Monday, June 13, 2016

Gratitude Day 37 - Rituals

To me, rituals are passion with direction...
They are more than just a habit, they are conscious actions that hold a deeper meaning. 

I have rituals for how I start my day...

         how I motivate my heart & mind... I inspire and aspire.

Rituals could be that first cup of coffee in the morning that inspires the endless possibility that the day holds, or stretching with deep breathing to prime and pump the mind, body and spirit. 

Rituals could be to hold a heart of gratitude and remember to say thank you for every blessing big or small. 

Looking into the eyes of someone you care about and letting them know "I see you". 
Candles, salt baths and cups of tea. 
Long walks, feeling the sun on your face...being present.

Loving and appreciating the body you are blessed with.
Focusing on manifestations with raw honest connection and feeling. 

I am so grateful for rituals to fill my world with celebration, appreciation and excitement. These meaningful actions that enrich my life so much passion and focus and meaning. 


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