Monday, February 2, 2015

Free Mind Meditation Audio

Neverending Dreamer - By Parablev

I came across this audio and it was actually quite profound so I wanted to share this free demo.  You can loop it and use it as is or get a full version.  It's up to you. 

blue-jelly-icon-alphanumeric-exclamation-point-psYou need headphones or earbuds! Holosync® won’t work without them. Stop now and get some before continuing!
blue-jelly-icon-alphanumeric-m01-clearClose the door, turn off the phone, and tell everyone to leave you alone for about 15 minutes.
blue-jelly-icon-alphanumeric-m02-clearSit comfortably, click the play button, and close your eyes. Don’t listen while doing other tasks!
blue-jelly-icon-alphanumeric-m03-clearDrift away into the brain wave patterns of a 30+ year mediator

A  Free 14 min demo - Sounds and Frequencies to get you directly into a meditation mind.  Just Click the Link.

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