Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Importance of Salt and Water - Dealing with Dehydration, Energy and Cleansing

The Importance of Salt & Water by Barbara O'Neill

This video is such a great resource of information about the importance of eating the RIGHT kind of salt. Barbara talks about the minerals and benefits of Gray Salt / Celtic Sea Salt and also the Pink Himalayan Salt and how the proper salts actually help our body to absorb water and so much more.

This is a video for knowledge and I'm passing it on!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Using the Gene Keys for a Deeper Understanding of your Human Design Chart

The Gene Keys 
(By Richard Rudd)
When I first started exploring my Human Design chart, I was absorbed by all the details and how much information there was available in this one drawing that depicted my soul print in this life. But there was this tug inside of me that was asking how this chart could light up valuable information on one's ascension path. 

The Gene Keys is what revealed this magic key to this magnificent map of the Self.

So what are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are an in depth exploration into each and every "Key" or "Gate" in the chart which is based on the I'Ching and the 64 Hexagrams. Each of these Keys are about "Unlocking the higher purpose hidden in your DNA"

Each Gene Key goes into a journey of what the lowest expression, or shadow of the Key is, and moves us through to the Gift and then up into the Siddhi, or our highest expression of self. 

Until we become aware, most of us are operating in the shadow realm of our expression because it is what has become the norm. But as we integrate more of our light and our awareness, we can start to move into the gift of who we are and aim for our highest self. 

It Changes our DNA

Working with this book is not an overnight thing. Each key is meant to be contemplated and integrated. When this happens we begin to change our perspective, and our way of interacting with our world around us. On an internal level, we are literally changing the codes in our DNA to radiate more of our true light.

The amazing thing is that our DNA operates on a 64 fold geometry and in many ways holds a symmetry to the 64 hexagrams. 

Working with the Gene Keys is a way to "talk to your DNA"

Why the Gene Keys works so well in 
harmony with Human Design...

In Human Design there are gates/keys, which are the numbers on the chart, that are more prominent in our life than others. Some of the main ones are the numbers that make up our Incarnation Cross, as well as the larger planets on our chart. 

You will find that if you get your Holographic Profile (Gene Keys Map), it corresponds to your Incarnation Cross in your HD chart. But instead of trying to figure out how to move through all the information on a HD chart, by following what the Gene Keys calls "The Golden Path", you can get a clear way to easily start to move through the most important numbers of your chart.

Again, it's all about the introspection and spending time with one Key at a time, to really ingest all the information through contemplation. It's the contemplation that let's us honestly ask our self, are we expressing the shadow? And if so, in what ways? Owning our truth is how we begin to shift into our Gift, and how we begin to change our very DNA!

Where to get your Gene Keys "Golden Path"

The Gene Keys is a stand alone tool so you don't have to know anything about Human Design to get amazing gifts from the Gene Keys (and vise versa). With that said, here is the link to get your free Hologenetic Profile. 

It does require access to the book in order to read up on each of the keys, and the map gives you the guided path to unlock the keys. 

In our ascension path of bringing in more of our light of our divine self, The Gene Keys has been a tool I have been so grateful to have come across. It is wonderful to have a way to really go deep into an aspect of self, and really open up to the highest expression of what we are at a core level, if we just let ourselves be. 

Many blessing on your journey!


*if you would like help getting started with you HD chart, just let me know by visiting me here www.withbecca.com

"Be the Light, Be the Divine, Be You"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Honoring Memories and Closing Chapters

How do you take in the significance of a moment when you are in the moment?

How do you take in a good-bye so fully and completely that there is that added weight of it possibly being the last time you see  a person or a certain place?  

I know the significance isn’t as weighty in the moment that I have contemplated this thought, but as I leave the place that I have called work for the last year, I know that it’s another chapter. Another chapter that’s coming to a close as we begin the next chapter in our life.

But yet there still seems to be some sort of significance in these moments. It’s this acknowledgement that we had this chapter, that we lived this chapter. This chapter that is already in many ways, becoming a faded memory.

And so as I locked the last door, hung the last keys, parked the last cart and walked to my car, I looked to the foggy night sky, thinking of all the hours that I had spent there.

And knowing that in the days to come, that I am just as curious of what the future brings.

I am just as curious to see what lies ahead... in the next chapter.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Moving Blocked Energy Out of Our Body As We Go Through Emotional and Spiritual Growth & Awakening

As we make our way through the winter season, I just wanted to share this video on the benefits of taking regular mineral salt baths as well as practicing self care in order to support our body as it supports us.

Also as we are moving through a very intense time on the planet with a quickening in the ascension for so many, it is good to be aware of how this can create symptoms that may make us feel like we are coming down with something. Checking in with our inner guidance is key, so that we can give our body the love it needs, as we allow the blocks and heavy energies to pass out of our body on every level.

I hope you find this video helpful.

With love....Becca

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Law of Polarity & Human Design

Human Design is one of those tools in life that gifts us with the magnifying glass of truth. I personally feel that it is an extremely powerful base of information that can assist us in  awakening our divine awareness and raise our vibration and light, and one of the ways it does this is by allowing us to see the duality that we have the free will to chose in every line, gate and center.

We are the ones who chose which polarity we will express. 

If Human Design is something you are interested in, then I would venture to guess that you are also interested in some sort of spiritual path of self mastery. I say this because, even though the chart can be used as a pseudo sort of reading like a horoscope or something like that, its true purpose is as a map of your path to wholeness. In truth, it's not a reading that can really be done for you, but rather something you can contemplate for your entire lifetime as climb your own ladder of ascension. (although, it's nice to have a little help to get started!)

The Law of Polarity is one of the base seven fundamental laws of the Universe. With in the law of polarity we learn that the only difference between two poles is merely the position or degree something is at on the pole. Such as hot and cold, love and hate, fear and courage or light and dark.

One of the key foundations of Human Design is the way in which one can express themselves in either the high or low vibration of any aspect of the chart. For instance gate 18 on the spleen can cause us to be overly critical, nit picky and judgmental or, we can become masters of compassionately guiding things towards perfection, healing and improvement through service to others.

When we understand that the two opposites of the pole are really the same thing, just at varying degrees, then we can start to consciously choose where to express or place our self within that duality. We can look through the magnifying glass of Human Design and contemplate how to move to the highest expression of each aspect of our entire chart.

To me, this is a fine tuning process. We are fine tuning every part of us, mind, body and spirit, to be the clearest receiver of our higher self. 

A great resource for understanding the Laws of the Universe is a book by the Three Initiates on the Kybalion.

You can get it on Amazon Kindle for free and here is a fantastic video of it being read as an audiobook. You can always use www.vid2mp3.com to convert the video to a downloadable audio so you can listen to it on any device you want.

Blessings on your path of self mastery! And if you are so inspired, I'm available to help you get started with understanding your Human Design chart.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Are We All Hoarders?

All Is Mind... The Universe is Mental... Our World Is Housed In Our Mind...Our Perception. 

I came across a show about hoarders. I was fascinated by this exaggerated outward expression of a mind gone wild. This was indeed the macro version of a calamity of the mind that almost every single being on the planet suffers from in one degree or another.

All is Mind...In Order To Change Our World...We Just Need To Change Our Mind.

I can imagine there are countless people who have looked at a hoarders world and thought to themselves, "I could never do that" or "How could they do that?"

The theme you find with hoarders is that it is emotional, they are holding on to something. 

If we take away judgment and look upon this mirror they are showing us, we have the potential of receiving one of the greatest gifts.The gift of awareness of Mind, and the awareness of seeing that that is us. We are all hoarders. Maybe we aren't collecting physical items, but in our mind, if we were honest enough to look, we would find closets and closets of clutter.

All is energy, light, vibration...All is in motion.

Simply put, hoarding is just one polarity of the pole between hanging on and letting go. Can you look at your mind/world and if truth say you are not hoarding?

People everywhere are hanging on to fear, sadness, regret, worry, blame, judgment, feeling unloveable or unworthy, holding limiting agreements and beliefs, self slavery, and the list goes on and one.

So many minds are looping memories, past events and beliefs that are causing the energy to get trapped and therefore are filing the mind with closets and closets of clutter.

Service to self clutters...Service to others is the energy that flows. Service to others is only attained though letting go. Through unselfish love and through absolute non judgment.

I don't know about you, but I feel the tides are turning and I can feel that more and more of us on the planet are starting to remember. Starting to remember the divine nature of who we truly are. That we are more than just a physical form.

It is not an easy task this letting go. Facing our clutter can be painful, scary and over whelming, but
just like with the physical hoarders, the more we keep at it, the more we start to move things and let things go, the easier it gets.

How do we let go? Through awareness and honesty. First we have to be willing to look and admit that it's there. I honestly feel like that is the biggest challenge, and once we do that, the energy starts to flow.

And one more thing I noticed from hoarders in overcoming this challenge, they never did it alone. They first had to face the realization of the issue, and then they allowed the energy of service to others to circulate by asking for help. Yes, it may be scary or embarrassing to let someone see the piles we have collected in our mind, but that is a short lived discomfort for sure, because freedom is by far a greater reward.

"He who grasps the truth of the mental nature of the Universe, 
is well advanced on the path to mastery." (Three Initiates) 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Working with Vortexes - Planetary Energy Centers *Mt. Shasta*

I haven't posted a blog in quite some time due to some major inner journeying I have been doing. The speed and energy of the downloads that I have been experiencing have been happening so fast that I have hardly been able to even document any of it, but in me there is always still a burning desire to share what I am experiencing and learning for anyone who may be on a similar path.

The path of awakening and ascension is really a path of remembering and of letting go. Facing our inner places where most don't want to go. Taming the lower chakras and aligning oneself fully and completely with the vibration of unconditional love and service to others.

And it that is a path filled with synchronicity that will begin to become so prevalent in ones life that synchronicity just becomes a state of being. Synchronicity lights everything up so the path becomes perfectly clear and at that point, everything links to everything else.

And these lights have led me to the base of Mt. Shasta. A magnificent energy that has been calling me to come in the last few months. And from the moment my eyes fell upon her beauty, my heart felt as if it would leap right out of my chest.

It is an energy here that reminds me in some ways of the energy of Maui. And much like Maui, where I called home for 20 years, this place pulls at me in such a way that it is calling me to stay. There is something gentler here, softer here than Maui. Almost as if there is a song in the air. It has effected our son as well and he has been begging to stay and to find a place to live here.

I have worked with many different energy vortexes and places on the planet, and there are many more I feel drawn to visit. The knowledge and downloads of information they hold in their vibrations are powerful ascension tools that can help us tremendously on our life's path. For myself personally, not all draw me to stay for long periods of time, so if one does, it is something to pay attention to. This generally means that there is an importance in working with that energy more intently.

Most of us can't just pick up and move, but if it's possible how amazing it that! But even if we can't it's ok. We don't actually have to physically be at locations around the world to tap into the energy of the area. Meditation and projecting ones energy body to the locations can be a powerful way to still work with energy centers on Earth we are called to work with.

And pictures are a great way that energy downloads too!

So as we pack our things and prepare for our long drive back home we feel such love and gratitude in our hearts. For the joy of playing in the snow, basking in the warmth of the mountain and for and new found place inside our heart that has opened in new and beautiful ways.