Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gratitude Day 8 - Home

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Ventura so I decided to ride my bike down to the library. I love riding through all the neighborhoods and getting to know the area better. I don’t know much about the history of the area so I really just let myself get cruise and take in the vibes.

As I rolled down the streets people were out and about in all sorts of fashion, walking dogs, biking, shopping, back yard parties, it was great.

There is a beach washed kind of rustic charm here. It’s almost trendy but I can tell there is this vibe like “no way, keep it real”

From my perspective I feel that it’s very much an art town.

As I passed people we would wave and smile. I love this. And there was a feeling inside me like “yea, this is my town, and I like it!”

I ended up riding down to the pier and I was pleasantly surprised to find it opened up. One of the storms over the winter caused it to be closed for repairs so this was the first time since moving here that I was able to actually walk the pier.

I couldn’t put the experience into any one category. The planks were soiled from years of fish guts and scales, seagulls, pigeons and humans. There was trash left on park benches in some places and cared for places in others and a crisp American flag hung from every lamp post.

The entrance was lined with the homeless who were camped out rocking to their little radios and doing their thing. All along the pier, fishing rods leaned on the railing and everyone from families picnicking and fishing, to friends just hanging out. From young to old and every race, everyone was just enjoying the day. 

A real a salty dogs haven.

You could just feel the history and it was as if time hadn’t changed anything.

It was as if you could feel that even though tourism is a part of this town, it doesn’t change the vibe or the place.

If perception is in the eye of the beholder...all I know is I like what I see.

An artist’s cove where what you wear isn’t as important as who you are and a stranger passing by is quick to smile.

I am so grateful for a great place to call home.

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