Friday, August 5, 2016

Gratitude Day 74 - Meditation

Sometimes I have to stop and appreciate that my body takes care of things like my heart beat and breathing without any thinking on my part. Because there are times when I forget to do the most simple basic things that are essential to my health, life and meditating!

Meditation, aside from surfing, has been the single most important health tool that has allowed me to align with wellness on every level. Especially emotional and mental wellness. 

  • It is the time that I connect with my soul.
  • It is when clarity comes though processes of illumination and understanding.
  • It is when I tap into my chakras and energy systems
  • It is how I "see" places I am leaking energy, running old unserving patterns or cording.
  • It is when I reclaim my breath and breathe with intention!
  • And it is when I can hear my true voice clearly

Meditation has been the best tool to help me get through my stressors and challenges. 

I am so grateful for meditation, for slowing down, and for listening to my soul's voice and aligning on a continual basis through this magnificent tool. 


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