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Alphecca Starseed

Alphecca Starseeds

Alphecca holds a narrative woven with the threads of ancient wisdom and cosmic power. Alphecca, a luminous gem nestled in the constellation of Corona Borealis, is no exception. Known also as Gemma, this star radiates qualities that are both nurturing and commanding, embodying the divine feminine energy that has guided civilizations across epochs. This celestial beacon also resonates deeply with the enigmatic Winged Lion race and the Female Serpents, both of which are integral to the lore of Stellar Nations.

Alphecca, positioned at 12 Scorpio 34 in the base of the Northern Crown, is a star influenced by the energies of Venus and Mercury and holds the vibrations of honor, dignity, and a profound artistic ability. The constellation of Corona Borealis, which houses Alphecca, further enhances these traits, fostering a love for beauty and an innate disillusionment that can lead to higher spiritual realizations. The Winged Lion race, known for their majestic and protective qualities, draws from Alphecca's strength and honor, embodying the star's ability to govern with wisdom and courage.

Venus's influence on Alphecca imparts a magnetic charm and a capacity for deep, heartfelt connections. Those aligned with this star often find themselves respected and loved by their communities, achieving high social status through their integrity and quiet perseverance. Their artistic creativity is not just a means of expression but a form of communication that transcends words, resonating with the very souls of those around them. Similarly, the Female Serpents, revered for their wisdom and healing powers, harness this Venusian energy to foster healing and transformation within their realms.

Mercury’s touch brings to Alphecca the gift of communication, enhancing the ability to convey complex ideas and emotions artistically. This combination of Venus and Mercury cultivates a personality that is both reflective and intuitive, capable of leading with both emotion and intellect. The Female Serpents, in their role as keepers of ancient knowledge and secrets, utilize this mercurial influence to guide and enlighten those who seek the deeper mysteries of existence.

For those who resonate with Alphecca’s energy, there is a profound connection to the ancient matriarchal societies where peace and communal harmony prevailed. Alphecca serves as a reminder of these times, encouraging those holding a connection to this ray, to foster environments where equality and mutual respect are paramount. The star’s energy promotes a nurturing leadership style, reminiscent of a cosmic mother, who guides her children with love and wisdom. This nurturing aspect is deeply embedded in the fabric of the Winged Lion race and the Female Serpents, both of whom embody the principles of protection and enlightenment. They serve as guardians of the spiritual and physical realms, ensuring that the balance between the two is maintained.

In the broader cosmic narrative, Alphecca's position in the Northern Crown symbolizes a crown of wisdom that is not only worn but also shared. This sharing of wisdom is akin to the dissemination of the emerald's essence, as described in ancient texts, where knowledge is seen as a seed that is planted to grow and flourish in the fertile minds of seekers. The Winged Lion race, with their regal demeanor, and the Female Serpents, with their profound connection to the earth and its hidden knowledge, both draw from Alphecca's energy to fulfill their roles as educators and protectors of the ancient truths.

The influence of Scorpio in this celestial alignment brings an intensity and depth to the interactions and transformations influenced by Alphecca. This Scorpio energy, tied to the Galactic Center and the mythological narratives of rebirth and regeneration, emphasizes the cyclical nature of life and the importance of death and rebirth in the process of evolution. This connection to Scorpio's transformative power further enhances the healing and regenerative capacities of those aligned with Alphecca, enabling them to navigate through life's challenges with resilience and grace.

Moreover, the intertwining of Venus and Mercury's energies within Alphecca fosters a unique blend of love and intellect, allowing for a harmonious balance between heart and mind. This balance is crucial in maintaining the spiritual equilibrium necessary for the Winged Lion race and the Female Serpents to perform their sacred duties effectively. Their ability to blend strength with compassion, and wisdom with love, makes them exemplary figures in the cosmic saga, guiding stars in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Thus, Alphecca does not merely shine as a star in the sky; it serves as a beacon of hope, wisdom, and inspiration. It reminds us of the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of nurturing and preserving the ancient wisdom that has been passed down through generations. For those who are touched by its light, Alphecca offers a path to spiritual enlightenment and a deeper understanding of the universal laws that govern our existence. In this way, Alphecca continues to illuminate the paths of those who seek to merge the celestial with the terrestrial, weaving a tapestry of cosmic understanding that spans across time and space. This celestial guidance is particularly potent for those who are stewards of the Earth and its mysteries, encouraging them to uphold the sacred balance between nature and civilization.

The Winged Lion race and the Female Serpents, as custodians of this ancient wisdom, play a pivotal role in the cosmic drama. They embody the principles of leadership and healing, respectively, each drawing from Alphecca's rich reservoir of celestial energy to fulfill their duties. The Winged Lions, with their noble presence, ensure that justice and honor prevail, while the Female Serpents, with their deep connection to the healing arts, promote wellness and spiritual growth.

This dual role is crucial in the current age, where the balance between expansion and conservation becomes increasingly important. Alphecca's influence encourages a holistic approach to leadership and healing, one that integrates the strength of the Winged Lion with the nurturing care of the Female Serpents. Together, they symbolize a union of sky and earth, spirit and matter, bringing harmony and understanding to the forefront of human consciousness.

In this context, Alphecca serves not only as a star but as a symbol of unity and integration. Its position in the Northern Crown represents a crown of enlightenment, worn by those who understand the importance of balancing power with compassion, and knowledge with wisdom. This crown is not a burden but a beacon, guiding those who wear it towards a future where harmony prevails.

As we navigate through our own lives, the lessons of Alphecca remind us of the importance of seeing beyond the immediate, of understanding the deeper connections that bind us all. It encourages us to seek out the ancient wisdom that lies hidden in the stars and in our hearts, to embrace the dualities of life, and to foster a world where the celestial and terrestrial are in constant, harmonious dialogue.

Thus, Alphecca does not merely illuminate; it inspires. It calls to those who are ready to rise to the challenges of our times, to those who are willing to wear the crown of wisdom and to share its light with the world. In this way, Alphecca continues to be a source of inspiration and guidance, a celestial compass pointing towards a more enlightened and unified future.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Violet Ray * Amethyst Order

Violet Ray
Amethyst Order

The Amethyst Order, a third emanation of the Primal Sound Field, is a divine manifestation of the God Source, forming a part of the Cosmic Trinity. The Violet Ray orders include the Cetacean, Avian Pegasus people, and aquatic Braharama, all seeded in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Aveyon through Universal Stargate 11.

The Amethyst Order is a synonym for the Guardian Host, the Christos elders of Krystal Star, the Lyran-Siran Founders, Holy Emerald Order, Gold Order RA Confederacy, and the Ancient Master Builders and Architects. They are the custodians of the Law of One, the ascending path to God Sovereign Free (GSF), a path that allows any being to ascend, evolve their consciousness, and exist as God, Sovereign, and Free.

The Amethyst Order, in conjunction with the Emerald Order and Gold Order, form the Royal Houses, incarnations seeded in the fourth Harmonic Universe in the Lyran Matrix. The first Amethyst Order Azurite forms, known as the Braharama, were created to repair the damaged time matrix with sound codes and serve on the Interdimensional Free World Councils. They seeded aquatic life forms in which Oraphim cetaceans would serve as guardians in the oceans, receiving Amethyst Order Founder Rainbow Ray current transmissions.

The Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races are parents to the Violet Flame Azurite Ascended Masters, and have been instrumental in ongoing negotiations and meetings with assorted fallen species, as well as instigating various genetic healing strategies while carrying out the Emerald Covenant. Many members of the Amethyst Order have been assigned to rehabilitate and transit the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics race lines, and to override their timelines related to the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA).

The Amethyst Order also includes the Amethyst Dragon Kings, who recently hosted a pale magenta violet vertical pillar as support for the Cosmic Holy Father Principle within the multidimensional layers of the Albion Lightbody. They anchored Kingship Arcs, bringing the next stage of corrected Solar Masculine Christ and Solar Feminine Christ principle. 

The Family of Michael are also Violet and Blue Ray descendants of the First Order founder ray of the Melchizedek Elohim grail line. The original Michael Family is from the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim "Blue Flame Keepers" Grandeyanas, which is composed of the Khundaray Current standing-wave frequencies of the Primal Sound Fields from beyond the Time Matrix.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that there are fallen Bra-ha-Rama race lines that have hybridized with both Annu-Elohim and Drakonian Fallen Angelic races. These hybridized lines have been a significant challenge for the Amethyst Order, as they have been manipulated to serve the Negative Alien Agenda. Despite these adversities, the Amethyst Order continues to work tirelessly to restore balance and harmony in the universe. They are committed to the rehabilitation of these fallen lines, aiming to reintegrate them into the Law of One. Their efforts also extend to the healing and ascension of humanity, guiding them towards the path of God Sovereign Free. The Amethyst Order's dedication to their mission is a testament to their unwavering commitment to universal peace and harmony.

The Amethyst Order and the Violet Ray are also connected to the Kumaras. During the third seeding cycle of Angelic Human project, the future 5D Earth known as Tara was the home for the Etheric Sirians and Orion Humans, whose souls shimmered with the light of ancient stars.

The Orion Black League, a coalition of enlightened beings, forged an alliance with the majestic Dragon people, were working for the integration and peace between the diverse human and reptilian races. These venerable entities became part of the cause of unity, striving tirelessly bring healing between these races. At the heart of this interstellar saga was Sanat Kumara from the lineage of Venus, who was a prominent leader of the Orion Humans

Sanat Kumara, a partial Ascended Master from cycles of evolution long past, embodied the essence of transcendence. He is an Advanced Being at the 9th Level of initiation who is regarded as the Regent of Earth and of humanity.  As the head the Kumaras  his lineage is steeped in the love and light of Venus, served as a guiding force for those navigating the intricate dance of cosmic evolution. 

Sanat Kumara appears as a rishi in the Hindu religious text the Chandogya Upanishad. The seven Kumaras, including Sanat Kumara, are well known in Hinduism. He is also thought to be the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah (also known as 'The City of Enoch').

It is taught that he entered upon our globe in the early period of the Lemurian Root Race – prior to the awakening of individual consciousness in the general mass of humanity, which began to occur around the middle of that Root Race – into a physical body which had been created for him by Kriyashakti, in order to fulfill the most important and highest possible position here.

The Amythyst Order and Violet Flames are a powerful and dedicated Soul Group that is guiding humanity and assisting to heal many of the distortions in our genetic codes that have become deteriorated due to hybridizations, manipulations of the gene codes and Drakon and Anunnaki digressions. They are truly spiritual warriors for the Christos Mission. 

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Pegasus Starseed

 Pegasus Starseeds

Pegasus is a prominent constellation in the northern sky, named after a winged horse in Greek mythology. The constellation is one of the older ones known in the night sky. The four stars that make up the body of the horse are known as the Great Square of Pegasus. Three of the stars belong to Pegasus. The fourth star, Alpheratz, belongs to the neighboring constellation of Andromeda.

In the vast tapestry of the cosmos, the Pegasus Star Nation shines as a thread of celestial brilliance. These beings of light, born from the cosmic womb of the Pegasus constellation, embody the wisdom and inspiration revered in ancient Greek mythology. With characteristics as diverse as the stars, they are united by their ethereal beauty and profound wisdom.

The Pegasus star nation have origins as do many of the star races that tie them to Lyra as decendants originally from that star system. Their existence reminds us of the cosmos's infinite possibilities, that we are all stardust from the same cosmic origin. As we gaze upon the stars, we recall the Pegasus Star Raceline and their celestial wisdom.

The third light manifestation of the Amethyst Order, including the Violet Ray orders of Cetacean, Avian Pegasus people, and aquatic Braharama, are seeded in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Aveyon through Universal Stargate 11. These Royal Houses, known as the Trinity of the Emerald, Gold, and Amethyst Orders, are incarnations seeded in the Lyran Matrix.

During earlier timelines there were great challenges in the time matrix with this race. They were highly targeted by some reversal or black hole systems and this soul group was pulled in and force hybridized with this dark system. Many times being forced to do things not in alignment with their hearts. 

The liberation of the Pegasus Constellation has been instrumental in ongoing negotiations and genetic rehabilitation efforts between various interstellar species. The Pegasus Star Nation's commitment to peace and their advanced understanding of genetics have made them invaluable in these delicate discussions. Their ability to heal not only the physical but also the energetic wounds of war-torn civilizations has fostered a new era of reconciliation and unity across galaxies.

The Pegasus society now thrives in harmonious balance, mirroring the celestial bodies of their home constellation. Governed by unity, cooperation, and mutual respect, their societal structure is circular, reflecting the cyclical nature of the cosmos. Each Pegasian is a unique star, contributing their light to the collective brilliance.

Ezekiel's Solar Rod has unlocked new dimensions within the Pegasus constellation, facilitating timeline corrections and opening portal connections to Mer-Lion races. This event has unified the Four Hands of Man horizontals upon Gaia with the Four Faces of Man and Guardians of the 12 Sonic Sound Pillars.

Pegasians are committed to ending galactic wars through their technical and healing prowess. As founding members of the Galactic Federation of Light's original 14 Regional Federation Councils, they stand alongside the Andromedans as renowned scientists, technicians, and healers.  As masters of cosmic navigation, the Pegasus Star Raceline sails the celestial seas with grace and precision. Their unparalleled knowledge of the cosmos has established them as the universe's celestial cartographers.

Pegasian liaison teams are celebrated for their ability to foster unity through joy, making them key players in planning first contact with other civilizations. Their inner joy has led to significant scientific advancements, positioning them as leading human scientists within the Galactic Federation. They see their successes as a testament to their potential, eager to extend their promise to all aspects of the federation.

As the Pegasus Star Nation continues to share their knowledge and healing abilities, they play a pivotal role in the ascension process of numerous beings. Their influence extends beyond their own constellation, touching the lives of countless species who seek to evolve and thrive within the cosmic community. Through their efforts, the Pegasus Star Nation upholds the vision of a harmonious universe, where all can coexist in the light of understanding and mutual advancement.

One of the main ways they share transmissions to earth and to the starseed on earth is through telepathic downloads that come through dreams or inspirations. Their focus is on the technologies that can help advance us and free us from the tyrannical oppression from the mind controls of the Orion invasion forces playing out on earth as our false gods. 

 Here is a description of the traits commonly associated with Pegasus Starseeds:

1. **Spiritual and Philosophical**: Pegasus Starseeds often exhibit a deep interest in spirituality and philosophy. They are inclined towards exploring the metaphysical aspects of existence and seeking a higher purpose in life.

2. **Creative and Imaginative**: They are highly creative, with vivid imaginations that allow them to think outside the box. This creativity is not limited to artistic pursuits; it can manifest in problem-solving and innovative thinking in various fields.

3. **Intuitive and Empathetic**: These individuals are highly intuitive, with an innate ability to understand and empathize with others. They can often sense the emotions and thoughts of those around them, making them compassionate and supportive friends and partners.

4. **Peaceful and Diplomatic**: Pegasus Starseeds tend to avoid conflict and strive for harmony in their interactions. They are natural diplomats who seek to mediate and resolve disputes amicably.

5. **Knowledge Seekers**: They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and are often drawn to learning about different cultures, languages, and the mysteries of the universe.

6. **Healing Abilities**: It is believed that Pegasus Starseeds may possess healing abilities, which they can use to help others physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

7. **Connected to Nature**: A strong connection to nature and the environment is a common trait among Pegasus Starseeds. They find solace and rejuvenation in natural settings and are often advocates for environmental conservation.

8. **Innovative Visionaries**: With their forward-thinking mindset, Pegasus Starseeds are visionaries who can conceptualize new and better ways of doing things, contributing to progress in society.

9. **Loyal and Trustworthy**: They are known to be loyal and trustworthy individuals who value integrity and honesty in their personal and professional relationships.

10. **Sense of Alienation**: Despite their positive attributes, Pegasus Starseeds may sometimes feel out of place or alienated in the world, as if they don't quite fit in with mainstream society.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Nihal Starseed


Nihal, located in the constellation of Lepus and is often associated with the concept of 'The Hare', a symbol of rebirth and resurrection in many ancient cultures, including Egyptian and Celtic mythologies. Lepus Constellation is near the Orion constellation and this star system and Nihal is a beautiful star in that system that has gone through its own history and overcoming of trials and tribulations due to the wars in the Orion and Canceri star systems.

The wars of Orion and Canceri were devastating, not all chose the higher path and many in Nihal endured the darkness, but many also emerged transformed. This transformation is akin to the caterpillar's journey in the chrysalis, a period of darkness and uncertainty, ultimately leading to its divine transformation into a butterfly. Those that transcended the physical plane wars moved into higher realms of consciousness, embodying the principle that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. These beings now help souls in many dimensional realms of consciousness.

The Nihal star beings are like cosmic mothers, like the Egyptian goddess Nut, embodying the nurturing, life-giving aspects of the cosmos. They are the cosmic mothers, birthing and nurturing all life, from the smallest microcosm to the grandest macrocosm. Nihas as experienced the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. They guide us through our own periods of darkness and transformation, reminding us that even in our darkest times, we are living, changing, and shining. Being in their presence feels like being held in an immense field or hug of love that is just welcoming you home no matter what you have been through.  

They exist in a higher dimension of consciousness, beyond the third and fourth dimensions that we typically perceive. This realm is very etheric and the beings here are quite large in form. They move about almost as if in water, as if they are “swimming” or floating in this etheric realm. Their aura and color emanation  is more blue in color and gives the place a feels of being in space or water. This higher dimensional existence allows the Nihal Starseeds to access and utilize energies and abilities that are beyond the comprehension of many other beings. This includes the ability to heal, to empathize deeply with others, and to connect with the Earth on a profound level.

This star nation is often seen as guardians of the Earth, using their unique abilities to heal and protect the planet and its inhabitants. However, like all beings, they also have their own individual personalities and traits, and so their interactions with humanity can vary greatly from individual to individual.

Nihal Starseeds are often characterized by their deep sense of empathy and their innate ability to heal. They are also known for their strong connection to the Earth and nature, often feeling a profound responsibility to protect and nurture the environment. This connection to the Earth is reflected in their physical traits as well, with many Nihal Starseeds having a natural affinity for earth-toned colors and natural materials.

They hold special abilities and skills primarily to help the world they are incarnating into in order to help the progression of that species from spiraling into chaos. Because of this many times a Nihal starseed will be born into times where there is immense turmoil and change happening with the evolution of the consciousness of the races on the planet.

Having this DNA connection will create an ability for being psychic and sensitive as well as helping others tap into their own abilities to heal from past hurt and trauma by holding an anchoring frequency that helps others like training wheels for the heart to learn how to love themselves again. Nihal starseeds are nurturing and soothing souls and have a gift for reminding others of their inherent worth and love.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Rigel Starseed


Rigel is a very complicated star system because there are a lot of diverse species that have played different roles within the galactic wars in the Rigel star system. Its chronicles and characteristics are as fascinating as the myths and legends that surround it. The Rigelians, the inhabitants of this system, are believed to be beings of extraordinary technological prowess, capable of manipulating light itself. Their towering stature and ethereal blue skin are said to shimmer with the luminescence of their home star's radiant energy. They are a harmonious race, their energies directed towards the progression of their society and the exploration of the cosmic expanse.

The Rigelians, however, are not just beings of light and peace. They are a testament to the transformative power of spiritual awakening. Rigel was once embroiled in wars and conquests, their history stained with the blood of conflict. But through time, they experienced a profound spiritual metamorphosis, turning their gaze inward, and choosing a path of peace and enlightenment over one of violence and destruction.

The Orion system originally was a very high vibrational place within creation and was populated by physical angels, the salamander-like Amphibians and the dolphin-like Land Cetaceans. Savage attacks on the Orion colonies by Reptilians and Dinosaurans from the dark empires near the present Constellations of Draco and Cancer forced innumerable colonists to flee their homes. As the settlers retreated to less-populated areas of Orion near the blue star system of Rigel, they learned that other brutal raids were also occurring in this sector of the galaxy.

Rigel underwent its own trauma between the peaceful civilizations and the Greys that were ruthlessly working on their own experimentations. During the many wars that occurred within the sector of the universe the Rigelians began to protect their own, even becoming quite advanced with the technologies that they were creating. They were a bit like pirates and they were known for this skill which they used for trading. They did not really discern who they were doing business with and throughout time Rigelians began to understand their part in creating a lot of the turmoil and began to see the ramifications of their part played with the creation of many of these advanced technologies many of these technologies were utilized for the hybridization programs and many of the experimentations that the Grays were performing.

These horrendous acts of genetic manipulation eventually became the turning point for them and they began to switch the use of their genius and started assisting many of the galactic forces that were working for the unification and the betterment of all races. 

They became one of the most sought-after experts because of their understanding of negative technologies, and have been one of the greatest alliances for helping to disable many of the Orion Reptilian and Gray mind control and technology programs that have been imprisoning many civilizations in many star systems. Rigelians have a very strong demeanor, very independent and can outthink others very fast pace. Rigel reflects to us the potential for transformation, the pursuit of knowledge, and the transcendence of physical limitations. They are a beacon of hope, a symbol of what can be achieved when beings choose the path of enlightenment and peace.

The Rigelians are not merely beings of technological advancement, but also of immense wisdom and spiritual depth. They are said to have transcended the physical plane, existing primarily in the realm of pure energy. Royal's accounts suggest that they serve as guides and teachers to other races, sharing their wisdom and aiding in the spiritual evolution of the cosmos.

They are brilliant, smart, and not really afraid of anything. Starseeds from this system tend to be here on Earth with the purpose of dismantling AI, mind control, and negative programing being used on humanity, for the purpose of helping them break free for their own free will thinking. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Betelgeuse Starseed


The Betelgeuse star connection has a tremendous amount of hardship and turmoil connected to it. This place was once a thriving beautiful community primarily more of a Amazonian type civilization. The invading draconian descendants in Orion begin to overtake the star system suppressing the indigenous races that once existed here.

Having a connection here there is vibrations of being outcast, feelings of suffering even fear of being forced to do things and an underlining dread within. But all of these are transformational energies from this “star of sorrow”.

Since here will lead to lifetimes primarily in Egyptian civilizations but can also indicate past lives in China, the middle east, or SE Asia.  These lifetimes would have held experiences of being under the rulership and serving some sort of religion that would have overrun much of one's independent or creative desires. 

This star race has a deep underlining pull at the spirit to balance the extremes of life and break stagnant societies free from the dole mundane repetitive worship of whatever is being implemented at that time. There will be a passion within this placement that will constantly call you to challenge anything that is not inspiring the frequency of humanity to feel alive in the body. There is a deep understanding of how important it is to feel alive and that your attitude affects life events. So having happiness and joy is important otherwise one will just feel as though one is a slave too life.

One of the gifts of this stark placement is to learn how to slow down and to actually be connected again to the purpose of living. To really Tune In to the rhythm and power and pace of Gaia. The true gift of this connection as a star race is the nurturing to open up and flower into life as one's highest self-expression. This will not come without its challenges but the tenacity that you hold inside will always drive you to be your true authentic self.

Hydra Starseed


Hydra is the largest constellation within the Southern hemisphere and it is home to 13 major stars connecting to neighboring constellations that shows its connection to almost all creation within the universe.

Hydra translates to "water serpent" in Latin and it is the home place of the mythological hybrid of the lion snake and bird But it is primarily connected to the cosmic birther mother dragons. Their physical form is often described as serpentine or amphibious, echoing the depictions of Nagas in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and Merpeople in Greek and Celtic mythologies. This form is not merely physical but symbolic, representing their wisdom, their transformative nature, and their connection with the primal forces of life and the universe.

On earth the hydras were very connected to the motherland of moon and the sacred serpent mythologies that are woven throughout so many histories. They are deeply connected to the Nagas, Water Dragons and the Aquatic or MerPeople and the Dragon Beings. These beings, much like the serpents of the Chaldean culture or the amphibious entities of the ancient world, are said to possess a profound connection with the cosmos, particularly with the star system Sirius, the Pleiades, and Orion.

The divine feminine that is held within the star seed DNA is deeply connected to bringing back balance to all cycles of creation and to help others open up their hearts to be reunited again to the universal life source we are all a part of.

Hydras and serpent or dragon beings are the original emanations from the divine light streams of creation and hold within them the seeds of all potential manifest reality this is why they are considered the birthers of creation. There are the keepers of the dragon eggs, And are the nurturers and tenders of the dragon lay lines and Energy vortices upon planetary systems.

They are not only connected to all creation manifest upon the surface realms but they are deeply connected to the realms of the Underworld and hold The kundalini spirals within them that create a very hypnotic and magnetic energy when in their presence.

Holding this star seed DNA creates a magnetism to your vibration drawing others to you. It will be expressed through a very highly sensitive and empathic nature,  And those with Hydra DNA natural ability for mediumship, psychic abilities and tonal healing abilities.  The primary gift of a Hydra starseed is the connection to hearing Earth mother's consciousness.

Throughout mythology we remember the wisdom of this race as the lineage holders of genetics, Sole genetics and the protein basis of all creation. Their history is spoken of in every culture around the world.

The Sirius star nation specifically Sirius B are the divine feminine gateway holders to the vibrations of Hydra creation beings. Hydras are neither light or dark, they are both and they hold the wisdom of the divine feminine within them. Some connections are to Mary Magdelene, Wadjet, Sekhmet & Isis. They incarnate on Earth, not to change humans, but to guide and direct them into more harmonious ways of living again with creation and to teach the power of frequency and sound vibrations. They are connected not only to all realms but are know to move between the Liminal spaces. 

The term "liminal" refers to the transitional or ambiguous state between two different phases or places in life. Liminality can be experienced in many different ways, such as during adolescence, when a young person is transitioning from childhood to adulthood, during a rite of passage, when someone is moving from one status to another, or during periods of significant change, such as a move to a new city or a major life event like a divorce. In essence, liminality is a space of transformation, where one's identity is threatened and redefined as they navigate new and unfamiliar territory.

There is a deep and brooding powerful energy within hydra that even holds an awareness to the darker realms. These are not dark as in dark magic but dark as in inner standing not only the realms of light but also the womb of darkness of which all creation is birthed.

Hydra is a Water Serpent and Is deeply connected to the emotions and the deepest levels through these watery realms and as the serpent this represents the DNA codons and light frequencies of which the genetics of all creation is birthed.

Hydras hold a deep deep connection to sound and resonant frequencies that create structure out of the very watery womb of the black void. They are masters of knowing the frequency templates that hold planetary bodies and creation templates together. They are so attuned to feeling and sensing any little subtle energies that are out of alignment that it creates many times an oversensitivity within the nervous system.

Hydras are devoted to the creator source of all that is and the divine mother. Hydras hold within the deepest connections to the divine feminine and are represented through creator goddesses and guardian beans care for and nurture the nurseries of a planetary system. They take their task very seriously and can be easily triggered or reactive to anything that would cause harm to Gaia Sophia.  Even though they are very connected to water there is a fiery passion that lives within this Hydra connection.

Being so closely connected to the frequencies that hold systems together, they are also deeply connected to the cycles of creation. Being so sensitive to the very subtle energies they are masters of moving in between the realms, the liminal and underworld places, very similar to the Corvus star beings. There will be an important to routine and rhythm and a high level of following their purpose. They can go with the flow, but tend to be a bit more cautious of people and trusting them due to long histories of trauma caused by humans and other species to them. It is difficult for them to trust or open up to anyone who does not hold respect for the deeper mysteries and natural and universal laws. So integrity and keeping ones word is important to a Hydra being. 

Beta Centauri Starseed

 Beta Centauri 


Beta Centauri is a beautiful place that has truly developed into a very powerful central healing space for many souls on their incarnational journeys. It is a very diverse star system that has frequencies emanating from their central star that elevates and facilitates the highest levels of consciousness and the abilities to maintain awareness through the liminal spaces. Life on Beta Centauri is often described as being in a state of constant evolution and growth. The inhabitants are believed to live in harmony with their environment, understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

Beta Centaurians are incredibly psychic and intuitive and have such a merged auric body that their physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body and astral bodies are very intertwined and operate as one. Because of this they are incredible empaths that have the ability to travel between spaces and psychically track souls in order to help guide and assist them back into clarity, healing and balance. Their main specialty is helping souls that have been trapped in the bardo realms because of their sadness or pain 

The pains they are healing are deeply rooted in their Lyran heritage. Beta Centaurians are descendants from the Lyra star system from long ago and migrated there after the Lyran wars. There is a deep remembrance within their heart and soul of memories of being traumatized and wounded through many of the wars and manipulations that took place that caused them to become refugees and have to find an entirely new star system to call home. The Lyrans, according to various metaphysical texts, experienced a cataclysmic event that led to their dispersion across the cosmos. This event, often symbolized as the opening of Pandora's box, unleashed a wave of suffering and martyrdom that the Beta Centauri beings are still healing from.

Their psychic skills are not merely tools for divination or foresight, but instruments of healing and restoration. They can perceive the subtle energies and vibrations that constitute the essence of a being, and can identify the discordant notes that signify a soul in distress. Their healing work involves aligning these energies, restoring harmony, and facilitating the soul's journey towards wholeness.

They carry a profound legacy of spiritual wisdom and healing abilities. Their soul retrieval work is a testament to their deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life forms and dimensions. They perceive the soul not as a singular entity, but as a complex tapestry woven from the threads of countless past lives, experiences, and spiritual lessons.

Their healing process involves not only addressing their own wounds but also assisting others in their healing journeys. They understand that their past-life feelings of pain and suffering are best kept in Pandora’s box, not to be forgotten, but to be acknowledged and transcended. They are learning to translate their profound love and understanding into service, helping others reconnect with their inner energies and open to their own wholeness.Unlike the Alpha Centaurians, the Beta Centaurians decided to hide themselves away within this new star system and remove themselves from getting involved with any of the galactic alterations. They became sheltered and did not have the opportunity to truly begin to process a lot of their own karmic imprints.

Even though Beta Centaurians do not really like to leave their star system, they began to rectify this karma in other ways by working alongside many of the different councils in groups that are more hands on within the galactic affairs, as well as incarnating in at different time cycles into places like earth in order to begin to balance and heal these wounds from those painful timelines.

There are three main groups within Beta Centauri but all work hand in hand for the same purpose as soul guides and soul healers. This star system many times seems almost like what you would imagine heaven or the in-between realms. Beta Centauri is filled with guides and beautiful loving compassionate beings whose main purpose is to help souls on their journey.

Beta Centaurians are very empathic psychic and intuitive and many times become shut down in human incarnations due to feeling buried by the pain and heaviness of this world. This is because they are not used to having boundaries or needing to fortify their energy body on their home star system. So coming to earth many times feels very dense cold and harsh and the pain here triggers the wounds from the Lyran wars and causes many Betas Centarians to shut down.

Because this specialty in that star system is being a guide in healer for very traumatized souls and their soul journey, many star seeds with this DNA connection well attract a lot of wounded or traumatized souls in this lifetime. The ultimate lesson is to learn healthy empathy, healthy boundaries, and that you can be a guide but that you don't need to be the fixer and you are not responsible for another soul’s journey. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Arcturus Starseed


Arcturus, a star of significant magnitude in the constellation of Bo├Âtes, has been a beacon of intrigue and mystery throughout the ages. It is considered a spiritual sun, a source of divine energy and enlightenment. Arcturus is seen as a guiding light in the ascension process, a beacon for those seeking to transcend the physical plane and embrace their higher spiritual selves.

This place is one of our greatest star teachers. It is a Shaman Star. It emits a pure stream of stellar forces that awakens human intuition and plants a mental seed that often results in an individual entering into shamanic training. Arcturus also enhances learned magical skills, particularly those of prophecy, rainmaking, divination and knowledge of plants and sky omens. Arcturus plays a crucial role in the Earth's transformation, assisting humanity in its spiritual evolution. They are part of the cosmic hierarchy, working in harmony with other celestial beings to guide and support the ascension process.

As a celestial body of profound wisdom and advanced life forms. The beings of Arcturus, often referred to as Arcturians, are believed to be highly evolved, embodying a state of consciousness that transcends our current understanding of reality. They are benevolent entities, assisting Earth and its inhabitants in their spiritual evolution. They are said to transmit energies of higher frequency, aiding in the awakening of human consciousness and the expansion of our collective understanding of the universe.

They are considered to be the most advanced civilization in our galaxy, embodying the archetype of the healer and the teacher, and are often associated with the color blue, symbolizing their spiritual focus and tranquility. They also guide us through dreams and meditations, helping us to access our own deep wisdom and spiritual potential. They are also believed to be working to assist our planet in ascending to higher dimensions of consciousness.

Arcturus consciousness is very significant for Earth. This consciousness ultimately acts as the main spirit guides of earth. Long ago in ancient Earth history before humans held a physical form on the higher dimensions, Arcturus works with other geneticist races and beings developing the human forms and helped solidify their light bodies to be able to interact with the physical reality.  

Arcturians are a very high-level consciousness and through their high levels of universal mechanics and interfacing of dimensions, they have done this very same thing on many other worlds as well. By solidifying their light bodies into temporary physical bodies on a planet they could begin to create a blueprint for the specific planet they were visiting.

It is a blueprint of balance and of the integration of polarity. This means that no matter what happens on earth no matter what kind of darkness plays out here and no matter what the challenge the blueprint always remains about the integration of polarity. You will automatically always play out that blueprint and things will move into balance. It just may not look that way on the surface but from the higher dimensional planes of awareness this would be clearly seen. Arcturians are helping Earth to balance polarities primarily through integration of emotions and clearing vibrational influences our emotions have played to the concept of karma. When our emotions are not properly integrated at the end of life, the charge of their influence in our soul field creates what we would call karma and then influences other timelines, or lifetimes. They are helping us to collapse all energy that is playing out in the wrong timelines so we can integrate our higher consciousness again.

Arcturus starseeds are known for their distinctive traits that set them apart from other celestial beings. They are often characterized by their high vibrational frequencies, advanced spiritual development, and a deep sense of compassion and altruism. They are the healers, the philosophers, and the spiritual guides of the cosmos, often seeking to aid in the evolution of consciousness across the universe.

Having this starseed connections will create a draw towards the metaphysical, the mystical, and the occult. They have a deep understanding of energy healing, astral travel, and interdimensional communication. They are often seen as old souls, possessing wisdom and knowledge that seems to transcend earthly limitations.

Alpha Centauri Starseed

 Alpha Centauri 

Alpha Centauri is one of the closest planetary systems to earth and has a deeply entwined history to the solar system. The Alpha Centauri star system is a trinary system composed of three stars: Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B, and Proxima Centauri. The primary connection they have to the solar system is going to be through Venus and the Venusian history and advanced civilizations, but they are also deeply connected to much of the terraforming and the creation of the inner earth civilizations in realms.

They are beings of advanced consciousness. They are often depicted as humanoid, yet they possess a level of spiritual and technological advancement far beyond our current understanding. Their culture is one of harmony, unity, and respect for all forms of life, a reflection of their understanding of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

Their beliefs are rooted in the cosmic consciousness, the understanding that all life is a manifestation of the same divine energy. They see the universe not as a collection of separate entities, but as a single, unified field of consciousness. This belief system aligns with the Hermetic principle of correspondence, "As above, so below, as within, so without," a wisdom echoed in many ancient Earth traditions.

There is a deep kindness and gentleness that comes from this DNA connection. The vast wealth of information that has been stored within the cellular memory through many life cycles of evolution have created a very passionate and highly sensitized physical form. The higher bodies are very developed and therefore telepathy and mental communication is one of the primary ways of sharing thoughts and ideas. The ethics are aligned with natural law and universal physics and all created structures are created of interwoven light that is utilized to create all form and structures.  Their ships are designed to move light and therefore propel themselves through space in this way.

Everything in this world is created in harmony with the earth templates of that system as well as the biology of all living sentient life forms. Nothing is created from anything else all that is used for living and survival is created from light. 

They learned this technique by observing nature and the Alpha Centaurians are masterful at utilizing crystalline technologies for functional purposes. They have an innate ability to hold a crystal and know exactly it's properties and the best way it can be utilized for working with light.

The societal structure within Alpha Centauri is very balanced and there is no hierarchy or political systems. It is run more on a clan system where there are councils and groups that work together but there is no stations or identities that are seen as higher or lower. All citizens are absolutely equal.

Each individual contributes to society through their greatest passion and joy. Everyone is responsible for maintaining daily life and the jobs one has is not based on being told what to do but rather what one is aligned to and impassioned with. There is a great joy for being in service and contributing to this great civilization.

After the Lyran wars many of the Lyran’s migrated and eventually became known as their perspective other star seed names after ages of being in those new star systems. The Alpha Centaurians are one of them. During many of the raids from the negative draconian forces multiple star nations came together in order to band and create a resistance to those forces. The members are civilizations from the Lyra Constellation, the Andromeda Constellation, the Pleiades, the Hyades open clusters, Iumma [Wolf 424], Procyon, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, and epsilon Eridani; all being of Lyran/Pleiadian heritage.

Historically, the Alpha Centauri system has been linked to Earth in various ways. In the book "Beyond the Light Barrier," Elizabeth Klarer, the author, recounts her experiences with beings from Alpha Centauri. She describes them as benevolent entities, sharing advanced knowledge and wisdom with humanity. This narrative aligns with many ancient Earth traditions, including those of Atlantis and Lemuria, which speak of star beings sharing knowledge with humanity.

The Atlanteans were known for their ability to manipulate energy, a skill that could have been imparted by these advanced beings. The Atlanteans' downfall, however, serves as a cautionary tale about the misuse of power, a lesson that the Alpha Centaurians have seemingly taken to heart.

Starseeds from Alpha Centauri often exhibit a deep affinity for mathematics and harmony. This is a reflection of the cosmic order, the divine symphony of the universe that resonates within their very DNA. They are often drawn to music and the sciences, fields that echo the mathematical precision and harmonic balance of the cosmos.

Furthermore, these starseeds possess a strong sense of purpose and a desire to contribute to the evolution of Earth and its inhabitants. This mirrors the Atlantean project of stellar encodement, a cosmic endeavor aimed at elevating human consciousness and potential.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Royal Star Aldebaran

Royal Star Aldebaran

 AA Michael in the East

Aldebaran, often referred to as the "Bull's Eye" in the constellation of Taurus, is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, a testament to its significance in ancient astrological and astronomical traditions. Its name, derived from the Arabic word "Al Dabaran," means "the follower," as it appears to follow the Pleiades cluster across the night sky.

The Family of Michael is Violet and Blue Ray descendants of the First Order founder ray of the Melchizedek Elohim grail line. The original Michael Family is from the Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim "Blue Flame Keepers" Grandeyanas, which is composed of the Khundaray Current standing-wave frequencies of the Primal Sound Fields from beyond the Time Matrix.

The star race of Aldebaran is often associated with traits of wisdom, integrity, and enlightenment. They are believed to possess a profound understanding of the cosmic laws and the interconnectedness of all life forms. Their energy is said to be harmonic and mathematical, resonating with the right hemisphere of the human brain, which is associated with creativity, intuition, and holistic thought.

As for their role in aiding Earth, it is believed that the Aldebarans are helping humanity in its current phase of spiritual evolution. They are said to transmit energetic codes of light, which can activate our latent DNA and accelerate our spiritual awakening. This process, often referred to as "stellar fusion," involves humans integrating the energies of their original star origins.

The Blue Ray Melchizedek Rishic-Oraphim forms first entered the higher dimensions of our system through primarily Sirius B and Mintaka, the latter being one of three stars in Orion's Belt. Some of these Guardian groups stayed and formed a council for reclaiming the middle pillars from 8D Mintaka in order to administer and repair the damage incurred from the wormhole technology and the insertion of a Black Sun into Alnilam, designed to hijack the Holy Father principle through the Orion Group colonization in the Orion's Belt. 

The Michael family is an Angelic Human heritage group that is once again "channeling" to us and visiting today as the dominant force in the New Age and UFO Movements. They are believed to be descendants of the Anunnaki, with human parents, and appear to be fully human.

False Michael family lines are a collective of Centaur & Drakonian-Anunnaki races of Density-2 & 3 Alpha Centauri and Omega Centauri, the Necromiton-(Beetle-Reptile)-Anunnaki hybrid race of Andromeda3 and several other related Fallen Angelic Collectives following the Omicron-Drakonian-Zeta-Illuminati “One World Order” dominion agenda.

The Michael family infiltrated un-awakened Indigo Children and Humans with Anunnaki implantation, possession and pseudo spiritual indoctrination, and the Michael Matrix, Zeta-Rigelian and Dracos stepped up their own interest in the Body-Snatching game. 

Human Angelics can help the false Michael family lines by awakening the Inner Christos, the God-given D-12 Avatar identity level, which has been long crucified upon the cross of false Fallen Angelic indoctrination and DNA manipulation. The Maharic Shield Bio-Regenesis Techniques can begin the process of this Inner Awakening. You connect to the original Michael Family by activating the Tribal Shield, which realigns the Fire Letter Sequences in the DNA Templates to their original, organic Christiac order. Activating the Tribal Shield allows the Internal Star Gate within the DNA Templates to open, creating a direct energetic conduit of frequency and bridge of conscious awareness between the present incarnation and other simultaneous incarnations that exist in other space-time vectors of the Cycle of the Rounds.

Royal Star Antares

Royal Star Antares 

AA Uriel in the West

Strength, Protection, Guidance

Antares, a prominent star in the constellation of Scorpio, is not just a celestial body but a gateway to profound metaphysical understanding. The Antari star race are beings of higher consciousness who guard this stargate. They are not bound by our physical laws and exist in a realm of higher frequencies. They are primarily light beings but can take on the appearance of a celestial mantis being.

Antares is the home of higher dimensional entities, both physical and non-physical serving as guardians of the stargate and healers of the light body. Their existence challenges our understanding of reality and invites us to explore the metaphysical dimensions of our being. 

The Antari are known for their healing abilities, particularly in relation to the light body layers. The light body, or the energy body, is a complex structure composed of the aura, chakras, and meridians. It is the blueprint of our physical body and the vessel for our consciousness. The Antari, with their advanced understanding of energy and vibration, can manipulate these structures to facilitate profound healing.

Their healing techniques are not akin to our physical methods. They work on the level of energy and consciousness, often described as 'light work'. They can perceive the imbalances in the light body layers and restore harmony by adjusting the energy flow. This process can lead to the healing of physical ailments, emotional disturbances, and spiritual blockages.

The Antari also play a crucial role in the evolution of consciousness. They guide individuals and civilizations towards higher states of awareness, helping them to integrate their experiences and learn from them. This is reflected in the story of Antares, who incarnated as a human with grandiose schemes and feelings, indicating the potential for profound transformation and growth.

Antares is an important gateway to other galaxies and universes. It "is the interdimensional bridge to Andromeda from our galaxy. Some souls, upon physical incarnation, choose to pass through the Antares gateway to reactivate soul memory." (Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest, The Prism of Lyra)

Souls with Antarian DNA are highly sensitive, highly intellectual, usually highly empathic, withdrawn, and reserved.

Antares is the home of higher dimensional entities, both physical and non-physical.

The Antari are stellar identities originating from the star system Antares. They are three light energies in one and integral parts of each other. They are intrinsically connected to each other, one feminine, one masculine, and one a child of the two created out of spiral of light. They are of an extremely high frequency and channel their energy through in pure frequency and tones that harness energies otherwise unable to be grounded in physical form. They are the navigators of the star fields and beyond and are on a mission to assist us in transforming our energy body to be able to accept high vibrational star codes from higher dimensions.

The Antari work with our light body to realign it to the DNA, using light technology. They use light instruments to restructure the DNA, allowing for the light body to be layered upon the physical form. They also use tools to align the etherical matrix of the body to the light body blueprint.  They use tones and different inaudible frequencies to download energies directly into the recipient body.

Antari Starseeds are imbued with traits that reflect their celestial origin. They hold a profound connection to the cosmos, an innate understanding of the universal laws, and a deep-seated desire to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Earth.

They might also be likened to the "Dharmapalas" or "Dharma Protectors" in Tibetan Buddhism. These beings, while fierce and wrathful, are fundamentally wise and compassionate, their ferocity directed towards the ignorance and ego that hinder spiritual progress. Similarly, an Antari Starseed might be driven by a desire to dispel ignorance and foster spiritual growth, their actions guided by a cosmic perspective that transcends earthly concerns.

Royal Star Fomalhaut


Royal Star Fomalhaut

AA Gabriel in the South

Fomalhaut is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, a quartet of stars that the ancient Persians believed were the guardians of the sky. Fomalhaut, specifically, was considered the watcher of the South, a sentinel standing guard over the celestial realms. Associated with the archangel Gabriel, the messenger of divine wisdom. This association imbues the star with a sense of spiritual communication and enlightenment. It is a conduit for divine knowledge, a celestial channel through which profound insights can be gleaned.

The Fomalhaut Star nation is a highly evolved race of beings with a deep connection to the angelic realm. They are here to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution, to awaken us to our latent potential, and to guide us towards a higher state of consciousness. They are a counterpoint to the Dark Lords of Orion. Fomalhaut brings unity and divine wisdom as a beacon of hope and enlightenment in a universe fraught with conflict and conquest.

This is a star family that is very connected to the family of Gabriel and the blue and white descendants of the 1st order ray of the Melchizedek Elohim Seraphim grill line. One of Archangel Gabriel’s symbols is the angel color white, representing unity, honesty, purity, and peace. White light tends to be associated with God itself or ‘the source’ and many believe it indicates an open source of communication with angels. This is very connected to crystal's teachers and ascended masters upon the Earth who have come to share this Grail line teaching, to allow and assist humanity to wake up and ascend in this lifetime.

Another powerful angel symbol of this archangel is the trumpet, connected to his divine messenger role. As a result, he’s one of the governing archangels when it comes to expression and self-expression, arts, mass media, social media, communication in all its forms, clarity, and Clair senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, and so on). This is part of The Guardian consciousness that holds the ARC portal system which allows many races to enter in-and-out of our time matrix from the medical act a core.

Archangel Gabriel is extremely present in our day-to-day lives since we live in a society based on information. They are also incredibly benevolent and conscious with how they share our love with those they are assisting, many times working through scientific endeavors and assisting with these zones for the highest potential timelines to assist humanity in elevating their consciousness. They work with many of the higher councils with this very goal. They carry the 4th DNA strand that gives them the ability to awaken the 12 to 48 strand DNA matrices within the Earth grid and those that are ready to receive it.

The scepter and scroll he is often depicted carrying make him the governing angelic frequency when it comes to all forms of writing, painting, and hand-involved arts. But they also make him a very powerful presence when it comes to manifesting and finding a definitive shape for your divinely guided inspiration and creativity. Having the starseed connection means that you hold this angelic lineage line common this is even more amplified if you are connected to any of the other Royal stars.

Part of your gift is to come reveal what is happening upon the Earth in order to create revelations through this birth death and rebirth cycle, allowing humanity to awaken through this Justice of truth. In this life, you would potentially put yourself through trial and temptation in order to truly Learn to hold integrity within this physical reality. This would create potential And situations where one may continuously have to learn through this trial-and-error in order to embrace grace and overcome any temptations of this physical reality.

In this celestial alignment, you are both your own adversary and redeemer. Your journey in this existence is to manifest from the profound insights of your subconscious and psyche, placing trust in your intuition and emotions. This is because the divine star seed DNA within you holds the power to significantly influence the Earth through your imagination. Therefore, these trials serve to ensure that the energy you emit remains pure and uncorrupted by selfish desires. Your purpose here is to contribute to the collective good, aiding humanity in its ascent towards elevated states of consciousness.

Fomalhaut is also deeply involved in the arts and all forms of expression. They are the governing frequency when it comes to writing, painting, and other hand-involved arts. This suggests a profound understanding of the creative process and the power of creativity to manifest reality.

Royal Star Regulus


Regulus AA Raphael in the North

Heart Directed Strong Leadership, Fame, Virtuous, Reputable, Wealth

Regulus Starseeds, named after the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, are believed to embody the royal essence of this celestial body. In my consciousness, they are the bearers of the divine spark, the cosmic royalty, if you will, who carry the energy of leadership, courage, and power. 

Their unique traits and abilities are often manifested in their human incarnations as a natural inclination towards leadership roles, a strong sense of justice, and an innate ability to inspire others. They are often seen as charismatic, brave, and influential, much like the symbolic lion of their celestial home.he Regulus Star Race holds a significant place. Known as the "Heart of the Lion," Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, and it is closely associated with royalty, power, and authority. This celestial body is believed to be the home of a highly advanced extraterrestrial race, the Regulus Starseeds, who are said to carry the essence of nobility and leadership in their spiritual DNA.

The Regulus Starseeds are believed to be the descendants of the Archangel Raphael, the divine healer.  The name "Raphael" translates to "God heals" or "Divine Healer" in Hebrew. Raphael's primary role is that of a healer and guide, assisting humans with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. In some traditions, he is believed to have the power to heal not only physical ailments but also mental and emotional distress. This connection to the Archangel Raphael imbues them with a profound sense of compassion and a desire to bring healing and enlightenment to the world. They are often drawn to professions that allow them to serve others, such as medicine, counseling, or spiritual teaching.

The Regulus Star Race is also deeply connected to the Sphinx, the ancient Egyptian monument that combines the body of a lion with the head of a human. This connection is not merely symbolic. The Sphinx is believed to be a physical representation of the Regulus Starseeds' spiritual essence. Just as the Sphinx combines the strength and courage of a lion with the wisdom and intellect of a human, the Regulus Starseeds are known for their bravery, wisdom, and their ability to lead with both heart and mind.

The feline connection extends beyond the Sphinx. In many ancient cultures, including Egypt and Persia, lions were seen as symbols of divine power and authority. The Regulus Starseeds, with their lion-like courage and their royal lineage, are seen as the spiritual heirs to this ancient tradition.

Similarly, in the Hindu tradition, the goddess Durga, a symbol of power and protection, is often depicted riding a lion.

The feline appearance of the Regulus star beings is a manifestation of these powerful energies. They embody the lion's heart, symbolizing courage, strength, and leadership. This is reflected in the Aboriginal lore, where celestial beings are often associated with earthly counterparts, forming a bridge between the heavens and the earth.