Monday, May 9, 2016

Gratitude Day 2 - Mirrors

I was recently feeling a bit stressed. Some of this was probably from the move that we just made to a new state. And a lot of it from the situations that we are in the middle of right now. It all compiled together I was starting to feel just a little overwhelmed. So I decided to ask for help.

As part of asking for help I found somebody to talk to who happened to be in Ojai which is a little town up from where we live. It was my first time to the area. It was really kind of a neat drive in itself because Ojai is up away from the ocean so the energetics of the Earth were a bit different than what I was in the middle of in Ventura.

So even just that grounded mountain energy was already helpful.

I got in the office and I found myself trying to figure out the best way to explain my feelings. As I sat there talking, I felt the overwhelm and anxiety start to surface.

I would like to say that it was an extremely profound session, but the truth is that it was really quite simple. And it was that simpleness that I feel made such a great impact for me. So in essence, it was profound.

The more that I shared what was going on, the more I began to sense the calmness of the person that I was talking to. The more I sensed his calm, the more a part of me that felt a little agitated and a little bit aware that there was this rift. My energy was not matching his energy. 

I felt grateful for this outside perspective creating a mirror for me.

My energy was all amped up. And it was interesting because at one point he brought this up and shared that he felt I had this super fast paced energy and that what I was really needing was to ground and to allow myself to be a part of this new place that we had moved to. To allow myself to feel at home here in California and be grounded.

So, like I said, it wasn’t super profound information. I was very simple. But I allowed myself to receive that simplicity and I allowed myself to follow the emotion of what that simplicity felt like inside.

But it also made be giggle because it reminded me how actual mirrors are the same way.

I can get stuck in my head sometimes, lost in thought. I can spend half a day in my own world and then all of a sudden I will find myself passing a mirror and realize that the person looking back at me looks nothing like the way I was imagining myself!


Most times the mirror is showing me that I have failed to comb my hair or that I am looking too comfortable in my “comfy” clothes for going out in public.

I really allowed myself to see the mirror that he was being for me. He was reflecting to me the calm that I know that I had inside, but allowing me to see a reflection of this crazy disheveled energy that I was sporting. My energy was in serious need of some grooming!  

Thank you mirror mirror….

This mirror that allowed to me see a reflection of myself where I was disconnected. And it reminded me that mirrors are all around us everyday. Each and every person that we connect with, we have the opportunity to look into that mirror and see some reflection of our self.

So yes, I am grateful for mirrors.

Mirrors to ground me. Mirrors to reflect to me where I am so that I can better navigate where I am going. Mirrors to guide me back to the wholeness of the true image of my highest self and my source within.

And I will say that I am also grateful to starting to ground into Ventura as home.

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