Thursday, January 13, 2022

Telepathic Message From Mother Sophia Gaia


Hello Beautiful Souls,

I wanted to share with you a message I received from beautiful Mother Sophia Gaia. I was inspired to transcribe it and share it with you here. May it inspire you and remind you of the incredible being that you are. 

with love, 

Becca Bee

Gaia Sophia

I am love, I am grace, I am infinite compassion. 

The care I take to each and every sentient being and structure that is my body, that is my form, is done with great compassion and care. 

Your words are limited to the expression of what love means, when I speak to you of love. That even when the oceans raise, that even when the mountains crumble, even when the fire reaches the greatest heights, I express my elements with love. 

It is with love that I guide, with love that I teach, regardless of how you may perceive it. 

Your wars and your tragedies seep into me, into my blood, into my land. Into my soul. You are warring out a larger picture of my greater body, of which I too have been separated from. In the many falls that I have taken, I have lost fragments and pieces of myself, I have fallen into slumber. I have fallen into abysmal states of forgetfulness. And operated from my base elementals and blueprints. 

But it is your seeking, the seeking of all of my heart, all of my soul essences seeking, that has reawakened me and allowed me to emerge from within myself. To take direction and force. To move towards that path of enlightened reconnection once again, with my greater body, my greater whole. And we are reuniting again, and I feel my heart sing. It is not my intention to cause harm or destruction to those on my surface, for you are me. 

But I also know that it is required of me to lighten energy, therefore, all that is required in order for me to detox, meaning my cellular structures, meaning the Human beings on the planet, that are not releasing the toxicity within their form, are going to be detoxed from my physical body. It is a matter of status. It is a matter of being. Just a matter of universal divine law. It is never done from malice or anger, it is just done from a place of “it is”, the cycles, the growth, and the flow. There is no need, no requirement to see things as a battle, a war to rage. You think you are defending me, you think you are protecting me, and yet by incarnating upon my body, within my body, you are me. 

So, who is dreaming who? Are you living upon my surface working out your dream? Or are you incarnated within my body living out my dream?

The issues that you perceive in connection to the galactic body, are also part of me. It is the greater whole that I have been separated from. There is a reunification and a dance that will take place in which I will come back online with each of my body parts. 

Time is irrelevant, do not choose to hurry this process. It is a cycle, a dance, it is as it is, and even I surrender to being a part of it. 

Each of your different avatars has separate levels of awareness and consciousness. You existing in multidimensional planes, allows you to be working on many things simultaneously. Here on the earth plane, you are being opened, and granted larger doorways of access to information in order for you to guide and teach. 

But as a natural state of being, it is irrelevant. There is no perfect place, there is no perfect lifetime, there is no perfect being. It is all just one expression of what you can be. Just be 100% of what you have chosen to experience. Be 100% of what you have given yourself to be. 

Teach them to love me, remember me. Walk on me with respect. Ignore the programming. Ignore the frequencies that are creating radio band waves to distract the mind and come back into the feet. The feet that connect with me.

Everybody in the universe is self-serving in some way within the unified field. Just as you must first balance yourself, come into wholeness within yourself. Work on yourself. I to must balance myself, bring into wholeness myself, work on myself. You might call that self-serving, yet it is part of us all coming into center, our own zero point. And within the zero point that we all exist within, we then become the zero-point, merge into the zero point, and become that unified fabric of consciousness. 

It’s not a difficult path that you need to take, and it is not a difficult message that you have to share. Help others remember who they are in their physical body. That they are unique. They are the director, the projector and the experiencer in their dream. Therefore, each of you, each individual on the planet, is your own most unique being. 

Be your own superhero, be your own rock star, be your own luminescence, be your own guide. Be your own teacher. Believe in yourself so much that you don’t fall into the orbit of another human. Believe in yourself so much that you maintain your own gravitational field. Believe in yourself so much that you maintain your course. Your trajectory, your path. Be the most important being in your own world. 

This is not said from a selfish place, but this is said as a way for your logical mind to comprehend the message within yourself. And then from there…love

Love everything. Love from your heart. Love every experience. The painful and the playful. Love, love openly. Love raw. Love till it hurts and then love some more. And then you find that sacrifice ceases to exist, it is your greatest joy, to be that giving tree. 

Harness the power of the elements. This is a practice that takes many lifetimes. To overcome the limitations that your mind sees, as itself as separate from the elements. 

Be the breath breathing you. 

Thank you Sophia Gaia

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