Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gratitude Day 4 - Accountability

I love to listen to motivational speakers and most times when you see me with my headphones on, that is what I am listening to.

There is a theme that comes up over and over and that is the idea of an accountability buddy. Someone that is committed to the same goals as you or someone who will just keep you reminded of your goals if you start to go off track.

For me, my blog and the internet at large is one big accountability buddy for me. ....All of you!

Because I don't take lightly my commitments that I post.

There is major accountability that takes place when we announce a launch date for a new project and really create a buzz about it. I know I will go above and beyond to produce a great product by the deadline no matter what it takes when I announce it to the world.

I am curious what keeps you going and motivated. I'm sure we could come up with a pretty amazing list of massive action motivators.

A few that I think of right now are...

Power of imagination 
Micro and macro goals
Celebrating goals big and small
Ability to get back up and keep going

I am so grateful to the power of accountability 
and the amazing results that come of it!

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