its own experiences. The variety of these experiences will further change the world of each bucket of water.  

Now take that water from the bucket and say you could put it in a spray bottle and now it is in an even further individualized experience. And take it further and spray a mist from the spray bottles. Now each  droplet of water making that mist is individualized. 

The water is still the original water that came from the original Source but each and every time it goes to a level of Separation, each individualized aspect has a level of its own uniqueness to it.

Even though it originated from Source, the more and more it individualizes through its journey, the more it becomes completely different from all the other droplets of water that have been sprayed from the spray bottle. 

Think of this bucket of water as your Oversoul and the spray bottle as your Soul, and the Mist droplets are the individuated states of you. The Incarnated you.

This is a very vague kind of metaphor, but it helps us to understand a bit of how we hold our original blueprint inside us, how we are always Source and a part of Source

If you've ever read any of the RA Material, The Law of One material, you will hear the term infinite 
intelligence. This is a common term that is referred to as The Source Field of God, if you will. Infinite intelligence is living and breathing inside each and every one of us, it is in our body 

Our body is the body of Christ. We have been fed different religious teachings that have morphed and changed truth in order to really control the masses. The Savior program has been one of the most damaging programs that humanity has every been implanted with. It has kept us continually searching outside of self, seeking “God” everywhere but right inside of ourselves. 

Christ consciousness is right inside of your physical body. It is a living breathing divine intelligence that is connected with all and to the ALL. Our body is far more intelligent then the EGO Consciousness, that has thought it was in charge of you all of the years of your incarnation

So why would we choose separation, or this journey?  So why would one light field, one aspect of creation, choose to now be in a different form? In say a bucket of water? Or a spray bottle? Why would this individuation begin to be something that we would choose?

Let’s jump to the idea of being a replica of the Great source, the essence of All That Is. 

Which means if we are replica, and Source is essence... then Essence Is Us! 

As Humans, we like to try new things. We like to create new things, we like to play with new ideas. We have variety and growth in our experience because chefs like to create new dishes, artist like to paint new paintings, we like creating!. We continually like to expand our experience.

We were never meant to feel separation or loss from our awareness of source. But there are circumstances that have created this separation. (I will explore this Astral Realm with you in another post). We were always meant to have this living loving dance of experience, while being “separate” and yet always connected. 

Coming back again to the metaphor. We feel separation when our water source gets cut off from the living source we came from. When this happens we become stagnant. Think living light energy and dead light energy. Dead light energy has no connection back to that original ocean. 

Our living light essence is meant to flow through us as the Living Crystalline Waters. Much like our blood is flowing and pumping right back into the heart. With every circulation of its journey, it always returns back to the heart. When it returns, it gets reinfused with oxygen (living essence) 

 If it did not do this, we would be dead (dead light energy). 

The original intention of all of our HU experiences was to always still remain fully connected with the Tri Founder Flame. Always being connected to Source.  This is also what we refer to as being in harmony with Divine Law.  Pure Source of creation exists right inside of us. 

It is through our connection to our Christo Consciousness that we reinstate Divine Right Order through all the dimensions. Christ Consciousness activates through our heart. By living a heart based life, being heart coherent, and surrendering the ego to the Higher Self, we start to become the beautiful expression of this intelligence, right here in physical form. 

This is the path we take to begin to merge all of our identities 
and be in the flow of the infinite waters of Source Light. 

The beautiful thing is, these waters are right inside of us. We can find them by becoming still to our own heartbeat and being one through love with the Divine Intelligence right inside of us. 

Here are the Chakras associated 
with the 4th HU

Chakra 10

Chakra 11

Chakra 12

May these words bring you joy in breathing the living light right inside of you. 

With so much Love, 
Becca Bee

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