Saturday, May 7, 2016

100 Days of Gratitude - Make it a Year!

I feel a great sense of joy inside when I see the gratitude, love, inspiration and positive vibes that others share with the world. 

It is so wonderful to see what others are doing and feel that connection on an energetic level with the positive art that I create and share. I love it! I love that there are so many of us doing this and I want all of us to inspire more and more people to also share positive vibrations of love, gratitude, inspiration and beautiful art with the world.

I have been doing gratitude journals for a long time and so when I saw a friends post of  #100daysofgratitude on Facebook I warmed with joy at the idea of sharing gratitude in this way. What a great way to inspire through social media!

Just like the #lovestones, let's keep growing the #positivevibes and sharing the love through our #positiveart. I want to continue the sharing of this idea of 100 days of Gratitude! Or if you like let's make it a Year of Gratitude! Wow! Imagine the wave of blessings and smiles we can create by doing just this one thing!

On my ground zero day... A year of Gratitude-Day 0

I share with all my gratitude for other artists of love and joy who share in their own creative ways with others. Because all of us together are creating a better world around us with each breath of gratitude we take. 

Let's make a wave!

I am so grateful to all who help me share this post. And I invite you to make your commitment to sharing with others your 100 days of Gratitude or if you choose, make it a year!

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and if you would like to see what others are grateful for, you can join the 100 Days of Gratitude community on Facebook at: 

With Joy and Gratitude!


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