Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Breathwork and Our Merkaba Body


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

I am jazzed for this year. It is vibrating with the energy of putting our thoughts and words into action. I hold so much love for all of us as we take flight. This is not going to always be an easy task, but just as the wind makes the branches of a tree stronger...our strength and courage is going to thrive!

In this video I talk about one of the most incredible tools that I use to prepare for lucid dreaming, access memories and heal the body, which is breathwork. 

I am so grateful for the souls that have taken the time to put up videos on full sessions for us to enjoy. When the guardians used to teach me about breathwork many years ago, it opened so many inner doorways for me. Later as I researched it more and learned of the ancient practices, I realized they are the same! Except these session have music and a guide. So if you are so inspired, I invite you to check out the links in the description of the video. 

I also talk about Sirius and taking current action to anchor in your timeline of choice. 

Much love to you and enjoy.

Becca Bee

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