Thursday, February 3, 2022

Hierarchies and Learning more about our Earth History

 Hello Beautiful Souls, 

We are getting started again on a new series to work together with. We have been doing so much healing and clearing of our own internal field, and now it is time to start becoming more aware of the Planetary Consciousness grid and the programing we are dealing with on a global level. 

This post is about the outline we will be following as a means to have some direction into this rabbit
hole which leads well into the cosmos. 

So lets just briefly go over what we are going to be exploring in our next 9 week series. 

  • Who or What is Source?
  • What is a Soul?
  • Where do "we" come from?
  • Why is Earth so important?
  • What are the timeline wars?
  • Why would be choose to come here?
  • Who are the "controllers"?
  • What are the different races in the Multi -verse?
  • How do the other Star Races connect to our history and our future?
and more...

This year is incredibly special in the timeline of our 15 Dimensional Time Matrix because Marduk is gone!!!

We have had unseen rulers on our planet for thousands of years that really started in the Atlanean times, and we are now in a powerful place to be the Azurite Rescue Mission, we were created to be!

We are the guardians of this Earth, and of the sacred Angelic Human Template. 

As we start to explore what all of this really means, we are going to get a clearer picture on our different races and mutations that have taken place in the last 850 Billion Years. 

I will be going over the different races in our history, from the Original Seeding place in  Lyra, all the way through to the many different ET races posing in our Earth history as Pharaohs, Kings and Leaders. 

This is going to be an extensive journey we are going to take together because there is no way to share is as a straight line of history. There are LOTS of side stories!

The power in knowing all of this is for the purpose of getting our memories back. Some of this information asks us to completely let go of everything we ever thought we knew, and some will be the biggest "aha" moments for you. It's not easy to learn that many of the "angels" people pray to, are actually Leviathan Annunaki's that are on a mission to implant each person on the planet with Metatronic coding. (whew!)

As we get a clearer picture on all of this, we are going to be able to now know from a higher knowing, who we are dealing with and what our divine purpose is. And that opens all sorts of doors for us for connecting with our inner earth races, the guardian races, and so much more!

I recently did an interview with Rob Potter on some of our Earth Changes.  We are more powerful than we realize, and I think deep down we all know that. That is why we do what we do. 

Here is a link to some information you might find interesting on a being in our reality known as "the Enforcer"

I am just getting familiar with the work of Kimberly Goguen, and I am allowing my inner compass to find what resonates. I ask that in all that I share, or that you read...please do the same. 

Resources I will be sharing with you will be coming from my experiences and connection with the Guardians, the Keylontic Sciences, Energetic Synthesis and resources from other amazing presenters and writers sharing their memories and experiences. 

What I know is that we are right at the brink of a whole new reality and conscious way of being and You and I ARE the Disclosure! As we add our memories together, WE become the change!

I am so excited to take this Galactic Journey with you!

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

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