Monday, June 1, 2015

A Smile Can Heal

A smile is more than something you wear on the outside,

Recently I have allowed myself to go to a new level with inner smiling.  I recently had a QHHT session for myself and one of the ending guidance suggestions was to smile more.  Hmmm, Smile more.  Seemed easy enough but what I discovered was that when you bring it inward, worlds can change!

I began smiling into my inner worlds.  As I cleared my chakras, heart center or energy in my meditations if there was something that was not feeling in alignment, I brought a smile into the space and the energy of a smile changed the landscape instantly. This was amazing to me because this was such a simple yet effective technique.

I started bringing smiles into thoughts of situations, emotions and any feelings that were not in a balanced state all throughout the day and instead of me going through a long process to work through and clear the energy, it would begin to transmute into a state of wholeness right away illuminating to me how I was holding things I didn't need to.

So how to you Inner Smile?

The great part is it's simple to do.  First imagine yourself smiling and happy in a situation that you know you love.  Feel yourself smiling into the thought of it.  Now allow yourself to imagine a situation or place like your home or work.  Begin to imagine yourself smiling into different locations and aspects of this place.  If anything feels like you want to resist then stay there awhile until you can just let go and imagine yourself truly there just resonating the feeling of smiling.  Really feel how different it is there if you just allow yourself to smile into the situation or place and note what changes inside.  You should be able to get a sense of why the resistance was there and what part of yourself was really holding that resistance.  

Catch yourself though the day when you are lost in your thoughts and then bring a smile into them. Start to do this when your shopping, driving, cooking....whatever your day holds, bring in a smile into your thoughts and imagination and feel how the space opens up.

It is pretty amazing to think how a simple thing 

like a smile can really change our world!  

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