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Denebola Starseeds


Denebola Starseed 

Constellation: Leo 

Stellar Nation: Winged Lion 

Themes: Instinctive Leadership, Early Rulership, Humility, Ambition, Self-Realization 

Gene Key 47 - Shadow is Oppression, Gift is Transmutation, Siddhi is Transfiguration 

Gate 47 - is in the Ajna Center

Denebola, marking the tail of the celestial lion in the Leo constellation, embodies a raw and instinctual form of leadership. Those with significant Denebola placements often display early signs of authority and governance. This star's influence is primal, focusing on the emergence of leadership qualities and the natural inclination to guide and organize communities. Unlike the refined leadership of Regulus, Denebola's energy is more about the initial recognition of one's capacity to lead, often manifesting in childhood or early life.

In the context of galactic history, Denebola holds a significant position within the Stellar Nation of the Winged Lion. This stellar nation, characterized by its strong leadership and governing capabilities, finds its initiating journey in Denebola. According to the Stellar Nations books, a soul resonating with the Winged Lion's qualities may feel a sudden, instinctive call to leadership when aligned with Denebola's energy. This call often involves a vision or dream of leading a distressed community, symbolizing the soul's readiness to embrace its leadership potential.

The Winged Lion beings connected to Denebola, have historically been seen as guardians and rulers, guiding their communities through challenges with both strength and compassion. Their journey through Denebola signifies the first step in recognizing and honing their leadership abilities, often through trials and tribulations that test their resolve and humility.

This nation is known for its members' instinctive drive to lead and protect. Souls connected to this nation often undergo a process of awakening to their leadership roles, starting with an internal realization of their potential. Denebola acts as the gateway to this realization, offering both the opportunities and challenges necessary for the soul's growth.

In mythology, Denebola's position in Leo has been associated with the lion's tail, representing the less prominent but still vital aspects of leadership. The lion, a symbol of courage, strength, and sovereignty, is reflected in the characteristics bestowed by Denebola. Historically, cultures that revered the lion, such as the Egyptians and Greeks, might have seen Denebola as a star of latent power, one that signals the emergence of a ruler from humble or unseen beginnings.

Gate 47 in the Gene Keys encapsulates the journey from oppression to transfiguration. The Shadow of Oppression represents the mental pressures and confusion that can cloud judgment and hinder leadership. The Gift of Transmutation involves the alchemical process of turning these challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. Finally, the Siddhi of Transfiguration signifies a state of enlightened awareness, where the leader can see beyond immediate concerns and guide their community with vision and wisdom. 

In Human Design, Gate 47 is located in the Ajna Center, which is associated with mental awareness and conceptualization. This gate deals with the transformation of confusion into clarity, a crucial skill for any leader. It emphasizes the importance of transmuting oppressive thoughts and circumstances into innovative solutions and enlightened perspectives. Those with this gate defined in their chart often experience periods of mental pressure and confusion, but they also have the potential to achieve profound insights and clarity. This gate's energy supports the transformation of mental challenges into creative solutions, making it a powerful asset for leaders who must navigate complex situations.

If you feel a strong connection to Denebola, it may indicate that you are being called to step into a leadership role, even if you have not fully recognized your potential yet. This connection invites you to embrace your instinctual drive to lead and to understand that your journey may involve both successes and mistakes. By acknowledging and learning from these experiences, you can develop into a more effective and compassionate leader.

Denebola's energy encourages you to reflect on your inner motivations and to cultivate humility alongside your ambition. It reminds you that true leadership is not about exerting power over others but about serving your community and guiding them through challenges with integrity and wisdom. Embrace the trials as opportunities for growth, and trust that your path will lead you to a deeper understanding of your role as a leader within the cosmic order.

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Algol Starseed Connections



  • Constellation: Perseus
  • Stellar Nation: Angels, Dragos, Great Felines, Male Serpents, the 13th Nation, the Moon
  • Themes: Transformation, Power Struggles, Intensity, Renewal, Dark Feminine Energy
  • Gene Key: Gate 8 - Shadow is Mediocrity, Gift is Style, Siddhi is Exquisiteness
  • Human Design: Throat Center (Gate 8)

Algol, often referred to as the "Demon Star," is one of the most notorious fixed stars in astrology. Its reputation stems from its association with intense and often challenging energies. Located in the constellation Perseus, Algol represents the severed head of Medusa, held by the hero Perseus. Medusa's mythological story embodies themes of transformation, power, and the dark feminine, making Algol a symbol of profound change and the potential for both destruction and regeneration.

Algol's position at 26°10' Taurus brings its influence into the realm of stability, material security, and sensuality. Taurus, ruled by Venus, emphasizes the importance of values, beauty, and earthly pleasures. However, Algol's presence here introduces an element of volatility, urging a confrontation with the darker aspects of these Taurean themes. It challenges individuals to face their fears, embrace transformation, and harness the power of the dark feminine for growth and renewal.

Algol's mythological is rooted with the story of Medusa. Medusa, once a beautiful maiden, was transformed into a Gorgon with snakes for hair, whose gaze could turn anyone to stone. Perseus, the hero, beheaded Medusa with the help of divine gifts, including a mirrored shield from Athena. The severed head of Medusa, represented by Algol, retained its petrifying power.

In ancient astrology, Algol was considered a malefic star, often associated with violence, beheadings, and extreme misfortune. Its name is derived from the Arabic "Al-Ghul," meaning "the ghoul" or "demon." Despite its fearsome reputation, Algol also symbolizes the power of facing and overcoming one's deepest fears, transforming them into sources of strength and resilience.

Connection to Stellar Nations

Algol's association with multiple Stellar Nations underscores its complex and multifaceted nature. Each nation brings a unique perspective to Algol's influence:

  • Angels: Representing higher wisdom and divine protection, the Angels' connection to Algol highlights the potential for spiritual growth through facing one's shadow.
  • Dragos: The Dragos, or dragon-like beings, embody primal power and transformation, resonating with Algol's intense and regenerative energy.
  • Great Felines: Known for their strength and grace, the Great Felines' association with Algol emphasizes the need for courage and the ability to navigate challenges with elegance.
  • Male Serpents: Symbolizing knowledge and healing, the Male Serpents' connection to Algol points to the transformative power of wisdom and the alchemical process of turning darkness into light.
  • The 13th Nation: Representing a synthesis of various energies, the 13th Nation's link to Algol underscores the star's role in integrating disparate aspects of the self.
  • The Moon: The Moon's connection to Algol highlights the emotional and intuitive dimensions of its influence, emphasizing the importance of inner transformation and emotional resilience.

In Human Design, Algol is associated with Gate 8 in the Throat Center. Gate 8 is known as the gate of Contribution, emphasizing the expression of individuality and personal style. The energy of this gate is about standing out and making a unique contribution to the world, which aligns with Algol's transformative and intense nature.

  • Shadow: Mediocrity - The shadow aspect of Gate 8 involves a fear of standing out and a tendency to conform to societal expectations. This aligns with Algol's challenging energy, which can evoke fear and resistance.
  • Gift: Style - The gift of Gate 8 is about expressing one's unique style and individuality. Algol's transformative power can help individuals embrace their uniqueness and stand out with confidence.
  • Siddhi: Exquisiteness - At the highest level, Gate 8's siddhi is about recognizing the inherent beauty and uniqueness of all things. Algol's influence can lead to a profound appreciation of the exquisite nature of existence, even in its darkest moments.

Algol's energy is both challenging and transformative, offering the potential for profound personal growth and renewal. Its connections to various Stellar Nations and its role in galactic history highlight its complex and multifaceted nature. 

In summary, Algol is strength, intense passion, and connection with the forces of the natural world. This is sometimes known as an evil star, but it truly shows us where we can step up an embrace power. And that power takes maturity and responsibility and must take into account natural law. Algol also embodies the energy of the goddess Lilith along with Medusa. This star was triggered into action with the reawakening time of the great goddess. It brings the challenge of teaching human beings the value of the divine feminine in all things, including its operation within human consciousness regardless of gender.

By embracing Algol's energy and integrating its lessons into your life, you can unlock its potential for transformation and emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

Algol and the Cosmic Angels

The Divine Sorrow and Cosmic Battle

Imagine the Creator's pain – the deepest kind of heartbreak – when a beloved being, entrusted with divine secrets, turned against Him. This being, once close and cherished, sought power and waged a devastating war in the heavens. This divine drama is echoed in the star Algol.

Algol is more than a star; it's a cosmic cemetery where dragons and angels clashed, a place where dark memories of the angelic fall are etched. This star symbolizes not just the fall but the intense struggle for redemption and the battle between light and darkness.

Algol's energy carries the weight of the angelic war, a war that ended with the fallen angels buried in its realm. It’s a star of deep remembrance, where the once beloved angel becomes a dark force, consumed by the very power they sought.

Despite its fearsome reputation, Algol also holds the promise of redemption. The fallen angels – and those of us with Algol prominent in our charts – are on a journey to transform this darkness into light. The memory of this cosmic battle serves as a powerful reminder: we have the choice to rise above our struggles and seek a higher spiritual path.

Algol's Influence on Your Life

If Algol is prominent in your chart – especially if it’s connected to your Moon, Sun, or Midheaven – you might find yourself frequently facing temptations and challenges from your shadow side. You could experience vivid dreams or astral presences. These are signs that your soul is working through past-life connections to the angelic war.

Having Algol in your chart calls for heightened awareness and protection. It’s essential to surround yourself with the love and support of angelic beings. Create a protective shield in your spiritual practices. Remember, the light within you is stronger than any shadow. Facing these fears head-on can lead to immense personal growth and spiritual liberation.

Learning from Cosmic History

Algol teaches us about the eternal struggle between light and darkness, power and humility, betrayal and redemption. As a starseed with this connection, your journey involves embracing these lessons, confronting your fears, and transforming them into strengths. Your past connections to the Cosmic Angels offer profound insights into your soul’s mission. 

Remember, you are never alone – the Cosmic Angels are always by your side, guiding you towards your highest potential.

Algol and the Cosmic Dragons

According to the Stellar Nations Galactic Chronicles, unresolved issues are always given another chance to be worked through, ensuring that the purity of intentions and motivations are truly tested. In the time of ancient Vega, the Dragon Warriors served as the guardians and keepers of divine power. However, within their ranks, the spirit of rebellion began to stir. One key figure in this saga was Satané Élea, a reincarnation of the ancient leader Khan, who founded a secret order dedicated to magic and power, called Hatmanakh Phoenix Ark.

Satané Élea and his order longed for the "Golden Age" of the Dragon Warriors, where their power was unrivaled. They prepared for a grand rebellion to reclaim their perceived rightful place. Their alliance with the fallen angels, led by Satanail, solidified their dark intentions. This powerful pact was sealed on the star Algol, a significant point in their dark history.

The Hybrid Union and Creation of Darkness

On Algol, Satané Élea and Satanail performed a powerful ritual, merging their beings and creating a new hybrid species. This act of "unio magica" gave birth to an incredibly potent force of darkness – Satan himself. This hybrid being carried the combined traits of both dragon and fallen angel, symbolizing the ultimate union of their power and ambition.

Algol became a central point for these dark forces, serving as a base for their black magic rituals and power struggles. The star's energy fueled their rebellion, providing them with the strength and ruthlessness needed to challenge the divine order. Despite their deep-seated hatred and rebellion, this intense energy also highlighted the potential for transformation and redemption.

Influence on Your Life

If Algol is prominent in your natal chart, it indicates a strong connection to these ancient cosmic battles. This might manifest as recurring challenges related to power, control, and the need to confront your darkest fears. You might feel a constant push and pull between light and darkness, echoing the struggles of the Cosmic Dragons.

Understanding your connection to Algol and the Cosmic Dragons can be incredibly empowering. This star's energy encourages you to embrace your inner warrior, face your fears head-on, and transform any darkness into light. You have the strength and courage to navigate these intense energies and emerge stronger.

The story of Algol and the Cosmic Dragons teaches us about the dangers of unchecked ambition and the transformative power of facing our shadows. As a starseed with this connection, your journey involves understanding and integrating these lessons. Recognize the potential within you to turn darkness into light, and use this knowledge to guide your path.

It's a powerful reminder of ancient struggles, the quest for power, and the path to redemption. By understanding this connection, you can harness Algol's energy to transform your life, embrace your inner strength, and shine brightly on your spiritual journey. Remember, you are not alone – the wisdom of the Cosmic Dragons and the energy of Algol are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Great Felines and Algol

In the cosmic drama, the Great Felines serve as guardians and warriors. During the cold galactic war, they sought new strongholds, like Mars, to continue their crucial experiments and protect sacred spaces. Their ultimate aim was to control high vibrational stellar places, such as the Sun’s Gate, which they saw as a potential bridge to higher dimensions.

Algol, with its intense and often feared energy, became a focal point for the dark forces. These warriors, having detached from the light and embraced their shadow sides, mastered the ruthless qualities represented by Algol. This star embodies the "virtue of the warrior’s ruthlessness," a necessary quality for combating oppression and protecting the divine order.

If you resonate with the Great Felines and have Algol prominent in your chart, you’re being called to embrace your inner warrior. This connection urges you to stand strong, protect those you love, and confront any darkness with courage and determination. The Great Felines teach us the importance of loyalty, commitment, and the strength to face our deepest fears.

The 13th Stellar Nation and Algol

Algol is especially significant to the 13th Stellar Nation. This star was the starting point for many declarations of war and interstellar conflicts initiated by the fallen angels and their allies, the fallen dragon warriors. Algol became a central hub of darkness and strife in galactic history.

The 13th Stellar Nation has always been aware that the divine plan includes both light and dark experiences. These contrasting forces create a complete and balanced cosmic existence. The Holy Spirit residing in Algol's core, a member of the 13th Stellar Nation, knew that even failure and falling were part of the original plan, providing opportunities for ultimate growth and reconciliation of polarities.

The first Galactic War, initiated from Algol, resulted in immense darkness and chaos. The fallen angels and dragons, after their defeat, were drawn into a black vortex and imprisoned in the constellation Cetus. Algol, ideally, would have experienced a fate correction, leading to a rebirth and balance of its energies. However, the shadow forces chose to deepen their rebellion, rejecting the divine plan and intensifying the star's darkness.

Despite the heavy darkness, Algol holds the potential for profound redemption. The approaching Ascension offers a chance for this star to align with the light once more. The fate of Algol is closely tied to the cosmic retuning affecting the Earth, Solar System, and beyond. If Algol embraces the light, it can complete its destiny and contribute to the collective ascension of the galaxy.

As a starseed, any connected to the 13th Stellar Nation and/or Algol, your mission involves assisting in the redemption of these fallen energies. This might manifest as guiding those around you towards the light, even if it means navigating difficult relationships and conflicts. Your spiritual path and choices can have a significant impact, helping to restore balance and harmony.

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Diphda/Deneb Kaito Starseed

Diphda/Deneb Kaitos

Constellation: Cetus

Stellar Nation: Dragons

Themes: Victory, Protection, Redemption, Ascension

Gene Key: 25 – Shadow is Constriction, Gift is Acceptance, Siddhi is Universal Love

Diphda, also known as Deneb Kaitos, is the Beta star of the Cetus constellation, located at the tail of the Celestial Whale, is imbued it with an incredible energy of protection and victory, especially cherished by the members of the Stellar Nation of Dragons. This star acts as a powerful talisman in times of conflict, almost guaranteeing triumph when aligned with Mars, Jupiter, or the Sun. It mirrors the energy of a Jupiter-Mars conjunction, amplifying courage, strategic brilliance, and expansive force.

Cetus, the Whale, represents the primordial chaos and the depths of the subconscious. In ancient lore, this star is considered the exit point from the "angelic prisons" associated with other stars in Cetus. According to legend, the angelic beings who fell and turned into stone blocks across dimensions could begin their journey of ascension and redemption here. This transformation is symbolic of breaking free from karmic cycles and moving towards spiritual enlightenment.

Diphda is known as a beacon of divine mercy, it is said that when divine compassion touched these stone-encased beings, they began to move and transform, giving birth to the Celestial Whale. This tale symbolizes the power of mercy and forgiveness to catalyze profound transformation and liberation. For those connected to Diphda, there is a promise of redemption and the end of karmic penitence, leading to ecstatic experiences of purification and enlightenment.

In Human Design, the energy of Diphda resonates with Gene Key 25, which speaks to the journey from Constriction to Universal Love. This fixed star's influence aids individuals in breaking free from their inner prisons and embracing the gift of Acceptance. When this energy is harnessed, it can lead to profound spiritual realizations and a deep sense of unconditional love.

Personal Horoscope Interpretations

  • Sun Conjunct Diphda: Individuals with their Sun aligned with Diphda are often seen as natural leaders in conflict, embodying the protective and victorious energy of this star. They are driven by a sense of purpose and destiny, often emerging victorious in their endeavors.
  • Mars Conjunct Diphda: This alignment infuses a person with unparalleled courage and strategic prowess. They are warriors of light, often feeling a deep sense of protection and guidance from higher realms.
  • Jupiter Conjunct Diphda: Those with Jupiter conjunct Diphda are blessed with expansive protection and wisdom. They tend to experience incredible luck in their pursuits, especially in matters of justice and truth.

Practical Advice on Primary Health System (PHS) Aspects


For those influenced by Diphda, it's essential to embrace a digestion style that promotes balance and harmony. Light, easily digestible foods that are simple and natural will resonate with their need for clarity and purification. Mindful eating practices can help them stay grounded and in tune with their higher purpose.


An environment that supports transformation and ascension is crucial. Surrounding themselves with elements of nature, especially water, can help them connect with the purifying energy of Diphda. Spaces that are serene and filled with natural light will aid in their spiritual journey.

Diphda's incredible energy offers a path to victory, protection, and ultimate redemption. For those connected to this star, the journey towards the light is marked by moments of profound humility, forgiveness, and transformation. Through understanding and integrating its lessons, one can transcend past limitations and embrace a life filled with love and purpose

Izar Bootes Starseeds


Izar (Epsilon Boötis)

Constellation: Boötes
Stellar Nation: Male Serpent
Themes: Strength of Knowledge, Power of Knowledge, Joy of Knowledge, Potential for Abuse of Power, Teacher-Student Dynamics, Sexual Influence, Emotional Manipulation, Mystical Leadership
Gene Key: 50 - Shadow is Corruption, Gift is Equilibrium, Siddhi is Harmony

Izar, also known as Epsilon Boötis, is a binary star system located in the constellation Boötes. In astrological terms, Izar is significant for its association with the solar chakra of the celestial figure of Melchizedek, symbolizing enlightenment and spiritual power. When prominent in a natal chart, Izar bestows a love for knowledge and a powerful drive for learning, often linking the individual to profound sources of wisdom and spiritual insight.

Izar's name comes from the Arabic word for "veil," alluding to the hidden depths and mysteries this star embodies. Historically, Izar has been seen as a source of both illumination and temptation, reflecting its dual nature in mythology. The star's connection to the solar chakra of Melchizedek underscores its role in spiritual leadership and the pursuit of higher knowledge.

 Within the context of the Male Serpent Stellar Nation, Izar represents the paradoxical nature of wisdom and power. It is a star that embodies the strength and joy of knowledge while also highlighting the dangers of abusing this power. The Serpent Nation's history, as detailed in various esoteric traditions, speaks of a schism where male serpent beings, or teachers, could either uplift their students through genuine enlightenment or ensnare them through emotional and sexual manipulation.

Aligned with Gene Key 50, Izar's influence relates to the themes of balance and harmony. At the shadow level, this manifests as corruption, where the pursuit of knowledge and power becomes tainted by selfish desires and unethical behavior. At the gift level, equilibrium is achieved when the power of knowledge is used responsibly, promoting fairness and balance. Ultimately, the siddhi of harmony is realized when knowledge is integrated with a higher purpose, creating a state of divine order and peace.

Personal Horoscope Interpretations:

  1. Sun Conjunct Izar: Individuals with this alignment are often seen as natural teachers and leaders. They possess a radiant charisma and a deep love for learning, inspiring others with their knowledge. However, they must be wary of becoming overly authoritative or manipulative.

  2. Moon Conjunct Izar: This placement suggests a strong emotional connection to wisdom and spirituality. These individuals may have vivid dreams and intuitive insights that guide their path. There is a potential for emotional entanglement with teachers or mentors, which must be navigated carefully.

  3. Mercury Conjunct Izar: Here, the mind is highly attuned to complex knowledge and esoteric teachings. Such individuals are excellent communicators and thinkers, able to convey deep truths with clarity. They should guard against using their intellectual prowess for manipulative purposes.

Practical Advice on PHS (Primary Health System):

Digestion: For those influenced by Izar, digestion should be approached with mindfulness and care. It is beneficial to consume meals in a calm and serene environment, allowing the wisdom of the body to be absorbed without distraction. Avoiding excessive stimulants and focusing on whole, natural foods can enhance both physical and mental clarity.

Environment: The optimal environment for individuals under Izar’s influence is one that fosters both peace and intellectual stimulation. Surrounding oneself with books, engaging in meaningful discussions, and having access to quiet spaces for contemplation can harmonize their energetic and mental states.

Izar's celestial influence reminds us of the incredible power of knowledge and the importance of wielding it with integrity and balance, echoing the lessons from the Male Serpent Stellar Nation.

Nunki Starseeds


Nunki (Pelagus) The Shoulder of the Archer

Constellation: Sagittarius

Stellar Nation: The Christ Community of Cosmic Bears

Themes: Knowledge, Intuition, Inner Knowing, Feminine Wisdom

Gene Key: 38 - Shadow is Struggle, Gift is Perseverance, Siddhi is Honor

Nunki, also known as Pelagus, shines from the shoulder of the celestial Archer in the constellation of Sagittarius. Its placement in the sky imbues it with themes of profound knowledge, deep intuition, inner knowing, and feminine wisdom. This star’s energy resonates with the Stellar Nation of the Bears, which is known for its grounding and nurturing presence.

Nunki’s influence is characterized by an incredible, almost instinctive ability to understand and know things deeply without formal education. It’s as if those touched by this star have an inherent connection to a wellspring of wisdom. This feminine wisdom manifests as gut feelings and instinctual insights, allowing individuals to see through complexities and arrive at solutions effortlessly.

In astrology, Nunki’s presence in your chart, particularly if conjunct a personal planet or angle, might indicate a person who possesses an uncanny sense of direction in life, capable of navigating through life's labyrinth with an inner compass. This intuitive power can make them natural problem solvers and advisors, often finding answers within rather than seeking external guidance.

Historically, Nunki was identified by Babylonian astronomers who named it "Pelagus," meaning "the sea," reflecting its navigation significance. Ancient mariners revered this star for its guidance across the open waters, seeing it as a beacon of knowledge and direction. In mythology, Sagittarius the Archer is often associated with Chiron, the wise centaur who was a teacher and healer. Nunki, positioned on Sagittarius' shoulder, metaphorically supports the Archer, hinting at the supportive and guiding nature of this star.

Nunki is linked to the Stellar Nation of the Bears. The Bears are seen as ancient protectors and nurturers, embodying a grounding force that supports the growth of knowledge and wisdom. These beings are often depicted as guardians who watch over humanity, providing a stable foundation for enlightenment and transformation. Nunki’s light is said to connect Earth with these cosmic guardians, offering those who are open to its energy an influx of nurturing wisdom and a path to enlightenment.

In Human Design, Nunki correlates with Gate 38, which is all about the struggle for purpose and the warrior spirit. This gate is part of the Channel of Struggle (Gate 28), highlighting the human journey to find meaning and the inner fight to maintain individuality. People with significant placements here are often driven by a sense of inner purpose and a need to defend their beliefs.

The feminine wisdom of Nunki complements the warrior energy of Gate 38 by providing intuitive insights that guide the struggle for purpose. This blend of inner knowing and determined spirit makes these individuals powerful and resolute, often emerging as leaders or guides in their communities. If you have this fixed star in your chart, it doesn't matter if you are male or female—you are embracing this wisdom into your life. Nunki represents an energy in Earth's consciousness that you are here to help heal and elevate.

Nunki's connection to Gene Key 38 brings forth the archetype of the Warrior of Light, emphasizing the journey from struggle to honor. The Shadow of Gene Key 38 is Struggle, the Gift is Perseverance, and the Siddhi is Honor. This journey involves transforming the inner struggle into a life of purpose and meaning, leading to a state where every action is infused with honor and integrity.

As you integrate Nunki's energy, you align with this Gene Key's higher frequencies. The feminine wisdom aspect of Nunki aids in transcending the struggle by providing intuitive guidance and an inner knowing that helps navigate challenges. You become a beacon of perseverance and honor, helping to heal and uplift the collective consciousness of Earth.

Practical Human Design Advice

For those influenced by Nunki and Gate 38 in their Human Design, embracing your intuitive flashes is crucial. Trust your gut feelings and let them guide your decisions. You may find that formal education feels too restrictive, and instead, you thrive on self-guided learning and experiential knowledge.

Primary Health System (PHS) Tips:

  • Digestion: Favor a variable diet that allows you to follow your instincts. Eat what feels right in the moment rather than sticking to rigid meal plans.
  • Environment: Seek environments that stimulate your intuition, such as nature retreats or quiet, contemplative spaces. These settings will help you connect more deeply with your inner knowing.

Nunki’s energy is a reminder of the power of feminine wisdom and the incredible insights that come from within. Embrace this star's influence to unlock your inner guidance and navigate life with profound intuitive clarity.

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Procyon Starseeds



Constellation: Canis Minor

Influence: Health, wealth, well-being, leadership, and exploration

Energy: Benevolent, responsible, nurturing

Procyon is a beautiful star nation known for its deep connections to Earth and its active involvement in benevolent councils, federations and projects that are striving for the reinstatement of the Divine Template and Christos Mission here. These star beings are instrumental in creating universal timelines that foster expansion and growth within this part of the universe.

The Procyon starseeds that have incarnated on Earth can call on this DNA in their holographic template as it possesses excellent health, wealth, and well-being, reflecting the positive influence of this star system. Procyon starseeds are natural-born leaders with a deep sense of responsibility and nurturing qualities. These individuals are driven by a desire to serve and support others, often feeling a profound satisfaction in caring for those in need. Their open hearts and strong sense of duty make them reliable and dependable, although they may become guarded when their expectations are not met.

There is so much diversity to out Galactic History and Procyon has also dealt with some of the deepest wounds of the wars in our cosmos, primarily the memories of conflicts with the Draconian Empire. During parts of their history, they were overtaken by the Dracos and forced into servitude, which went against their genetic alignment with angelic race lines. This period of slavery included the suppression of their teachings and the imposition of false doctrines to prevent them from reconnecting with their higher light bodies.

A major turning point for Procyon was when refugees from the Sirius star system arrived. These refugees taught the Procyons how to inhabit their light bodies, which eventually helped them break free from Draconian control. Today, Procyon beings are esteemed planetary scientists and brave explorers within the Galactic Federation, designing timelines and providing valuable information to help Earth and other planetary systems evolve beyond control systems.

Procyon is home to a diverse group of beings, including amphibian and reptilian refugees from Sirius B, as well as humans. These beings are genetically related to Sirius and Lyra and are known for their benevolent and unwavering love. They often resemble Earth humans but with larger, more vibrant eyes and slightly lower ears, reflecting their advanced brain capacity.

Procyon starseeds are born leaders with individual personalities. They have a strong sense of responsibility and find deep satisfaction in nurturing and supporting others. However, their open-hearted nature can lead to emotional hurt when their high expectations are not met, resulting in guarded behavior and difficulty expressing emotions.

Procyon beings played a role in the creation of the Oraphim Angelic line, nurturing the angelic race for the future creation of the angelic human lineage. They hold within them the genetic template for the 24 to 48 strand DNA angelic human, and part of their life's purpose is to awaken these codes in others simply through their presence.

Gene Key 28 - The Gene Key of Life and Death 

Procyon aligns with Gene Key 28, which explores the themes of life, death, and purpose. Those influenced by Procyon and Gene Key 28 are driven by a profound sense of purpose and the quest for meaning. They have a deep understanding of the cycles of life and death, often feeling called to transformative roles where they can guide others through significant changes and rebirths. This Gene Key emphasizes the importance of embracing both light and shadow aspects of existence, mirroring Procyon's history of overcoming oppression and evolving towards higher consciousness. The shadow aspect of this Gene Key is purposelessness, the gift is totality, and the siddhi is immortality, reflecting the journey of Procyon beings from survival to enlightened leadership and service.

Procyon starseeds are benevolent leaders and explorers, deeply committed to the well-being of others and the evolution of planetary systems. Their journey from oppression to liberation has given them resilience and wisdom, making them invaluable contributors to the Galactic Federation and guardians of universal growth and expansion. Their presence on Earth helps awaken the higher potential within humanity, guiding others towards health, wealth, and well-being. The alignment with Gene Key 28 further enriches their mission, highlighting their role in navigating the profound themes of life, death, and purpose.

Input from others on the Nordics and beings from Procyon

Linda Mouton Howe

The Nordics, also known as Nordic aliens, are a prominent type of extraterrestrial being reported in UFO lore. They are typically described as tall, human-like, and bearing Scandinavian features—blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and an overall striking resemblance to the Nordic human population. These beings are often portrayed as benevolent, spiritual, and advanced in terms of both technology and consciousness.

Physical Description

  • Appearance: The Nordics are described as humanoid and very similar to humans in appearance but generally taller, ranging from 6 to 7 feet in height.
  • Features: They have blonde or platinum blonde hair, blue or light-colored eyes, and fair skin. Their physique is usually slender and athletic.
  • Aura: Some accounts suggest that they exude a calming and radiant aura, contributing to their perceived benevolence.

Connection to Procyon

Procyon is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor and one of the closest stars to Earth. In the context of the Nordics, Procyon is often mentioned as their star system of origin.

  • Astronomical Details: Procyon is a binary star system consisting of Procyon A, a main-sequence star, and Procyon B, a faint white dwarf.
  • Extraterrestrial Lore: According to various sources in UFO and extraterrestrial research, Procyon is home to an advanced civilization that shares a deep connection with Earth. The Nordics are believed to be representatives or inhabitants of this star system.

Purpose and Mission

The Nordics are often depicted as having a specific mission related to the spiritual and evolutionary progress of humanity. Their purported objectives include:

  • Spiritual Enlightenment: One of their primary missions is to aid in the spiritual awakening of humanity. They are thought to impart wisdom and guidance to help humans elevate their consciousness and achieve higher states of being.
  • Technological Advancement: The Nordics are believed to possess advanced technology that surpasses current human capabilities. They are said to share knowledge in ways that can help humans advance technologically while ensuring that such advancements are used responsibly.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Many accounts suggest that the Nordics are concerned about the environmental health of Earth. They aim to inspire humans to adopt more sustainable practices and respect the planet's ecosystems.
  • Peace and Harmony: The Nordics are often described as peaceful beings who promote harmony and unity among humans. They work to mitigate conflict and encourage cooperation on a global scale.

Interaction with Humans

  • Contactees: Numerous individuals claim to have had direct contact with Nordics. These encounters often involve telepathic communication, imparting messages of peace, love, and spiritual growth.
  • Abductions: Unlike the more commonly feared abductions associated with Greys, encounters with Nordics are generally described as positive and enlightening experiences.
  • Guidance: The Nordics are believed to guide humanity subtly, often through dreams, visions, and indirect influence, rather than overt intervention.

Symbolism and Influence

  • Cultural Impact: The image of the Nordics has permeated various cultural and spiritual narratives, often symbolizing an idealized version of extraterrestrial life that is both advanced and benevolent.
  • Esoteric Traditions: In some esoteric and New Age traditions, the Nordics are seen as ascended beings or spiritual guides, akin to angels or enlightened masters.

Controversies and Skepticism

While the accounts of Nordic aliens are compelling to many, they also face skepticism:

  • Lack of Physical Evidence: Like many extraterrestrial claims, there is no concrete physical evidence to support the existence of Nordics.
  • Subjectivity: Experiences with Nordics are often subjective, relying on personal testimonies that can be difficult to verify.

In summary, the Nordics are depicted as advanced, benevolent beings connected to the star Procyon, with a mission to aid humanity in its spiritual, technological, and environmental development. Their influence is seen as positive and transformative, aiming to guide humans towards a higher state of consciousness and a more harmonious existence.



JP, the pseudonymous military insider interviewed by Dr. Michael Salla, has shared detailed accounts of his interactions with Nordic extraterrestrials during his covert missions. These narratives provide intriguing insights into the role of the Nordics on Earth, their objectives, and their involvement with ancient extraterrestrial Arcs.

Interactions with Nordics

Appearance and Characteristics:

  • Physical Traits: The Nordics JP describes are tall, ranging from 6 to 7 feet in height, with blonde hair, blue or light-colored eyes, and fair skin.
  • Aura and Presence: They are often perceived as exuding a calming and benevolent aura, making their presence feel serene and reassuring.

Communication and Interaction:

  • Telepathic Communication: JP often reports that the Nordics communicate telepathically, conveying messages directly into the mind with clarity and without the need for spoken words.
  • Guidance and Mentorship: The Nordics frequently act as guides or mentors, providing JP with knowledge and insights that help him understand complex situations during his missions.

Role on Earth

Spiritual and Technological Advancement:

  • Spiritual Guidance: The Nordics are deeply invested in the spiritual evolution of humanity. They aim to elevate human consciousness and promote a higher understanding of our place in the cosmos.
  • Technological Sharing: While they possess advanced technologies, the Nordics are careful about sharing this knowledge, ensuring that humanity is ready and responsible enough to handle such advancements.

Environmental and Social Influence:

  • Environmental Stewardship: The Nordics emphasize the importance of protecting Earth's environment, advocating for sustainable practices and a harmonious relationship with nature.
  • Promoting Peace: They encourage global cooperation and peace, often intervening subtly to de-escalate conflicts and foster unity among different nations and cultures.

Involvement with the Arcs

Discovery and Activation:

  • Ancient Arcs: JP's accounts include missions involving ancient extraterrestrial Arcs—massive, sophisticated structures believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. These Arcs are often buried or hidden in remote locations on Earth.
  • Activation Missions: The Nordics have been actively involved in the discovery and activation of these Arcs. They possess the knowledge and technology to awaken these dormant structures, which are believed to hold significant power and advanced technologies.

Purpose of the Arcs:

  • Stabilizing Earth's Energy Grid: The Arcs play a crucial role in stabilizing and enhancing Earth's energy grid. By activating these structures, the Nordics aim to balance the planet's energies, making it more conducive to spiritual growth and technological advancement.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Some theories suggest that the Arcs could serve as emergency evacuation points or shelters in the event of a global catastrophe, providing safe havens for humanity.

Collaboration with Humans:

  • Joint Operations: JP's missions often involve joint operations with Nordic beings, where human and Nordic teams work together to locate, secure, and activate these Arcs.
  • Knowledge Transfer: The Nordics share their knowledge about the Arcs' functions and the correct methods to activate and maintain these structures, ensuring that humans can manage them independently in the future.

Specific Missions Involving Nordics and Arcs

1.      Arctic Mission: One notable mission described by JP involved an expedition to a remote Arctic location, where a buried Arc was discovered. The Nordics provided the necessary technology and instructions to uncover and activate the Arc, which then emitted a powerful energy field stabilizing the surrounding area.

2.      South American Arc: Another mission took place in a dense jungle in South America, where JP and his team, guided by the Nordics, located an ancient Arc. The activation process involved complex rituals and technology, demonstrating the Nordics' deep understanding of both spiritual and scientific principles.

3.      Middle Eastern Arc: JP recounted a mission in the Middle East, where an Arc buried under desert sands was activated with the help of the Nordics. This Arc, once awakened, projected a holographic map indicating the locations of other Arcs around the world, suggesting a global network of these powerful structures.

Implications and Future Objectives

Human Evolution and Integration:

  • Preparing for Disclosure: The Nordics seem to be preparing humanity for a broader disclosure of extraterrestrial presence and advanced technologies. By gradually revealing the existence of the Arcs and assisting in their activation, they aim to ease humanity into a new era of awareness and cooperation.
  • Harmonious Coexistence: The ultimate goal of the Nordics appears to be fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and extraterrestrials. They envision a future where humanity has evolved spiritually and technologically, capable of engaging with other advanced civilizations on an equal footing.

Long-Term Collaboration:

  • Ongoing Support: The Nordics' involvement is seen as ongoing, with continued support for human efforts to explore and understand the Arcs. They remain committed to guiding and assisting humanity through this transformative period.
  • Shared Knowledge: The gradual sharing of knowledge and technology is aimed at empowering humanity to take responsibility for its own development while ensuring that advancements are used ethically and sustainably.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Winged Lion Nation


The Winged Lion Stellar Nation

The Stellar Nation of the Winged Lion, known as Leonthay Phí, is a majestic and powerful lineage deeply connected to the divine source of creation. These beings are characterized by their noble, pure-hearted nature, and their mission to lead and govern with wisdom, generosity, and righteousness.

Key Qualities: Majestic, noble, disciplined, and wise.

Energy: The Heart of Power, embodying divine rulership and spiritual connection.

Astrological Significance

Leonthay Phí starseeds are endowed with the highest and purest power, entrusted by the divine to lead and govern stellar worlds, solar systems, planets, and communities of souls. They are seen as sanctified kings or queens, expected to maintain a continuous connection with the divine will and guide their communities with integrity and spiritual insight.

Integrative Insights

Cosmic Journey: These starseeds experience a profound journey starting from the ninth dimension, descending into the lower worlds, and then ascending through the sacral grades of initiation. This pathway leads them through various stargates, beginning with the constellation of Leo, symbolizing their eternal remembrance among the stars.

Mission and Responsibility: The primary mission of the Winged Lion starseeds is to uplift and guide any group of beings that have fallen to lower levels of consciousness. They connect these groups with the highest spiritual presence, ensuring their development and flourishing according to the divine plan.

Divine Connection: The Winged Lion starseeds maintain a ceaseless connection with the divine source, acting as intermediaries between the divine will and their communities. They are tasked with governing in the name of the God and the Goddess, ensuring that their leadership reflects the highest spiritual ideals.

Characteristics and Challenges

Noble Leadership: Winged Lion starseeds possess a profound sense of duty and leadership, characterized by their noble and majestic demeanor. They are disciplined and generous, always striving to lead with righteousness and wisdom.

Spiritual Guidance: These starseeds are deeply spiritual, with their consciousness permeated by divine wisdom. They act as guides and mentors, helping others to understand and navigate their spiritual journeys.

Challenges: The journey of the Winged Lion starseeds involves significant trials, including a great fall from the ninth dimension and a challenging ascent through the lower worlds. They must overcome the temptations and distractions of power, maintaining their integrity and connection to the divine.


The Stellar Nation of the Winged Lion represents the highest ideals of divine leadership and spiritual connection. These starseeds are entrusted with the profound responsibility of guiding and uplifting their communities, ensuring that they remain aligned with the highest spiritual principles. Through their noble and disciplined nature, they embody the heart of power and the wisdom of the divine, leading with integrity and righteousness.

This summary encapsulates the essence and mission of the Winged Lion Stellar Nation, highlighting their role as divine leaders and spiritual guides in the cosmic order.


Sunday, June 2, 2024

Corvus Starseeds


Constellation: Corvus

Specific Stars in Corvus,  Alchiba, Minkar, Gienah, Algorab, Kraz (See Below)

Influence: Perception, transition, and deep intuitive vision

Energy: Protective, responsible, deeply intuitive

Corvus, the Crow or Raven, is a small but significant constellation located in the southern sky. Its stars and mythology weave a narrative of protection, transformation, and deep perception. The Corvus starseeds are beings of profound insight, connected to the void and the liminal spaces that exist between different phases of existence.

Corvus starseeds are connected to the Void and the Liminal Spaces. They are connected to the Third Eye, and seeing with the Inner Eye. There is a deep responsibility and power to their aura and they are not phased by really anything, because in their true form, they have the ability to sense and know all through the inner vision. They can see all thoughts and within whatever is in their perception. This perception allows them to see the light waves and spectrums and they can know another at deeper levels than the other may know themselves.

Through seeing in their own special way, they can intuit the outcome in a predictive kind of way before something happens. The term "liminal" refers to the transitional or ambiguous state between two different phases or places in life. Liminality can be experienced in many different ways, such as during adolescence, when a young person is transitioning from childhood to adulthood, during a rite of passage, when someone is moving from one status to another, or during periods of significant change, such as a move to a new city or a major life event like a divorce. In essence, liminality is a space of transformation, where one's identity is threatened and redefined as they navigate new and unfamiliar territory.

Covians are messengers, messengers of wisdom and of the perceptions they “see.” Their sight goes both ways, and in as much as they are the messenger to the realms, they are also sharing their sight with the Infinite Intelligence of All That Is, and are the Eyes of the Creator. Many times they will incarnate to help others awaken through using the crossroads, the liminal spaces, and very practical knowing. They naturally travel between realms in their dreams and through their intuition, gathering knowledge to assist and teach others. They are embodiments of knowledge and change.

A Corvus Soul is comfortable in all realms, the dark and the light. They dance with the rhythms of the realms around them, being most closely connected with the organic and nature realms. They feel so deeply in their body. There is a draw towards dance, music, ecstatic dance, bonfires, and drumming in nature. They are driven by this deep call in their heart to these things and when they are in their element, all else fades away and the pure light flows through them. It is in these moments that their “eye” awakens. They are the witnesses of creation and because of this, they are often judged negatively for this unique path. This is considered the “crooked path” and it is the limited sight of many that do not actually see the alignment to the Creator deep in the Corvians heart. Due to their uniqueness, they’re all about transition and regeneration, moving alongside the currents of nature, “...paying attention to the pattern of the sun and moon, to the seasons, and to the ebb and flow of energy inside and around us… through our bodies, actions, medicine and creations.” This ability to connect with the liminal and use their skills, makes them excellent healers. They are naturally intelligent when it comes to practices that are most commonly seen within Traditional Witchcraft; using what is available to them around them. They work with the physical to connect with the liminal. Corvian souls have easy access to the Universe and its history and knowledge.

Individuals with strong Corvus influences in their charts embody the qualities of protection, responsibility, and deep intuitive vision. These starseeds are closely linked to the Third Eye, which grants them the ability to see with their inner vision, perceiving light waves and spectrums that reveal the true nature of those around them. This perception allows them to know others at a deeper level, often understanding them better than they understand themselves.

Corvus starseeds are intimately connected with the concept of liminality, which refers to the transitional or ambiguous state between different phases of life. This connection grants them the ability to navigate and thrive in spaces of transformation, where identities are redefined and new paths are forged. Whether during adolescence, significant life changes, or spiritual transitions, Corvus starseeds excel in these periods of profound transformation.

These starseeds act as messengers, conveying wisdom and perceptions from their unique sight. They share their insights with the Infinite Intelligence of All That Is, serving as the eyes of the Creator. Their role often involves awakening others by guiding them through the crossroads and liminal spaces of life.

Corvus starseeds possess a deep sense of responsibility and power within their aura. They are unphased by challenges because their true form allows them to sense and know all through their inner vision. This intuitive foresight often manifests as a predictive ability, allowing them to intuit outcomes before they happen.

As natural protectors, Corvus starseeds work closely with higher beings, including the Angelics and Elohim hosts. Their missions often involve safeguarding the portal gateways between universes, protecting our reality from external infiltrations that seek to exploit its resources.

Corvus starseeds are comfortable in all realms, both dark and light. They move rhythmically with the natural cycles, deeply connected to the organic and nature realms. This connection often draws them to practices involving dance, music, and drumming, where they feel most in tune with their elemental nature and where their inner eye awakens.

Corvus starseeds are embodiments of knowledge and change. They often find themselves judged negatively for their unique path, known as the "crooked path," due to the limited sight of others. Despite this, their alignment with the Creator runs deep, and they remain true to their mission of awakening and guiding others.

These starseeds need to take breaks to declutter their minds and emotions, especially when overwhelmed. Their natural inclination towards solitude helps them maintain clarity and focus, allowing them to continue their work as healers and guides.

Corvus starseeds are profound healers and change-makers, deeply connected to the liminal spaces and rhythms of nature. They navigate the realms of light and dark with ease, using their unique insights to guide and heal others. Their journey involves embracing their role as messengers and protectors, transforming the transitional spaces they inhabit into opportunities for growth and awakening. Through their deep connection with the void and the liminal, they embody the balance of chaos and order, light and dark, ultimately serving as beacons of knowledge and transformation.


Alchiba, the Alpha star of the Corvus constellation symbolizes the misuse of power and the sin of greed. This star reflects the dark aspect of human nature where individuals, having tasted power, become insatiable and driven by a relentless desire for more. They betray and trample over others, tempted by wealth and dominance. Alchiba's influence highlights the historical instances where souls have been ensnared by this false desire, entering corrupt agreements to expand their power and wealth. This projection serves as a reminder of the consequences of succumbing to greed, showing how such actions can capture and corrupt the soul, leading to a path of betrayal and moral compromise.


Minkar, the Epsilon star of the Corvus constellation symbolizes the abuse of the power of knowledge. This star represents the dark aspect of human ambition where individuals, in their quest for superiority, allied with fallen entities to acquire advanced technological tools or secret spiritual knowledge. These alliances were made to gain dominance over others, leveraging hidden mysteries to manipulate minds and secure wealth and privileges. Minkar’s influence highlights historical instances where the pursuit of knowledge led to moral corruption and dominance over others. This star serves as a reminder of the ethical responsibilities that come with knowledge, urging individuals to avoid the temptations of using their intellectual powers for selfish or manipulative purposes.


Gienah, the Epsilon star of the Corvus constellation represents the sin of weakness and frivolity in power. This star's influence highlights the misuse of authority by those who are unprepared and immature for leadership. Such individuals, upon gaining power and the trust of their people, fail to govern responsibly, instead indulging in personal pleasures and neglecting their duties. This irresponsibility leads to increased suffering and helplessness among their subjects.

Gienah's influence serves as a reminder that power carries a great responsibility. When leaders fail to rise to their roles, they create chaos and hinder the development of their communities, potentially causing long-term damage that may take generations to repair. This star's projection emphasizes the importance of strong, responsible leadership and the consequences of neglecting such responsibilities.


Algorab, the Delta star of the Corvus represents the sin of vain, selfish, and self-purposed lust for power. This star's influence reflects the darker aspects of ambition where individuals, unprepared for leadership, seek to acquire power through insidious means, often trampling over others and allying with dark forces to achieve their goals.

This lust for power has historically manifested in royal wars, often between siblings, where younger brothers, envious of their elder brothers' inheritance, engage in intrigues, betrayals, and even murder to claim the throne. Such power battles have caused immense suffering, with countless innocent lives lost. These ambitions are not confined to royalty but can emerge in any societal sphere, leading to devastation and soul-destruction in personal relationships, families, and workplaces.

Algorab serves as a mirror, reflecting the consequences of ruthless ambition and the harm caused by an ill-advised pursuit of power. It reminds us of the importance of humility, readiness, and ethical conduct in leadership roles, highlighting the destructive nature of power when wielded by those driven by selfish desires.


Kraz, the Beta star of the Corvus constellation symbolizes the sin of ruthlessness. This star represents the extreme misuse of power characterized by heartlessness and cruelty. Individuals under Kraz's influence, driven by an unquenchable lust for power, often resort to humiliating, destroying, and completely trampling over their defeated opponents to eliminate any threats to their acquired power.

This ruthless behavior is not only evident in historical war crimes but also manifests in everyday life. People with this influence might emotionally and psychically torment those around them, draining their vital forces and driving them into illness or even death. Kraz's projection reflects the darkest aspects of power without compassion, where individuals extinguish the light of their hearts and cut themselves off from higher spiritual realms to serve destructive forces.

Kraz serves as a stark reminder of the perils of power without empathy, urging a return to heart-centered leadership and ethical conduct to avoid the devastating consequences of ruthless ambition.